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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Dungeon Corps Book Blast and Giveaway

Who wants to win a $25 Amazon gift card? Check out the info on the epic fantasy title, then be sure to enter to win the giveaway. Open worldwide, you have through 2/29 to enter. Good luck.

Dungeon Corps 
Crypts of Phanos 
by Jaxon Reed 
Genre: Epic Fantasy 

Deep under the city of Phanos, the crypts are filled with monsters. Dungeon Corps works hard to contain them.

Recruited from prisons, outcasts, misfits, those expelled from academies and even rare volunteers, Dungeon Corps produces outstanding fighters.

When an ancient threat troubles the Queen’s Land once more, a grizzled veteran leads his young team down into the depths to rescue the lost and slay a horror known as Ludge.

But two on his team hold closer ties to the monster than anyone realizes. They are elves, running from assassins tracking them relentlessly since birth.

Ludge should have died 50 years ago. Now it’s up to the team to finish the job. In doing so, they uncover startling secrets known only to a chosen few.

They discover the elves’ forbidden existence and their raw untapped power can reshape the world.

If they survive. 

Glitter & Shine (Prize Pack) Giveaway

Here's a giveaway for the creative type. Open to US residents only, you have through 2/16 to enter. Good luck.

Glitter & Shine Giveaway ($55 Prize Pack ARV) Ends 2/16 @CraftyZoo @SMGurusNetwork

Welcome to the Glitter & Shine Giveaway!

This giveaway is hosted by My Crafty Zoo, a little space of all things life!
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Game Day Clear Collection Bag Giveaway

Are clear bags that popular now? Check out this one and then try to win it. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2j/13 to enter. Good luck.

Game Day Clear Collection Bag Giveaway

Welcome to the Game Day Clear Collection Bag Giveaway!

1 Winner

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Friday, January 31, 2020

Free Screenings of HARRIET in 50 Theatres on Tuesday, Feb. 4 and Tuesday, Feb. 11

Experience the unbelievable true story of Harriet Tubman, an American legend. In honor of Black History Month, Regal and Focus Features invite you to celebrate her life and legacy with Regal-exclusive Free Screenings on Tuesday, February 4 & Tuesday, February 11 at select Regal theatres. Two showings each day. Click the link below to visit the Gofobo page for locations & showtimes.

Drink Cleaner With Clearly Filtered Giveaway

We can certainly use a new water pitcher in our household. While we regularly change filters, some things just wear out. Enter below for the chance to win. Open to continental US residents only. You have through 2/14 to enter. Good luck.
Drink Cleaner With Clearly Filtered Giveaway

Welcome to the Drink Cleaner With Clearly Filtered Giveaway!

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The Magnolia Sword: A Bullad of Mulan Review - Multicultural Children's Book Day Book Review #MCBD2020 #ReadYourWorld

Being white with an Asian child, I've had to be more conscious of multicultural issues, especially since becoming a father. While it is nearly impossible to find books with characters specifically from Kazakhstan, except a dimwit named Borat, I've tried to find publishers with Asian-themed topics. These typically aren't one off books for a large publisher but instead a whole imprint with those topics in mind. If you're not familiar with the term imprint as far as publishing goes, it is basically the name of the publisher you see on the book. Like, for The Magnolia Sword, the imprint is Tu Books. Lots of times, these imprints are part of a larger publishing house, where just that smaller imprint has books more focused on diversity of characters. In the case of The Magnolia Sword, Tu Books is a part of a larger publishing house, Lee & Low. The difference here, though, is that all of Lee & Low is focused on diversity of characters. Tu Books is just those titles for a subset age range, specifically middle grade and young adult.

As far as The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan goes, it is the story of a character who is not a Disney princess. They do share some commonality though, as they're both based on the Chinese Ballad of Mulan folklore where the main character goes off to fight against the Romans because dad is too old and brother is too young.   

Multicultural Children's Book Day 2020

This is my sixth year participating in the Multicultural Children's Book Day (MCBD). While I didn't have to worry about diversity for the book's I wrote, when children read books where the characters are more like them, they're more apt to immerse themselves in the story and, hopefully, enjoy it more, and develop more of a love for reading.

When I started working with MCBD back in 2015, participation wasn't anywhere near what it is today. The shear number of publishers that are now working the group amazes me. With that number of publishers, it gives authors of diverse stories more opportunities to be published, leading to more books with a diverse protagonist that you can now find for your children. The demand is definitely there. And, these books don't just make the character a different race. Instead, you're immersed into that character's culture, too. Get it wrong, or too stereotypical, and you end up with uproars for books like American Dirt. Will Oprah's Book Club recommendations recover? Only time will tell.

And... don't miss the twitter party tonight (1/31). Details below.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

iPhone 11 Instagram Giveaway

I almost forgot to share about the iPhone giveaway I'm doing on Instagram. Today 1/30 is the last day. You have through 8:30 pm EST to enter. Good luck. Open to residents of the US and Canada.

Can You Balance Quaggle Giveaway

New games are always a great prize to win in my eyes. I like learning about them and getting the chance to get it for free. This one looks interesting. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2/11 to enter. Good luck.
Can You Balance Quaggle Giveaway

Welcome to the Can You Balance Quaggle Giveaway!

1 Winner

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Aurea Mediocritas Book Blast

Here we have a collection of short stories. Along with the book info is a giveaway for some gift cards. Open worldwide, you have thru 3/8 to enter. Good luck.

Aurea Mediocritas: A Book of Short Stories
Short Stories
Date Published October 2019
Publisher: Page Publishing

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

The term, Aurea Mediocritas, refers to the golden mean, a balance between two extremes. ­ e characters in “Queerious”, faced with insurmountable odds in a society unaccepting of same-sex relationships and the hidden secrets which have divided the family.

The story "In a Nutshell," features an expedition in the Amazon, where an ancient ritual amulet is discovered by a young boy. He makes a wish on the amulet and rapidly began to age twenty-five years older. The boy's father makes a bargain and faces the consequences of his sacrifice at a price too dear to pay. The father desperately searches to find a balance between dealing with his own demons and striving to save his son.

In “For the Sake of my Enemies,” a young Japanese girl immigrates to the USA and joins the international police task force she was assigned to a US Federal case. On an assignment in Japan to bring back a crime boss who has ed from prosecution, she unravels an old Japanese cold case and found the man who killed her father and brother. She struggles to and balance, revenge or her mission.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Atari-Themed Hotels Coming

I grew up when Atari was the biggest name in gaming. They just made an interesting announcement. Apparently, they're going to start creating Atari-themed hotels. I just might have to visit Phoenix soon as the first Atari Hotel to begin construction in Phoenix in mid-2020. I guess they didn't want to give Nintendo all the glory with the announcement of Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando Resort. Apparently, Boston didn't make the initial cut for planned hotels. See the full press release below on what to expect there once completed. It is nice to see the company making a comeback.

The Flying Woman Book Blast and Giveaway

Don't miss this superhero fantasy book. Sounds like a genre I might write. Along with the book info is a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide through 2/9. Good luck.

The Flying Woman 
Terrific Book 1 
by Daniel Sherrier 
Genre: Superhero Fantasy

The impossible has become reality! A masked man possesses extraordinary powers, and he’s using those fantastic abilities to fight crime and pursue justice. Meanwhile, Miranda Thomas expects to fail at the only thing she ever wanted to do: become a famous star of the stage and screen. One night, Miranda encounters a woman who’s more than human. But this powerful woman is dying, fatally wounded by an unknown assailant. Miranda’s next decision propels her life in a new direction—and nothing can prepare her for how she, and the world, will change. 

Lights Above Cass Book Blast and Excerpt

We seem to not highlight many sci-fi suspense stories, but that isn't the case here. Check it out and read the excerpt. Enjoy.

Sci-fi Suspense
Date Published: January 2020
Publisher: Xlibris

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Lucia a self-aware Quantum computer recovered from the Roswell crash was brought to a secret base. Time on Earth and the completion of her mission will soon collide. She awaits the final codes to return home.

While investigating alien abductions the CIA uncover some of America’s ugliest social injustices. Several women return some meet their fate in other ways. Rose a minister’s daughter, Jacqueline a gay schoolteacher, Eve a deaf-mute farm girl, Molly a college student living on the edge and Rita an Army nurse are missing. To some, this book may read as a parable, to others a premonition.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Thorn of the Night Blossoms Book Blast

Here we have the first book in an epic fantasy adventure. Check out the book and be sure to enter to win the gift card and book copies. Open US/UK only.

Thorn of the Night Blossoms
Scions of the Black Lotus Book 1
by JC Kang
Genre: Epic Fantasy 

Thorn of the Night Blossoms is the start of a complete, 6-book series.

For an imperial assassin, assignment as a courtesan in the Floating World seems like a waste of her talents... until killers target her clan sisters.

In the legendary Floating World, wars are waged with wit, the strongest soldier can be bound with threads of silk, and flesh is the currency by which life, death, and freedom can all be purchased.

Half-elf Jie doesn’t mind her temporary assignment as a Night Blossom in the most sought-after house. It’s perfect cover for her real work as an assassin in the emperor’s service, and keeps her close to one who matters most. Her life belongs to her clan, but her heart lies with clan junior, Lilian.

Lilian’s talents trade stealth for sensuality, poison for poetry. With looks as sharp as any blade, she can coax information from any man, and still leave him paying for the pleasure. She’s enthralled many a noble, none more important than the warlord who can calm a brewing insurrection. Only her sweet whispers can secure his obedience to the throne.

But now, his increasing abuse has Jie seeking a new assignment for Lilian—even if it means their separation. When killers target clan sisters, and the seeds of rebellion find fertile soil in the Floating World, Jie must choose between loyalty and love.

Delilah Home 100% Organic Cotton Towel 6Pc Set Giveaway!

A bit more time to enter this giveaway. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2/18 to enter to win some towels. Freshen up the towels you have withi this set. Not required to buy extra if you win. Good luck.A

Delilah Home 100% Organic Cotton Towel 6Pc Set Giveaway! (1 Winner ~ Ends 2/18) @SMGurusNetwork @DelilahHome

Welcome to The Delilah Home 100% Organic Cotton Towel 6Pc Set Giveaway!

1 Winner ~ $150 RV

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Custom Apron and Beeswax Candles Giveaway

Our latest, A Crooked Brook custom women’s bib apron, tea light beeswax candles, and Libbey Catalina beer glasses giveaway. The twist, it ends tonight at midnight so you can receive before some Puppy Bowl this weekend. I think there's a football game going on to that it might be good for.

Since 1989 Crooked Brook has designed and manufactured aprons, chef coats and lab coats for the world’s most recognized professionals in their fields. All Crooked Brook branded apparel and accessories are made to order in the USA, and can be personalized with your choice of fabric, pockets, buttons, piping and embroidery.

Blackberry Pie Coffee Giveaway

In case you haven't had the chance to win enough coffee pods, here's yet another chance. This time their from Slice Pie Flavored Coffee, and you get Blackberry Pie if you win. Open to continental US residents only through 1/29. Good luck.

Blackberry Pie Coffee Giveaway ~ Ends 1/29 #MySillyLittleGang

Welcome to the Blackberry Pie Coffee Giveaway!

1 Winner

This giveaway is part of our Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

Host is My Silly Little Gang

Michigan Saving and More
Blackberry Pie Coffee Giveaway ~ Ends 1/29 #MySillyLittleGang
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Diana: The Voice of Change Book Blast and Giveaway / Take 2

Here's your second change to see Diana: The Voice of Change. The book is a self-help title and the giveaway is running for a couple more months still. I'm working on finding out the actual end date. Open worldwide still. Good luck.

Now a #1 Bestseller in UK, US, France, Australia, Canada and Germany

Non-Fiction / Self-Help
Date Published: Jan 10th, 2019
Publisher: Fitzrovia Press (Imprint: Shimran)

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

DIANA – THE VOICE OF CHANGE ……isn’t just another biographical account of Diana’s life, but rather it is a deeper exploration of the unique idiosyncrasies, extraordinary events, and changes of destiny that created a flow of force by which Diana evolved, transmuting from being the Peoples Princess into the Queen of Everybody’s Heart, and so to beyond her death………

It is written by the legendary Voice Coach: Stewart Pearce, who confidentially coached Diana during the last two years of her life, adding both a physical and metaphysical support to Diana’s vast transformation. This we palpably saw, as she moved from the demure and pained young woman, seen in the Martin Bashir interview, to the assured, powerful humanitarian leader witnessed in July 1997. For Diana’s voice revolutionized both the African Landmine issue, and the face of the Global Aids epidemic, and irrespective of her HRH title being removed, Diana acquired such public support that her voice of freedom almost toppled Queen Elizabeth, and exposed the anachronisms of the Windsor Household!

Wolf Book Blast and Giveaway

Is it time for an historical fiction book in your future? Check out the title then enter to win your own copy of the book. Open worldwide, you have through 2/21 to enter. Good luck.

Historical Fiction
Date Published:  February 11, 2020
Publisher:  Skyhorse Publishing

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

 Perhaps no man on earth is more controversial, more hated, or more studied than Adolf Hitler. Yet many questions remain about his personal life and how he gained power. Based on extensive research, the extraordinary novel WOLF, by Herbert J. Stern and Alan A. Winter (Skyhorse Publishing; February 11, 2020), lifts the curtain so that the reader can observe through the eyes of a fictional character, how a seemingly unremarkable corporal who was denied a promotion for lack of "leadership ability" became dictator of Germany. The result is a gripping page-turner, a masterful historical novel.

The story begins in the mental ward of Pasewalk Hospital as World War I ends. A gravely ill soldier, who has lost his memory and is given the name Friedrich Richard, encounters a fellow patient: Adolf Hitler. Suffering from hysterical blindness, Hitler, also known as Wolf, becomes dependent on Friedrich for help with the simplest, day-to-day tasks. By the time Hitler’s sight returns, the two have forged an unbreakable bond.

Upon release from the hospital, Friedrich heads to Berlin to work as a nightclub bouncer, while Wolf moves to Munich where he focuses on turning a fledgling political club into what will soon become the Nazi party. After accidentally killing a man, Friedrich flees to Munich and reunites with his close friend.

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Waking of Ghosts Book Blast and Giveaway

Have you ever dreamed of having your picture on the cover of a book? Well, here's a young adult paranormal fantasy to explore. Along with the book info is a giveaway for an Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 2/23 to enter. Good luck.

The Waking of Ghosts 
Lost Souls Academy Book 1 
by Lilliana Rose 
Genre: Teen, YA Paranormal Fantasy

There is an evil awakening.
At the Lost Souls academy, students aren’t your typical everyday alumni.
Rejects from clans, packs, and covens walk these halls, but there’s something more sinister haunting the academy.
A resident ghost has new student, Zarya, on the fight to banish it. Will her actions cause more enemies at her new school than friends?

‘I’m coming for you.’
A message from beyond has Zarya fearful. Her skills are underdeveloped, but as a ghost hunter, she must stand and fight this new evil.

Can Zarya grow to be the ghost hunter she’s destined to be or will forces overpower her and bring chaos and destruction to the Lost Souls academy? 

Maple Sugar & Maple Syrup Review: Mohawk Valley Trading Company

My wife jokes that she has maple syrup flowing thru her veins. Give her a bottle of maple syrup and she'll have recipes for at least a hundred different items ready and waiting for you to try out, many of which we've already tried . I recently received some maple syrup and maple sugar from Mohawk Valley Trading Co. of Utica, New York to try out and she was in heaven.

As you may notice from the bottle above, their syrup is darker than your typical maple syrup. This makes it perfect for baking and cooking, as the flavor is less delicate and more robust. Dark, Robust Maple Syrup (formerly called Grade B Maple Syrup) from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company comes in glass bottles and is made primarily from sugar maple sap, which is preferred for maple syrup production because it has an average sugar content of two percent. Sap from other maple species is usually lower in sugar content, and about twice as much is needed to produce the same amount of finished syrup.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Crave French Vanilla Coffee Giveaway

Here's your chance to win some more K-cups of coffee. Open to continental US residents only. You have through 2/7 to enter. Good luck.
Crave French Vanilla Coffee Giveaway

Welcome to the Crave French Vanilla Coffee Giveaway!

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