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Saturday, January 18, 2020

White Oaks Sale Book Blast, Excerpt, and Giveaway

We have here a superfast giveaway celebrating the release of author Jill Hand's thriller. Don't miss the chance to win an Amazon gift card and e-book, two winners. Open worldwide, you have through 1/20 to enter. Good luck. And, you can even read an excerpt from the book below.

White Oaks 
by Jill Hand 
Genre: Thriller 

“An ingeniously dark comic thriller about greed, gluttony and murder that is destined for the big screen.” –Best Thrillers 

Aimee Trapnell reluctantly leaves her apartment on Manhattan’s Central Park West to return to her childhood home in Georgia for her father’s ninetieth birthday. Also on hand are her two brothers, wily Marsh and ne’er-do-well Trainor. With a forty-billion-dollar inheritance at stake, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the old man happy. 

To their shock they learn that what their father wants for his birthday is to kill someone. He doesn’t care who it is. He just wants to know what it’s like to commit murder. 

Betrayal, double-dealing, and fast-paced action set the Trapnells on a collision course with an unexpected villain. Their journey takes them from the swamps of Georgia, to Italy’s glittering Amalfi coast, to rugged Yellowstone National Park. 
**Only .99 cents Jan 18th – 20th!!**

Faerie Forged Book Blast and Giveaway

Here we have book three in The Magicsmith series from author L. R. Braden. The book is a  paranormal romance novel. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 2/16. Two winners, one prize being an Amazon gift card. Good luck.

Faerie Forged 
The Magicsmith Book 3 
by L.R. Braden 
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance 

New world, new rules . . . 

Alex is screwed. She’s due at the fae Court of Enchantment in less than twenty-four hours, but she’s not even close to being ready. Her job is hanging by a fraying thread. There’s a new vampire master in town. And several of her werewolf friends have been captured by the Paranatural Task Force. 

She’s their best chance for release before the full moon reveals their secret, but the Lord of Enchantment is not someone you keep waiting—even when he happens to be your grandfather. All Alex can do is call in a favor, hope to hell she can survive the plots of the fae court, and hightail it home to salvage her life. 

One mistake at court could change everything . . . . 

“Original and riveting.”—Book Likes Blog on A Drop of Magic, Book One of The Magicsmith series 

“Great plot. Lovable characters. Heart-pounding action.”—Lauren Davis, Netgalley Reviewer on A Drop of Magic 

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Wall Series Book Blast and Giveaway

We have here a young adult dystopian genre series from author Alison Ingleby. With four book so far, it certainly looks interesting. Check them out before entering to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 2/16 to enter. Good luck.

The Wall Series Book 1 
by Alison Ingleby 
Genre: YA Dystopian 

One girl. A corrupt government. A secret that could shatter a country. 

★★★★★ “I haven’t been this hooked on a dystopian series since The Hunger Games and Divergent.” 

What would you sacrifice to discover the truth? 

For twelve years, Aleesha has survived as an illegal citizen in poverty-stricken Area Four. She lives by one rule – trust no one. 

When her illegal status is discovered, Aleesha is forced to join a mysterious organisation intent on taking down the corrupt government. Then she’s introduced to Trey, an Insider who’s been brought up with everything she longs for: wealth, privilege, education. 

An Insider who, like her, is being hunted by the government’s sinister militia. 

Aleesha wants to hate him. But Trey may be the only person who can help her find her father – the man who could be her ticket out of poverty. If she can learn to trust him. 

But discovering the truth comes at a terrible price. And too late, Aleesha and Trey realize that they’re just pawns in a much bigger game… 

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Alison Ingleby, The Wall Series is an emotional rollercoaster packed with heart-pounding adventure, vivid characters and slow-burn romance. Perfect for fans of Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth and Marie Lu. 

Oreo What's Your Stuf Giveaway

Oreo is giving away $100,000 and over 100 instant win prizes, too (values $50 and $60 for prizes). This ends 3/15 and is open to US residents only. If you check the rules, you can enter through text messaging, too. Good luck. If you win... let me know. Thanks.

DesignCap PLUS Graphic Design App Giveaway

Love giveaways with multiple winners. This time five. Continental US residents have through 2/14 to enter. Good luck.

Welcome to The DesignCap PLUS Graphic Design App 5 Winner Giveaway!

5 Winners

Hosted By: Deliciously Savvy

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Understanding Data Analytics and How You Can Find the Right Tools for It

With the rise of big data and the importance of understanding the massive sets of information our organizations regularly produce, data analytics has evolved into a major business priority. Indeed, Forrester has found that truly insights-driven companies are growing at an impressive annual rate of 30%. 
This trending differentiator has led to a significant uptick in the purchase and implementation of advanced business intelligence and analytics tools across a range of industries. While in many cases, this has proven successful, sometimes it amounts to little more than a token effort to “stay with the times.” 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Beauty With Bel Essence Giveaway

Here's a skin care product you can try to win from the folks at Bel Essence. Giveaway is open to continental US residents only and ends on 2/6. Good luck.
Beauty With Bel Essence Giveaway

Welcome to the Beauty With Bel Essence Giveaway!

1 Winner

Host is Michigan Saving and More

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Save at Paper Mart $200 Giveaway #SaveAtPaperMart

Win a $20 Paper Mart e-gift code.
The sponsor here is giving away ten $20 gift cards to Paper Mart. You have all through 1/21 to enter to try your luck at winning. You can pickup boxes, bags, ribbon, and gift wrap among many other items there. The giveaway runs through 1/21 and is open to US residents only. Good luck. Just submit your email into the form up top.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Love Books Giveaway

Here's a giveaway with a series of books about love available. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2/5 to enter. Good luck.
Love Books Giveaway

Welcome to the Love Books Giveaway!

1 Winner

Host is Michigan Saving and More

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A Season of Sons Book Blast

Here we have an interesting horror, paranormal thriller. It is book 1 in the Black Spiral Series from author Rob Tucker. Enjoy the deception, illusion, .... and murder.

Black Spiral Series, Book 1
Horror, Paranormal Thriller
Release Date: January 15, 2020
Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

A Season of Sons is a paranormal thriller of deception, illusion... and murder.

The year is 2012. While investigating the heinous death of a prominent evangelist, FBI agent, Leon Safullo is unable to identify the killer through traditional methods of forensic analysis. Simultaneously, Leon learns of the sudden disappearance of Paul Evans, CEO of a major corporation.

Leon is a pragmatic realist whose career is based on interpreting symptoms of aberrant human behavior. The killer contacts Leon with the purpose of challenging the validity of his investigation. Leon perceives the threatening direct communication as a masquerade using digital technology, but fears for the safety of his family.

With the help of an illusionary alter ego named Pearl, Antonio Guzman claims to be a macabre combination of man and spirit, who has infiltrated society as a normal human being. He uses advanced technology combined with microbiology, drugs, and hypnosis to invade his victims’ minds and manipulate their unconscious desires. Guzman is in search of “candidates” to possess and convert those who embody “the perfect light.”

Paul Evans is a preferred target for Guzman/Pearl. Once a considerate and responsible husband and father, he has fashioned his life according to how he believes others perceive him, which exposes him to the influence of corporate greed, destroys the life of his business partner, and damages his own family.

Guzman invades and breaks down Paul’s resistance to acknowledging that dark powers have created his success, and now they want Paul’s only son, Matt, in a Faustian exchange. Matt and his sister, Jenny, possess the resistant strain of “Perfect Light.” Struggling to reclaim shreds of his identity incrementally taken and possessed by Guzman, Paul and his son flee into a mountain wilderness.

In the midst of a violent winter storm in the remote Rocky Mountains, father and son fight for survival against the forces of darkness whose sole objective is to possess them and extinguish the light wherever and in whomever it may exist.

The unfolding evidence and trail of mayhem and murder force Leon to confront his disbelief in paranormal activity as something more than the imagination and projections of a psychopathic killer.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Deadly Roses Reveal Book Blast

Here's the latest thriller from author Scott Stevens. You can catch audio samples of his books on his website, linked below. Enjoy.

Date Published: 2/14/20
Publisher: Sunbury Press

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Love isn't always champagne and roses and it's certainly not the case in this love triangle thriller with a twist. A dominating, abusive boyfriend is being ousted for a romantic hero, but there are deadly consequences. Step into the gang life and witness the savagery as they stop at nothing to seek revenge. You've heard the old saying: "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl."  Now you can add: "Girl's gang-leader boyfriend doesn’t like the new addition." $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Choose Your Own Adventure type offering here. Sounds interesting. Should make a great Valentine's Day gift for someone. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2/3 to enter. Good luck.

Welcome to the $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

1 Winner

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Houston Texans Coach Bill O’Brien Declared World’s Luckiest Man

I normally don't post press releases verbatim, but after the Patriots lost last weekend and after watching the Texans lose this past weekend, I got a real laugh from this one from the folks over at SwampButt. From SwampButt Underwear’s leading ‘luckologists’ and ‘scienticians’…

January 14, 2020 – Late Monday January 13, 2020, the makers of SwampButt Underwear declared that Houston Texans Coach Bill O’Brien was the luckiest man on planet earth. Why? Because on the day after only the second worst NFL playoff collapse for a Houston NFL team, Major League Baseball suspended Astros manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Lenhow for a full season, distracting almost everyone from the inexplicably horrendous performance of the Houston Texans professional football team. NOTE: In 1993, the Houston Oilers were ahead of the Buffalo Bills 35-3 in the third quarter. The Bills mounted an historic comeback and won 41-38 in overtime for the first worst.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Kids Love Valentines Day Too Giveaway

Valentine's Day doesn't have to just be for couples. Here's a prize for the kiddos. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2/4 to enter. Good luck.
Kids Love Valentines Day Too Giveaway

Welcome to the Kids Love Valentines Day Too Giveaway!

1 Winner
This giveaway is part of our Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

Host is Michigan Saving and More

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The Middle Sister Detective Novel Giveaway and Author Q&A

Here we have a classic detective novel from author Jesse Mills. It is the third in his Jack Salvo series. Here's your chance to win a copy of the book and to learn more about the author in the Q&A below.

The Middle Sister follows lovable character Jack Salvo — philosophy professor by day, hardboiled private detective by night. When a wealthy woman hires him to find her wayward daughter Lillie, who has been missing for a week, Salvo figures the girl is probably hiding out with friends. All he has to do is interview her crew, bust their stories open, and deduce the missing girl’s location – easy, right? Not when he soon learns that her “friends” are somewhat parasitic. And when he finds Lillie, she is hosting different kinds of parasites — the little ones that help rid the world of rotting corpses. Pulled into a maze of murder, arson, and blackmail, Salvo quickly finds himself on a high-speed-run down L.A.’s fast lane, sparring with grifters and gangsters, dodging the cops, and digging up a dark, deadly family secret.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

More Function Less Space Giveaway

From just the post title alove, can you guess what the prize is here? Yeah, me neither. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 2/18 to enter. Good luck.

More Function Less Space Giveaway (Ends 2/18) @GetKeySmart @SMGurusNetwork #LOVE20

More Function Less Space Giveaway

Welcome To The More Function Less Space Giveaway!

This giveaway is part of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Stop by to see all the great giveaways and products!
The Most Organized Way To Never Lose Your Keys Again. Plus Add Cool Accessories Like A Bottle Opener and Ultra-bright Flashlight.


The Original Giveaway

Here's a chance at another set of PeachSkinSheets. The giveaway is open to continental US residents only. You have through 2/14 to enter. Good luck.

Welcome to The Original Giveaway!

1 Winner ~ Any Color & Size

Hosted By: Deliciously Savvy

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2020 Valentines Day Gift Guide

2020 Valentines Day Gift Guide

2020 Valentines Day Gift Guide