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Monday, April 13, 2020

Lemonade Pursuits Puzzle Review

I recently had the chance to try out a new brand of puzzles, well, new to me at least. The brand is called Lemonade Pursuits. Inspired by the stress-relieving qualities of jigsaw puzzles, they partner with female artists around the world to create uniquely artful and calming puzzles. And we can definitely use some calming these days, and puzzles, too.

Lemonade Pursuits specifically chooses art intended to soothe the mind. Design elements of these artistic puzzles are scientifically proven to induce relaxation and inspire joy. By incorporating shades of blue, repeating patterns, fractals, and natural scenes, Lemonade Pursuits intentionally develops puzzles with artwork that calms the mind.
The puzzle I was sent was their 1,000 piece picnic scene. The completed puzzle is 19.3" by 26.6" in size. Looking at the picture of the box top, there really isn't a proper top or bottom. You can literally rotate the puzzle in any orientation, though the puzzle is signed by the artist, which kind of gives you the proper orientation.
Like most modern puzzles, the pieces come in a bag. Just slice open the bag and you're on your way.
On a paper at the bottom of the box, you'll find a picture of the solved puzzle. This works out great for those times when the box top is upside-down while you're sorting through pieces. My only complaint about the picture is the actual puzzle is about a quarter to a half inch higher than the provided picture. The top and bottom edges are off a little.

I solved the puzzle in a four step process:
 Step 1: Build the border / outer edge. This went fairly quickly.
Step 2: The next up for me was everything that wasn't green. I went and pulled everything that had even a hint of color on it.
Step 3 for me was grabbing all the dark green pieces out of the box. There were also some lighter green pieces with what is probably meant to be flies on them. This was an easier set of pieces to break out from the rest of the light greens. Just doing the dark greens filled up the puzzle considerably beyond the non-green piece picture.
Step 4 was basically finish the puzzle, finishing all the ongoing areas by plugging in the lighter greens into the right spot in the puzzle. By this point, there weren't many pieces left, so, it was easier to finish versus trying to match up all the lighter and darker greens together. 
What did I think of the jigsaw puzzle??? I'm not sure if I felt the scientifically proven calming effect, but I definitely enjoyed the challenge. Why do I say challenge? All the pieces were the same shape. By same shape, I mean the two tabs and two blanks were always opposite each other, and there were always two of each. Wikipedia's Jigsaw Puzzle entry is where I got the terms for the outward and inward shapes that interlock. Given the similar shape of all pieces, you couldn't automatically rule out any pieces due to the differing number of blanks and tabs.

If you're looking for new puzzles to do yourself, I'd definitely recommend Lemonade Pursuits as an option. While one of their puzzles is out of stock at this moment that I am looking, it doesn't appear as if they've raised their prices due to the higher demand for puzzles that you might find on eBay, for instance.

Here's some more information about Lemonade Pursuits:
  • Designed for mindfulness with art that quiets the mind.
  • Woman owned and woman funded.
  • 10% of every dollar spent on Lemonade Pursuits puzzles supports female artists
  • Made in the USA to support our local economy and ensure that those that produce the puzzles make a living wage.
  • Eco-friendly with all materials either recycled or biodegradable.
  • 4 designs to choose from, ranging in difficulty, created by female artists around the world.
  • 1,000 pieces to help you enjoy the reward of completing the puzzle over time.
Lemonade Pursuits’ mission is to positively harness mental energy by solving uniquely beautiful puzzles developed with calm in mind. Return to your best self, one piece at a time.
$24.99 - learn more on

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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