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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Feeling Isolated? Get Streaming

With the COVID-19 disease hitting every city, town, and village in the world, countries around the world are scrambling to institute strict measures to try and control the spread of this disease in their respective countries and around the world. The deadly disease that has now claimed the lives of more than 80,000 people worldwide as it is extremely contagious and is causing panic across the globe. It is now in basically every country in the world and has claimed at least the life of one person or more in each of the countries it has been confirmed.

Most countries have suspended international flights indefinitely, and some have gone as far as suspending local movements within the country, trying to stop the spread of the disease. There are so many cities, in some places entire countries, that are under a complete lockdown. The lockdown means that you cannot leave your house under any circumstances, unless you fall ill and need to go to a hospital. Even then, you need to contact your local authorities to facilitate your movement to a health facility. People are now ordering everything online, and those who can are working from home via the internet.

For those who are not working but staying all day in the house, this experience is psychologically damaging. There is a need to have a mechanism to engage such people to keep them sane and patient in the period that governments fight against this pandemic. Those that have at least a few other members of the family in the same house can keep each other company, but they still need a source of entertainment when they get bored of talking to one another. Those that stay alone have no choice but to find ways and means of keeping themselves busy to avoid boredom and depression. In addition to reading books, hard copies and online, people can watch movies and other television programs, play board games and others to keep themselves busy, while ensuring that no one leaves and comes back with the disease into the household.

If you are lucky enough to be in a region where only a partial lockdown has been instituted, you can take the free time from work to learn a new trade like baking, sewing, and writing, or try out new hobbies such as playing musical instruments and cooking among others. Ensure you stay healthy by eating the right foods, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and exercising on a regular basis. You can take some time to go for walks or jogs, while ensuring that you keep a safe social distance.

This is a great time for bonding with family if you have been spending a lot of time working and rarely having time with your loved ones. A lot of workplaces have been closed down, save for health institutions, security agencies, and isolation facilities. So, you will probably be at home if you do not fall under these categories. Take maximum advantage of this time, and remember, to stay and keep your entire family safe.

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