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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Lunch Squares Conquer The Lunch Giveaway

Our next giveaway brings us three winners to enjoy the prize. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 8/12 to enter. Good luck.

Lunch Squares Conquer The Lunch Giveaway! (3 Winners ~ Ends 8/12) @LunchSq @SMGurusNetwork

Welcome to the Lunch Squares Conquer The Lunch Giveaway!

3 Winners

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Personalized Toy Story 4 Book from InTheBook

I recently received a new book and I just had to share. It is a personalized version of Toy Story 4, or more correctly personalised. It is from In The Book by Signature Book Publishing and they're UK based, hence the British spelling. Apart from that periodically in the story, you're child will enjoy the retelling of the movie's story, while seeing their name interspersed throughout as an observer.

Friday, July 5, 2019

DEENKEE Cordless Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway

So, is winning a vacuum a good thing or bad? You'll just have to clean more once you win... Open to continental US residents only, you have through 8/19 to enter. Good luck.

DEENKEE Cordless Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway (Ends 8/19) @SMGurusNetwork #DEENKEE

Welcome to the DEENKEE Cordless Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway!

1 Winner

This giveaway is part of our Back To School Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

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Matthew Connor Adventures Book Blast and Giveaway

Here we have a pair of books from author Carolyn Arnold. Action-adventure titles to be exact. Not to be outdone, there is a giveaway with two prizes, one a coffee cup/mug and the second a $25 Amazon gift card. Open through 9/1, worldwide for the gift card, US only for the other.

City of Gold
Matthew Connor Adventure Series, Book 1
by Carolyn Arnold
Genre: Action, Adventure 

Finding the Incas' lost City of Gold would be the discovery of a lifetime. But failing could mean her death…
Archaeologist Matthew Connor and his friends Cal and Robyn are finally home after a dangerous retrieval expedition in India. While they succeeded in obtaining the priceless Pandu artifact they sought, it almost cost them their lives. Still, Matthew is ready for the next adventure. Yet when new intel surfaces indicating the possible location of the legendary City of Gold, Matthew is hesitant to embark on the quest.
Not only is the evidence questionable but it means looking for the lost city of Paititi far away from where other explorers have concentrated their efforts. As appealing as making the discovery would be, it’s just too risky. But when Cal’s girlfriend, Sophie, is abducted by Matthew’s old nemesis who is dead-set on acquiring the Pandu statue, Matthew may be forced into action. Saving Sophie’s life means either breaking into the Royal Ontario Museum to steal the relic or offering up something no one in his or her right mind would refuse—the City of Gold.
Now Matthew and his two closest friends have to find a city and a treasure that have been lost for centuries. And they only have seven days to do it. As they race against the clock, they quickly discover that the streets they seek aren’t actually paved with gold, but with blood.

Summer Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's a book blast post about a book blast.... See what's coming and enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have just six days to enter, through 7/11. Good luck.
 photo BOOK BLAST_zpslw7xqh2e.png

WELCOME TO THE Summer Book Blast BLAST! 

Click on any of the below book covers to be taken to the page that has more information on the novel as well as the Buy Links!

Before you leave, don't forget to enter the Giveaway!



Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Sisterhood Series Book Blast and Giveaway

We have a pair of books here in The Sisterhood Series from author Chelsi Arnold. The genre is New Adult. What does that mean? Quick one here as the giveaway only runs through 7/6. Open worldwide, you can win an Amazon gift card.

The Sisterhood Series Book 1
by Chelsi Arnold
Genre: New Adult 
Four women dared to defy the rules...

Twenty-two-year-old Greer Connally believes life is about choices and consequences. When she is drafted with the first group of women in U.S. history, she is constantly challenged by those that neither want nor respect the women draftees.

Greer quickly learns teamwork is the only way to endure the mental and physical abuse of training. She and her teammates must find a way to overcome their differences and learn how to work with one another in order to survive BUD/S.

With the country divided, tensions mount as protests and terrorist attacks break-out across the world. Willing to sacrifice anything for their country, Greer and her teammates embark on a top-secret mission. But when the mission becomes compromised, Greer’s loyalties are quickly tested.

Forced to choose between the lives of her teammates or defying a direct order, Greer must decide which consequence she is willing to live with before time runs out for everyone.

Buy today to read this story about sisterhood, bravery, and sacrifice.

Far Out Squaire Giveaway

So, if you win a giveaway for a toy in July, do you put it away for Christmas? Enter to find out, if you win... Open to continental US residents only, you have through 7/23 to enter. Good luck.
Far Out Squaire Giveaway Ends 7/23

Welcome to the Far Out Squaire Giveaway!

1 Winner

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Lizzie Borden Book Blast and Giveaway

Did you know that the Lizzie Borden house is a Bed & Breakfast? Would you pay to stay in the murder room? Well back to the book, you get an historical thriller and a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway. Open worldwide, you have through 8/1 to enter. Good luck.

Lizzie Borden
by Elizabeth Engstrom
Genre: Historical Mystery, Thriller

Did she do it?

A hundred years ago, it was the Trial of the Century. A young woman stood accused of brutally murdering her father and stepmother in a crime so heinous that it became a benchmark in human tragedy.

A hundred years later, the Lizzie Borden case still resounds in the imagination. There are those who staunchly defend Lizzie’s innocence while others vehemently declare that she did it, and that the murder was justified.

In Elizabeth Engstrom’s brilliant novel, the dark psychology of the Borden household is laid bare. Lizzie, her sister Emma and their parents Andrew and Abby Borden, are sharply illuminated—as are the paranoia and concealed hatred that secretly ruled the family. Domestic violence and dysfunctional families are not inventions of modern times.

Every door in the Borden house is metaphorically locked, and each room holds the terrible secrets of its occupant…Engstrom skillfully and subtly builds a psychological plot, moving the reader inexorably toward the anticipated savage denouement.” —Publishers Weekly

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The First Village Book Blast and Excerpt

Get a first look of the historical fiction novel The First Village by author Ian M. Evans. Also included is an excerpt. Enjoy this Vanguard Press offering.

 photo The First Village_zpsvjhdheun.jpg
Historical Fiction
Date Published: March 2019
Publisher: Vanguard Press

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

An entertaining and lively tale of love and ambition set around the end of the Roman occupation of Britain, AD 383 and the threats it brings to a dependent way of life. A strong backstory is the force of the new state religion, Christianity.

Wales AD 383 is the most remote province of Roman-occupied Britain, colonised for over 300 years. Magnus Maximus, known to the Celts as Macsen Wledig, has grown restless with his role as general of the Roman army in Britannia. His nights are broken by dreams of an impossibly beautiful Welsh maiden. He sets his sights on moving his legions out of Britannia to challenge Gratianus - the emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

Flavius Arcadius is less than enamoured by his general's plans. The army's withdrawal will leave his family, neighbours and all of Britannia unprotected and at the mercy of internecine conflict between the local tribes and the even greater threat of pagan invaders from the east. He does, however, have a vision for the future - a fortified villa surrounded by a self-sufficient community - if only he could find a way to stay behind when the legions move.

Flavius starts to plot...

Maximus is sufficiently in thrall to his fantasies to allow Flavius to set out with his two friends and fellow officers, Severus and Caradocus, to seek out, abduct and take this dream girl to him as his bride...

The three soldiers wander through the wilds of Cymru, intent only on delaying their return. To their astonishment, they come across a young woman who is the living image of Maximus's dream maiden. Flavius and Severus are determined to bring the girl, Elen, to Maximus. Caradocus, however, engineers their escape.

Elen's beauty is matched by her wit and intelligence; and her courage is demonstrated when she saves them both from capture. Before long, the two runaways are in love. But Caradocus and Elen are going to need more than their wits to survive, when they are being hunted - not just by Flavius and Severus, but by Elen's father and, for all they know, the full might of the Roman army...

The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures Book Blast and Giveaway

Gail Z. Martin brings us into the epic-fantasy world in The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures series of books. Here's a rare $30 Amazon gift card in the related giveaway. Open worldwide you have through 7/28 to enter.

The Shadowed Path
The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures Vol 1
by Gail Z. Martin
Genre: Epic Fantasy 


Soldier. Fight slave. Smuggler. Warrior. Brigand Lord. You may have encountered Jonmarc Vahanian in the Chronicles of the Necromancer but you don’t really know him until you walk in his footsteps. This is the start of his epic journey.
A blacksmith’s son in a small fishing village before raiders killed his amily, Jonmarc was wounded and left for dead in the attack. He tried to rebuild his life, but when a dangerous bargain with a shadowy stranger went wrong, he found himself on the run.
Gail Z. Martin returns to the world of her internationally best-selling books with these thrilling ales of adventure and high fantasy, collected together here for the very first time.


Attractive characters and an imaginative setting combine in an excellent, fast-moving quest novel.”
- David Drake on THE SUMMONER.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Order Out Of Chaos Planner Package Giveaway

Why have ten separate giveaways when you can have one with ten winners. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 7/31 to enter. Good luck.
Order Out Of Chaos Planner Package Giveaway

Welcome to the Order Out Of Chaos Planner Package Giveaway!

10 Winners

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Christmas in July Boston / Boch Center 2019 Discount

Planning on being in the Boston area for Christmas? If you buy your tickets in July for the Christmas shows at the Wang or Shubert, you'll save 20% off tickets on select seats. For all shows, discount valid on select seating locations for all performances. For Moscow Ballet and Urban Nutcracker, offers valid through 7/31. For Rudolph and White Christmas, offers valid through 8/31. Offers not valid on previously purchased tickets. Tickets are subject to availability while supplies last. Service charges and handling fees are separate. There are no service charges if you purchase in person at the Box Office. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. Offer may be revoked at any time without prior notice and cannot be combined with other offers.

Christmas in July $100 PayPal Cash Giveaway

Time to try to win some cash in this aptly named Christmas in July giveaway. Open to US residents only, you have through 7/25 to enter. Good luck.
Christmas in July Giveaway
Christmas in July PayPal Cash Giveaway Event!
Hosted By: Mommy's Playbook

It's beginning to feel a lot like.... July! It's the middle of summer but it's also time to celebrate Christmas in July!! There are dozens of reasons to celebrate Christmas in July, so many, that trying to find the actual origin of celebrating Christmas in the month of July is a little foggy. Some suggest that it started as a way for the Southern hemisphere to celebrate Christmas in cold weather (like we get to), others theories were that it began 80+ years ago at a summer camp in North Carolina! Regardless, I can never get enough Christmas so I am happy to add it to a second month in my Calendar! -- I may even put up the tree and get a jump start on my holiday shopping!

Rose Book Blast and Giveaway

Author Rami Ungar brings us Rose in the fantasy-horror genre. Along with that, you get a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 7/28 to enter. Good luck.

by Rami Ungar
Genre: Fantasy-Horror

Rose Taggert awakens in a greenhouse with no clear memory of the past two years and, to her horror, finds her body transformed into an unrecognizable form.
Paris Kuyper has convinced Rose that they are lovers and as Paris could not bear for her to die, he has used an ancient and dark magic to save her from certain death.
But the dark magic Paris has used comes at a price. A price which a terrible demon is determined to extract from Rose.
As Rose struggles to understand what is happening to her, she must navigate Paris’s lies and secrets; secrets that Paris will do anything to protect.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Nat Geo Explorer Academy Giveaway and Star Spangled Giveaway Hop

Explorer Academy, the blockbuster adventure series that James Cameron says “inspires the next generation of curious kids to go out into our world and discover something unexpected” is debuting two new books and we are celebrating their release with a Summer Reading Giveaway sponsored by National Geographic Kids Books' fiction imprint, Under the Stars.

Gavin Goode Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's an interesting cover for a piece of literary fiction. Along with the book info you'll find a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you'll have through 7/27 to enter. Good luck.

Gavin Goode
by David B. Seaburn
Genre: Literary Fiction 

I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but I think I died today.”

So begins the complex and mysterious journey of Gavin Goode and his family. What happened to Gavin and why? What secrets will emerge along the way? Frankie, his wife and a dress store owner, feels guilty, but why? His son, Ryan, who owns an ice cream parlor, and daughter-in-law, Jenna, who is a bank manager, are expecting their first baby. How will this trauma affect them? And what of Rosemary, Frankie’s best friend? Or Ben Hillman and eleven year old, Christopher? How are they implicated in the events that unfold around Gavin’s misfortune?

This is a story of despair and hope, dreams and reality, uncertainty and faith,humor, secrecy, forgiveness and beginnings. As in his previous novels, David B. Seaburn demonstrates his in-depth understanding of the human experience and his storytelling mastery.

Summer Entertainment With Winning Moves Games Giveaway

Our last Winning Moves Games Giveaway just ended with Heather K winning. And now we have another, with three winners this time. This one runs for three weeks and ends on 7/21. Open to residents of the continental US only. Good luck.
Summer Entertainment With Winning Moves Games Giveaway

Welcome to the Summer Entertainment With Winning Moves Games Giveaway!

3 Winners

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The BroBasket Jack Daniel's Taster Gift Set Giveaway and Christmas in July Hop

Yes, we're giving away free booze. To go along with my BroBasket Junk Foodie Care Package Review, we're giving away the Jack Daniels Taster Gift Set from BroBasket. This includes five different nip-size (50ml) bottles of Jack Daniels.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

BroBasket Junk Foodie Care Package Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a gift basket from BroBasket. In case the name didn't give it away, their gift baskets target men. Many of these gift baskets can also include alcohol. The one I got for review did not, however. This is their Junk Foodie Care Package that runs $79.95. If you want to add a Bottle of Kettle One Vodka, that price jumps the price to $124.95.

Season of Grilling Sweepstakes

Enter the Season of Grilling Sweepstakes for a chance to win Steak knives, a ZWILLING carving set, BBQ tools, and more! Prize value is $1,270.

You have through 7/19 to enter, and you must be US based.

FLUID Computer System Giveaway

GTRIBE, the world's most advanced network for tech enthusiasts and PC gamers, has partnered with EKWB, Seasonic and Logitech G for a fluid giveaway experience!

TWO (2) Grand Prize Winners will each receive a fully loaded gaming PC, designed and handcrafted in the USA by EKWB. This performance PC is rocket-powered by an Intel Core i7-9700K and hyper-driven by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, both supercooled by a custom liquid kit from EKWB. This incredible gaming PC is electrified by a Seasonic PRIME Ultra Titanium PSU and augmented by the latest Logitech G gear. Each system is worth $3,600.

Giveaway is worldwide, see rules for list of countries whose residents are not eligible, Syria, North Korea, and Libya. You have through Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 2:00PM Central to enter.