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Saturday, June 22, 2019

2019 SMGN Back To School Gift Guide Information Sponsor Information

2019 SMGN Back To School Gift Guide – Sponsors Information

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Healthy Home, Healthy Planet Giveaway

Want to try some bamboo products to help save the planet? Here's a chance to win some. Open to continental US residents only, you have through 7/5 to enter. Good luck.
Healthy Home, Healthy Planet Bambu Giveaway

Welcome to the Healthy Home, Healthy Planet Giveaway!

The only cooking and eating utensils, and kids eating utensils to earn the USDA certified organic seal!


1 Winner


3 packs (8 plates each) of Veneerware Bamboo Round Plates (11-inch, 9-inch, 7-inch)
2 packs (24 utensils each) of Veneerware Bamboo Knife, Fork, Spoon Sets
2 packs (6 straws each) of Reusable Bamboo Straws
Small Cutting Board

Hosted by: Home Jobs By Mom

Sponsored by:

$1,000 Tanger Summer Deals Game Giveaway

Enter the Tanger Outlets Summer Matching Game for a chance to win a $1,000 Tanger Outlets Gift Card! Other then this ending on 7/10, I don't know who this is open to. Given the locations of Tanger Outlets, I'd be inclined to say US only

The Best of Crimes Book Giveaway

The book The Best of Crimes is a fiction novel from first time author K.C. Maher from Red Door Publishing. The book is a page-turning and thought provoking story of an unconventional relationship that will challenge your preconceptions on love. It will be coming out September 1st. Here's your chance to here from the author in a Q&A interview and win a hardcover copy of the novel.

About the Book

In a world that too often fails to protect its most vulnerable, K.C. Maher’s debut novel offers a new narrative. The Best of Crimes [Red Door, September 1, 2019] is an enchanting, unconventional love story that will challenge your preconceptions and restore your faith in humanity.

Friday, June 21, 2019

BODYARMOR #HydrateTheHuddle Giveaway

Post sponsored by BODYARMOR
My kid is a rock climber. After a few hours climbing out in the sun, he needs to replenish his system. Water just isn't enough. Choosing the right drink, like BODYARMOR Sports Drink, that is low in sodium and high in potassium, helps the body refuel more quickly to handle that next climb.

Want some for your children or their teams? Be sure to enter to win BODYARMOR's #HydrateTheHuddle #giveaway for the chance to win BODYARMOR coolers, TEAM PACKS, and more. Each week another prize pack winner is selected.

How to enter:

The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book Blast and GIveaway

Chck out this series of mystery novels from author Cary Osborne. You can win an e-book of the first or an Amazon gift card in this dual winner gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 7/5 to enter. Good luck.

Oklahoma Winds
The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book 1
by Cary Osborne
Genre: Mystery

In Oklahoma, spring brings storms raging across the American prairie, too often spawning tornadoes that lash the land. But this spring Sydney St. John finds herself fighting for her life against another danger, one from the past. When her intern's body is discovered in the archives processing room, everyone wants to believe the girl's death was an accident or a horrible mistake. But Sydney sets out to discover whether the cruel murder of today resulted from another crime committed nearly seventy years earlier, searching for clues as only an archivist can. Her search leads her to another danger, different, in the person of Ben Bartlett, grandson of the creator of the very collection at the center of the mystery. Is he to be her lover? Or her murderer?

OKLAHOMA WINDS is an engrossing thriller that reveals the inexorable links present-day events (and crimes) always have to the past. We are forever connected to the history that brought us to where we are now, and unraveling the tangled truths of that history can shed a brilliant light on who we have become. Yes, OKLAHOMA WINDS is a murder mystery, and a fascinating one. But it's also a testament to the power of the past over our lives. Having had some experience with research librarians and archivists, I've always known they were some of the most brilliant (yet unsung) detectives among us . . . and the protagonist of OKLAHOMA WINDS is long-overdue proof of that. Sydney St. John does for archivists what Indiana Jones did for archaeologists -- and I can't wait to see what mysteries she'll tackle next!
--Brad Denton, author of Blackburn and Sergeant Chip

Rose of the Alchemist Book Blast

Here we have a young adult fantasy book from author L.E. Frost. Looks like an interesting story to jump into. I've been picking up some books for my son for summer reading. Might have him look at this one.

 photo Rose of the Alchemist_zpsr4ax1e5v.jpg
YA Fantasy

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Orphaned as a child and raised by a brooding grandfather who can’t stand the sight of him, Xavier feels like a freak. Gifted, or cursed, with the visions and powers of his Jardi mother, and isolated on his grandfather’s estate, he thinks he’ll go mad.

On his sixteenth birthday, when he finally escapes the dreary prison of his grandfather’s to attend university, he’s bullied because he’s Jardi. While he struggles to fit in, a master alchemist takes him on as apprentice and helps him develop his gift.

But just when things are looking up for Xavier, a mysterious seer appears to deliver a dark prophesy. A sorcerer wants to kill him because of his gift. Gifted with the Jardi sight to see inside things and transform them, Xavier must accept his roots if he hopes to survive.

His only allies against the sorcerer are a magical falcon, who is both guardian and mother hen, and an irritatingly smug knight who keeps a perilous secret.               

When the trio arrives at the sorcerer’s castle, Xavier is enchanted by statues that spring to life, fairies and winged horses that fly out of draperies and demon cuckoo clocks that deliver sardonic messages. Seduced by the sorcerer’s illusion, Will Xavier choose the cold, starlight voices that beckon him to darkness or the love of his friends.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Fun Family Night Giveaway

Ovation Brands’ portfolio of restaurants - Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, and Hometown Buffet - and Furr’s Fresh Buffet are rolling out a new Family Night promotion by saying “Hello” to Summer with their newest Family Night. The Summer Fun Family Night events spotlight elements that make the Summer season sensational. 

Every Thursday, beginning June 20th, restaurants will be focusing on families, food and fun through educational and engaging activities. The program will celebrate what we love about Summer and will highlight Summer-related activities, from vacations to favorite foods, to blockbuster movies and more. We’ll wrap up the series with a party to help kids get excited for the return of school. Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., kids may participate in different interactive and educational activities in Ovation Brands’ restaurants and Furr’s Fresh Buffet locations. PLUS, kids eat for $1.99 from 4 p.m. to close with the purchase of a regular-priced adult or senior meal.

Aldo Book Blast

Why do I sense there will be something about DNA or genetics in this crime novel? Read what author Betty Jean Craige has to say about that. Enjoy.

 photo Aldo_zpsv3teedlf.jpg
Crime Fiction
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Published: March 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Aldo is a mystery/thriller/love story in which a brilliant and dangerous ideologue attempts to eliminate a university’s genetics institute by holding the university’s president hostage.

On the same day that Isabel Canto, associate director of Pembrook Atlantic University’s Institute for Genome Modification, discovers she is pregnant with IGM post-doc Frank Marks’s baby, Pembrook Atlantic University’s president Mary Ellen Mackin receives a letter from “Aldo” threatening harm if she does not dissolve the institute and fire its director. Isabel recommends that Mackin refuse and not allow a terrorist to dictate what her faculty and students can research and discover, but this advice unwittingly sets off a chain of events that will change many lives forever—including hers.

The Brin Archives Book Blast and Giveaway

Come for the giveaways but stay for the sci-fi trilogy we have here. Along with that, you have a giveaway for a Visa gift card. Nice to see something besides another Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 7/18 to enter. Good luck.

The Brin Archives Book 1
by Jim Cronin
Genre: Science Fiction

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Recipient

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Book Review Recipient
Hungry Monster Book Review 4 Star Recipient

His species became extinct decades before the aliens rescued and cloned him, but he still must do everything he can to save them all. Karm must travel back in time, create the most powerful financial empire ever seen on the planet Dyan’ta and assemble a team of experts who must be kept in the dark about his plans for fear of upsetting the timeline.

Dr. Jontar Rocker is an up and coming geneticist whose untested and controversial theories on cloning become the lynch pin in Karm’s schemes. Maripa, Karm’s petite and beautiful surrogate niece, personal secretary, and deadly bodyguard must learn to trust Karm despite his deceptions and secrets. Can the emerging love between Dr. Rocker and Maripa survive the demons and surprises of their own past, as well as Karm’s impenetrable air of mystery?

Karm and his companions must save the Brin. To do so, they must band together to overcome Brach, the ambitious and obsessed monarch. Determined to take control of Karm's vast industrial empire, Brach joins forces with his conniving brother Pareth, leader of The Faith an ultra-conservative religious order committed to stopping Dr. Rocker and his heretical efforts to develop cloning techniques. Nothing less than survival of their species is at stake.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Save $5 on Japan Candy Box Subscription

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
Do you like getting subscription boxes to try out new and different things? One type I've always loved to get is foreign food and candy. Stuff you can't get in the states, even at specialty stores. Of course, I typically can't read the labels if it comes from the Far East, but those are the ones I like best. They usually include a guide to help you read the labels. If you're interested in trying out a subscription box full of candy from Japan, from Japan Candy Box, you can save $5 off your first box. A single month is regularly $21.90, including shipping, making the price just $16.90. The coupon will automatically be applied at checkout. No code required. These are great for gifts, too.

The New World Book Blast and Giveaway

Here we have a sci-fi action-adventure trilogy. And, the third book is free today (the 19th) if you happen to catch this on the first day. Explore the trilogy then enter to win an Amazon gift card. Open worldwide through 7/17. Good luck.

A Step Backward
The New World Series Book 1
by Andy Skrzynski
Genre: SciFi Action Adventure 

"The New World" book series, by Andy Skrzynski, is a creative, science-fiction adventure depicting the life-and-death struggles on Earth after an apocalyptic period between 2019 and 2025. If you enjoy a thrilling tale full of suspense, action, a touch of romance, and a crazy twist here and there, "The New World: A Step Backward" and the sequel, "The New World: Blue Moon Generation," will help you escape your current world worries. The action's so real and descriptive you'll feel as if you're alongside Thoruk, his loyal friends, and the younger generation as they fight the warriors and vicious creatures stalking the villagers of Ukkiville in the nearby forests, lakes, and mountains before the turn of the next century.

Read more to get a taste of what's to come in, "The New World: A Step Backward."

In 2075, following the World Annihilation Period and Earth's 50-year transformation, the detested Skalag clan periodically pillages Ukkiville to murder and enslave its inhabitants. Dangers intensify as vicious, mutant beasts lurk in the shadows, preying on villagers. At the heart of this evil, the twisted scientist, Zolokt, creates killer combinations of animals, plants, and insects to inflict his acts of revenge.

Infuriated by the savage attacks, a young leader, Thoruk, and his two lifelong friends pledge their lives to protect Ukkiville. The determined ruler aims to forever put an end to Zolokt and his followers, for only then will true freedom reign in The New World.

Owen Book Blast and Excerpt

Here we have book one of an historical fiction trilogy. Based on a true story supposedly. Check out the first book and read an excerpt. Enjoy.

 photo Owen book one_zpsln6jea5b.jpg
The Tudor Trilogy, Book One
Historical Fiction
Publisher: Presei Press

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Based on the true story of a forgotten hero, OWEN is the epic tale of one young man’s incredible courage and resilience as he changes the course of English history.

England 1422: Owen Tudor, a Welsh servant, waits in Windsor Castle to meet his new mistress, the beautiful and lonely Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of the warrior king, Henry V. Her infant son is crowned King of England and France, and while the country simmers on the brink of civil war, Owen becomes her protector.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sum of All Tears Book Blast and Giveaway

Do preppers read a lot of Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian novels? Here's a pair for them to check out. Then be sure to enter the associated giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 7/15 to enter. Good luck.

Sum of All Tears Book 1
by Kim Cresswell & M.K. Chester
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian, Paranormal 

They said it wouldn't happen.

Everything would be better.

They were wrong.

After a climate change experiment goes terribly wrong, August Madison, finds herself resurrected in a frozen wasteland.

With most of the world's population and food sources annihilated, depraved nomadic gangs patrol the lawless landscape as outlasters claw for survival.

Amid the chaos, Graysen Marx, iron-fisted leader of the domed settlement Liberty, emerges from the catastrophic event with his own agenda.

When August crosses his path, he sees an opportunity he must exploit.

She sees an evil she must destroy.

Fans of The Day after Tomorrow, The Handmaid's Tale, Mad Max, and The Hunger Games are sure to enjoy this enthralling post apocalyptic dystopian adventure with a paranormal twist.

Bills (vs. Patriots) Halftime Wedding Ceremony Giveaway

I doubt they would pick anyone from the Boston-area to win, but I couldn't resist sharing this giveaway. The Buffalo Bills are giving away a wedding ceremony during halftime of the Bills vs. Patriots game in September. You'll have 70,000+ fans cheering on the lucky couple. If you know anyone interested in getting married in September.... check out the details and pass along the info. Prize includes custom jerseys for the winning couple, tickets to the game for the couple and twenty (20) guests, and foam fingers as a wedding favor. You have through 7/7 to enter.

KwiltGo Giveaway

Here's a new piece of hardware for you to try to win. Open to US residents only, you have through 7/7 to enter. Good luck.
All opinions expressed herein are my own!
Enter to Win KwiltGo! Get access to your files from anywhere!
I love that I can take 500 pictures in ten minutes with my phone, but I truly struggle with where to put it all once I'm done. If I upload the pictures to my computer, I risk losing them if my laptop fails. If I upload it to the Cloud, I worry about a TON of scenarios, like what if they lose my files, or will I run out of space and make my bill go higher! That means I end up deleting any of the pictures I take that aren't "perfect' and they are all still on my phone somehow. That's right, over a year's worth of photos are still sitting on my phone! So what if I have so many that I now have to delete apps if I want to take more pictures not like I have another option...

If you're like me, with your head in the sand refusing to look into cloud alternatives to your storage problems, lets discover Kwilt together! With Kwilt we can have everything safely stored in one place! Now we can access all of our cloud, social media and home photos and videos from our mobile, PC AND the Web. Watch the video to learn more and read on to enter to win.

Treed Book Blast and Excerpt

Do you like to read excerpts before buying books? Here's the chance with this eco/political fiction title. Enjoy.

 photo Treed_zps1rlglbnx.jpg
Eco-fiction, Political Fiction
Publisher: Ecological Outreach Services
Published: September 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Because Trees Have Consequences

A consequence of getting older is current experiences inevitably get threaded to memories as Maybelline Emmons learns when she embarks on what she thinks will be a simple road trip to find a tree. She experiences something so confounding, painful, transformational--none of which she signed on for; her evenings drinking Pinot, watching her hummingbirds...this was always enough.

This passionate yet comic story revolves around efforts to save an old-growth tree but things go off the rails in a compelling, edge-of-your-seat way. Per Virginia Arthur's two previous novels, Treed will curl the tendrils of your heart and blow your leaves off.

Monday, June 17, 2019

MyCharge AdventureUltra Portable Wall Outlet Review

One of my early blog reviews was for a Rayovac 2-Hour Power Mobile Charger. Instead of plugging the mobile powerbank into the wall to recharge its internal battery so you could recharge your phone, it took a Lithium CR123a battery. When that battery wore out, you recharged the battery for its next usage, most typically by plugging it in, or carrying a few spares.

Fast forward six years and powerbanks are still evolving. Normally, you hear about a powerbank which has increased its mAh or milliampere hour to provide portal power longer. Now, with MyCharge's AdventureUltra Portable Wall Outlet, well, you get a standard 3-pronged plug in addition to USB recharging.

Karda Book Blast and Excerpt

We have a pair of book in the Adalta Fantasy/Sci-fi Series from author Sherrill Nilson. Do check out the excerpt, too, from one of the books. Check it out.

 photo Karda_zps45idapeo.jpg
Karda: Adalta Vol. I
Fantasy, Sci-fi
Publisher: Green Canoe, LLC

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

On the beautiful world Adalta, an ancient threat emerges. Young Marta is dropped to the planet for her first secret mission alone. Raised by her father on an orbiting trade ship, he trained her for this - and to live by two rules: Don’t get attached. Don’t get discovered.

As cover for her mission, Marta joins the Mi’hiru, the all-female elite guard who patrol the skies on Karda, majestic hawk-headed flying horses.

On this planet where the only weapons allowed are arrows and swords, Marta discovers a high-tech weapon she knows could only come from her ship. Someone is smuggling them to use in the bitter power struggle between two noble brothers. She knows she must stop this threat, and she reluctantly joins forces with the handsome but arrogant Altan. As their connection grows, Marta struggles to keep her secret and to keep the rule of not getting attached.

As tensions rise and the ancient threat grows, will Marta accept the frightening elemental magic powers Adalta wants to give her to save the planet she loves?

Love, Lies and Murder Book Blast and Giveaway

While it doesn't matter to me, I think the book might turn off a few readers given the snake on the cover. I know it is a book my wife would never read, let alone touch. With that said, we have a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway to go with the book info. Open worldwide, you have through 7/14 to enter to win. Good luck.

Love, Lies and Murder
by Leslie Wolfe
Genre: Thriller, Suspense 

Breathtaking suspense unraveling at train-wreck speed, in an unforgettable collection.

Sometimes the only way to do the right thing is to break the rules.

Love, Lies, and Murder is a collection of 19 short stories that explore the extremes of human emotion and the conflicts that result. Every story will leave you tense and breathless as the characters race to a conclusion that is as unexpected as it is satisfying.

Intense and gripping, each story features a hero that seeks justice and the triumph of good over evil by whatever means necessary—regardless of what society’s rules find acceptable.

The collection is taut, visceral, and addictive. All the emotions we feel every day, when taken to their extremes, offer a roller coaster of passion, conflict, and chills.

Nineteen droplets of suspense in a thrilling anthology that will leave you unsettled, longing for more.

Fans of David Baldacci, Robert Dugoni, and James Patterson will love reading Leslie Wolfe.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

International Yoga Day Giveaway

If you want to shop at Etsy come and enter the giveaway for a $20 Etsy shop credit to the Drwaing Board Shop. The giveaway is US only and ends on 7/24. Good luck.

Sponsored By: Drawing Board Shop

Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

Winner Will Receive: 

A $20 Etsy Shop credit to the Drawing Board Shop Hand-painted and beautifully crafted cards! International Yoga Day is June 21st! 

International Day of Yoga, or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). -Wikipedia

Birth Right: Galak's Rising Book Blast, Excerpt, and Giveaway

Time to check out the latest dystopian sci-fi fantasy novel from author Christina Goebel. You also get an excerpt and a giveaway, too. Open to US residents only as there is something physical to mail out. You have through just 6/20 to enter. Good luck.

 photo Birth Right Galaks Rising_zpsjgyytr5t.jpg
Sci-fi Adventure, Dystopian Science Fiction Epic Fantasy
Date Published: June 4, 2019

On Sale! $0.99!

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

What do you do when the world’s greatest power has no conscience?

Two, not of blood, but joined in blood,

may conquer only as a selfless act of love.

-from The Prophecy of the Dancers of Silence

The illustrated dystopian science fiction epic fantasy BIRTH RIGHT TRILOGY depicts the first battles of a brutal war between humans, cyborgs, robots, and genetically enhanced beings. In the first book, BIRTH RIGHT: GALAK’S RISING, you are introduced to the Valki and Galak.

At the onset of a technological war that could destroy their race and the technology that made them superior, the genetically enhanced Valki traveled more than a century into the future.

In this new civilization, Galak, a cruel cyborg obsessed with creating his own race of superior beings, induces the remaining human feudal and native tribes to war against one another. To limit the Valki population, births are restricted to one per woman, unless they are twins. Galak demands that Valki teen twins compete for a Birthright, the right to have children—or be sterilized.

The courage of two young Valki women to resist Galak's law pits princes, kings, and mighty warriors against a merciless and powerful foe.

To save humanity, the girls, named only 99 and 100, and their allies must resist an opponent who has the field and technological advantages. Only those willing to sacrifice everything can defeat their enemies.

The BIRTH RIGHT TRILOGY explores the ethical implications of technology with adventure, romance, humor, and terror.

Kent Burles created the nineteen illustrations for GALAK’S RISING.

Star Wars Art Studio Giveaway and Daddy Shark Giveaway Hop

Do you have an artist in the family? Here's the chance to help them to learn how to draw various characters from the original Star Wars. Easy-to-follow instructions and details will help them create their favorite characters just like the professionals. Included in the kit are three watercolor paints, two paintbrushes, a palette, a drawing pencil, seven colored pencils, a fine-line marker, a kneaded eraser, a sharpener, and a 96-page project book to bring these characters to life! Greeting cards, party decorations, and lunchbox surprises are more fun when your artist makes it themself, and this Star Wars Art Studio kit will help get them started!