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Saturday, January 12, 2019

New England Patriots Playoff Rally #EverythingWeGot

Doing anything today/Saturday January 12th? The Patriots Street Team is having a rally at Patriot Place on from 12:00 noon - 4:00 PM. Kick off the playoffs with the New England Patriots Cheerleaders, Pat Patriot, Patriots giveaways and more. Find the Patriots Street Team located in Lot 4A, next to Winter Skate at Patriot Place.

Playoff Rally will include:

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Prospero Chronicles Book Blast and Giveaway

The covers for this young adult horror series are rather interesting. Check them out and then be sure to enter the multiple winner giveaway. Open worldwide through 2/4. Good luck.

The Prospero Chronicles Book 1
by Fiona J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter
Genre: YA Horror, SciFi

Under normal circumstances, Ben and Mina would never have had reason to speak to each other. He’s an easy-going people person with a healthy skepticism about the paranormal; she’s a dangerously obsessive monster-hunter with a crippling fear of betrayal. But the small Northern California town of Prospero, with its rich history of cryptid sightings, miracles, and mysterious disappearances, has no normal circumstances to offer.

When Ben’s missing childhood friend, Haley Perkins, stumbles out of Prospero’s surrounding woods and right into her own funeral, Ben and Mina are forced to work together to uncover what happened to her. Different as they are, their unlikely friendship may be the only thing that can save the town, and possibly the world, from its insidious invaders.

A snapping, crackling, popping homage to classic horror.” —Kirkus Reviews.

Whip-smart dialogue... genuinely terrifying Splinters, the descriptions of which will have fans of monster films utterly enthralled... A promising series opener, this will satisfy those readers who like their scary stories to be as clever as they are chilling." —KQG, the Bulletin of The Center for Children's Books.

The stakes are high. The action is intense." —Washington Independent Review of Books.

The First Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's an action thriller from author Glen Kenner. Check it out then be sure to enter to win the Amazon gift card. Good luck. Worldwide entries accepted through 2/8.

The First
A John Smith Thriller #1
by Glen Kenner
Genre: Action Thriller

The first page hits you like a deadly punch to the throat and never lets up!

John Smith is a First, one of a few men that walk among us seemingly as normal as anyone, but with a secret so unimaginable that their very existence is a threat to humanity. But times are changing and the Firsts are eager to live openly and take their rightful place in the world once again. The only thing stopping them is John, who has seen the best and worst of all of mankind and knows that some truths are best kept secret. He has kept his own life simple and unassuming because he knows it’s the only way to stay out of the system and under the radar of world governments, secret organizations, and assassins alike. But when an old enemy shows up on the same day that a beautiful young woman needs his help, John quickly finds himself in the fight of his life against elite hit squads, ruthless psychopathic murders, and a black-ops cutting-edge technology that was specifically designed to track down him and other Firsts like him, all while trying to unravel the mystery of this new woman in his life without getting her killed and keeping her from killing anyone who doesn’t deserve it. From the American Midwest to Syria and Paris, John Smith is both predator and prey, but he can no longer survive on his own, and so with the help of the only people he hopes he can trust and more luck than he deserves, he faces down his fears and takes on his enemies the only way he knows how: with everything he’s got.

Of Metal and Earth Book Blast and Excerpt

Here's an interesting title that looks like it is about the life and times of a green jeep, perhaps that of the author. The book is free for #kindleunlimited readers. Enjoy the excerpt below.

 photo Of Metal and Earth - Jennifer M. Lane_zpsilfjw28b.jpg
Mainstream Fiction
Date Published: July 19, 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

In 1964, a rural town is rocked to its core when only one young man returns from Vietnam. Emotionally scarred, James hides from their pity and only finds the determination to lift himself up when he realizes what remains to be lost. He buys a little green Jeep, like the one that gave him shelter in the war, and hopes it will lead to salvation again. But the fortune it brings tarnishes, and James is left to sacrifice the thing that gave him hope for the people who need him most.

Over the next thirty years, the Jeep changes hands, passing between friends, family, strangers, and lovers. A single mother who buys a car for her reckless son nearly destroys a friendship with a man who silently loved her for two decades. An insecure youth at the start of his career learns that the most important lessons are the ones you never set out to learn. A family torn apart by their differences finds that love can be the hardest road to take. And a city architect must choose between the easy way to restoration or a difficult path that could save far more than just a rusty old Jeep.

Fans of THIS IS US, MITCH ALBOM, and NICHOLAS SPARKS will enjoy this heart-warming tale of restoration and redemption, a must read book for anyone inspired by the the resiliency of the human spirit.

Broad Street Roasters Gourmet Coffee Giveaway

If you're looking to try a new variety of coffee, here's your chance. Enter through 1/31, US residents only. Good luck.
Broad Street Roasters Gourmet Coffee Giveaway

Welcome to the Broad Street Roasters Gourmet Coffee Giveaway!

1 Winner

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Ways We Follow Book Blast and Giveaway

The latest book from author L. Salt is a Futuristic Urban Drama based in St. Petersberg, where she went to university. Check it out then enter the giveaway with two prizes and two winners. Open worldwide through 2/3. Good luck.

The Ways We Follow
by L. Salt
Genre: Futuristic Urban Drama

St. Petersburg, Russia, 20XX.

Four best friends, young, talented and ambitious try to find their own way in a reality where people can't speak and even think freely.
Laura Danco is a young talented designer who returns to the city after studying and working in the UK. Friends tell Laura about new controlling institution, the Department of Censorship. All media sources are under control, government opposition is destroyed completely, minorities are under threat. Everyone who resists is obliterated.
Laura tries to live an ordinary life of every young person in a big city--friends, relationships, travels, parties...Everything is changing when a reputable design company employs her as an assistant to a dangerously attractive, scandalous architect and designer, Daniel Polanskiy, whose ambitious and outstanding projects don't comply with the government views and its dictated taste. Daniel's colleagues believe he is insane, the press calls him "Russian Gaudi", the Department of Censorship watches his every movement.
The situation becomes even more complicated, when Laura meets her Uni-mate from the UK, Mark Evans. Completely lost between two absolutely different characters--friendly, amiable Mark and sophisticated, bad-tempered, but ingenious Daniel--she struggles to whom to give her heart.
The future looks bleak for Laura, as the company gets into trouble, when the Tax Office conducts a detailed financial audit, the Department gives Daniel the final warning, and one of Laura's friends is killed by his boyfriend. The plot leads characters through many challenges--from love to betrayal, from revenge to a murder. The story which starts like a comedy is turning into a tragedy. Will friends find their way to follow?

This is book 1 of the duology. Laura and friends are back in book 2, "Angels of Zion".

California Design Den Sheets Giveaway

Here are some sheets from California Design Den up for grabs. Giveaway is US only and ends on 1/31. Good luck.
California Design Den Sheets Giveaway Ends 1/31

Welcome to the California Design Den Sheets Giveaway!

1 Winner

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Ancient Enemy Series Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's a four book horror series to explore. Then, be sure to enter to win the $50 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 2/7 to enter. Good luck.

Ancient Enemy
Ancient Enemy Series Book 1
by Mark Lukens
Genre: Horror

Ancient Enemy - it wants things . . . you have to give it what it wants.

Seven hundred years ago the Anasazi people built massive cities in what is now the southwestern United States . . . and then they vanished.

Stella, an archaeologist specializing in Anasazi culture, and David, a mysterious Navajo boy, are on the run from something terrifying. As they flee up into the snowy mountains of Colorado, they are carjacked by criminals escaping a botched bank robbery. Caught in a blizzard, they must take refuge in what they believe is an abandoned cabin. It's at this cabin where they will face horrors beyond their imagination.

Well Below Heaven Cover Reveal

Here's a young adult novel coming out February 7th. Definitely for the older teen given the subject matter. This appears to be Ms. Eliot's first book.

 photo unnamed 1_zpswkvikwrv.jpg

Literary / YA (older teen)
Publisher: Cur Dog Press
Published Date: February 7, 2019

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Seventeen year old Kelly is in a spartan boarding school in northern Idaho, sent away for drugs—as planned. Her little brother Sammy is left home in Missouri, getting ready for high school. He is twitchy, quick, writes dark poetry and longs to play football. He’s also got a nose for trouble, and Kelly has left a sordid truckload. Her sadistic ex is involved, so is one twisted teacher, and so is the object of Sammy’s crush. He’s in deep, and Kelly’s warnings fall flat, and the consequences will be dire.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Unexpected Book Blast, Interview, and Giveaway

Author C.S. Coy brings us his latest sci-fi book The Unexpected. Read an interview with him and enter the associated giveaway. Enjoy the interview and good luck.

(Subgenre: New Adult (14+ and up)
Date Published: August 31st, 2018
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishing USA

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Taking place in the year 2025, an invasion of alien creatures called Instinctive Outside Beings (IOBs) have taken over the world. With the world merely destroyed, a man named Clay Treston finds himself struggling within a reality he has long lost. Tortured and beaten from the impact of the IOBs, he continues to fight and protect a city full of survivors in order to hang onto a past that holds him together. But when suspicious events begin to appear, he soon learns a bigger plot beginning to unfold around him as he tries to hold himself together to fight. On the verge of losing himself and the city, he is then forced to not only learn what his true path is in the world but to put aside his feelings to finally see a new reality before him.

Galactic Mandate Book Blast and Giveaway

I always like a good sci-fi book. This one adds a space opera slant to it. It is also part of a series. Another Amazon gift card up for grabs with this book blitz. Don't miss entering to win the $35 gc, open WW through 2/6. Good luck.

Galactic Mandate: The Scream
by M.R. Richardson
Genre: SciFi, Space Opera

A young clone starts a journey that will take him to the far reaches of the galaxy. He must choose between what is best for his oppressed clone brethren and the greater good while he meets dangerous villains and reluctant heroes along the way. 

And who are the elusive Scream? What do they want and how far will they go to get it? 

Join the adventure today.

Thirteen Nocturnes Book Blast and Giveaway

Can you spell triskaidekaphobia? If you can and have that fear, perhaps this gothic, dark poetry book isn't for you. For those who dare, check it out and then enter to win a nice $50 Amazon gift card. Open worldwide through 2/4. Good luck.

Thirteen Nocturnes
by Oliver Sheppard
Genre: Gothic, Dark Poetry

Combining lush Gothic lyricism with postmodern experimentation, Oliver Sheppard's second collection of verse, Thirteen Nocturnes, presents a nightmare vision of a world in the grip of apocalypse and shadow--a world where "a nighttime of years never-ending" becomes "a darkness severe and unbending," and where life is relentlessly "gathered up against the towering shadow of decay." Taking cues from the dark Romanticism of Poe, the decadent Symbolism of Baudelaire, and the apocalyptic tradition of William Blake--as well as the existential doominess of 20th century cosmic horror--Oliver Sheppard's Thirteen Nocturnes presents a verse vision of collapse, announcing a cold poetics of disintegration in the new dark age of the Anthropocene. 

"Reading Sheppard's poetry is a little like listening to a conversation between Nietzsche and William Blake during a showing of Peckinpah's Cross of Iron. Using a wide range of forms and cultural references, Sheppard illustrates the human condition in ways that take as much account of its absence as its presence... Given the chance, Sheppard will lead you down dark and unfamiliar paths, to moments of weird beauty." --from the foreword by John Foster

The Kid Who Would Be King - Advanced Screenings Boston

Busy this Saturday or next and live near Boston? You can see an advanced screening of the movie The Kid Who Would Be King. We have tickets available for two showings, one Saturday the 12th in Somerville at the AMC Assembly Row and the following Saturday the 19th in Boston at the AMC Boston Common. Both screenings are at 10 am. The movie itself opens on January 25th.

Please do not get passes for both. You can sign up for 1 or 2 tickets per account. As I've said in the past with these advanced screenings... they typically give out more passes then there are seats with the expectation that some folks won't show up and they want to fill the theatre. So, show up early for the best shot at getting a seat. Not all the advanced screenings have been overbooked. Some are lightly filled, but for a Saturday, I'd expect them to be full.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Corpse Whisperer Book Blast and Giveaway

We seem to have a couple of weirder books today to highlight, between this and the Do the Dead Dream? book in the next post, though this one is more normal as an urban fantasy/mystery. Then check out the giveaway where the prize is not an Amazon gift card but a daily planner... I think open worldwide, you have through 1/17 to enter. Good luck.

The Corpse Whisperer
An Allie Nighthawk Mystery Book 1
by H.R. Boldwood
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Welcome to the world of Allie Nighthawk, corpse whisperer and badass zombie hunter.

If you raise deadheads, you’d better be able to put ‘em down. Nobody said it was pretty. But in this day, when vampires aren’t just for breakfast anymore, and the dead are disposable pawns for necromancers, someone has to ante up. Looks like I won the lotto. Imagine my delight. You should thank me, really, because the world is batshit crazy.”

When the zombie population spikes and no one knows why, it’s up to Allie to solve the mystery. But there’s a hitch. She’s stuck babysitting Leo Abruzzi, a zombie-bitten gangster who’s turning state’s evidence. But the mob and a powerful necromancer will stop at nothing to take Leo and Allie down.

Allie Nighthawk is Anita Blake on steroids, with a fondness for leather and Jack on the rocks. She has a healthy dose of Stephanie Plum and Rachel Morgan in her, too, though she’d never admit it. 

The battle between good and evil just got wicked fun.

Do the Dead Dream? Book Blast

Read an excerpt for this anthology of the weird and peculiar. Then check out the early reviews. Is this book for you?

 photo unnamed_zpskblrvhxy.jpg
Speculative Fiction
An Anthology of the Weird and the Peculiar
Published: October 2017

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Do the dead dream?

Dive a wreck that was never there, in the waters off Bimini . . .

Meet a young girl who debates with rooftop monsters . . .

Dine at a tiny café teetering on the edge of oblivion . . .

Take refuge from a downpour in a gas station from nowhere . . .

Discover the real reason behind migraines . . .

Encounter a love gone bad before it ever existed . . .

Explore the emotional remains of a woman’s not-quite-dead past . . .

Follow a WWII airman plummeting through flak-filled German skies . . .



Not quite right.

These are but a few of the surreal, the weird, and the peculiar you will encounter in a realm few willingly tread…with or without the lights on.

#WearFrenchToast Giveaway

Are you a shopper of uniforms at French Toast? There are five $50 gift cards to there up for grabs here. Enter the giveaway by heading to the French Toast page on and submit your email address on the form at the top of the page. US residents have through 1/10 to enter. Good luck.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Anastasia Series Book Blast and Giveaway

There's an interesting prize pack to go along with this young adult Paranormal Fantasy series announcement. There is a really large bear painting up for grabs and what looks like a really nice hunting knife. You have through 2/2 to enter. Good luck.

Destria Waves
Anastasia Series Book 1
by Lily Raine
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

Anastasia has always been different, and not just because she knows over fifteen languages and prefers to be alone. After she was attacked while visiting family in Russia over seven years ago, Ana has been able to heal rapidly amongst other things. Unable to accept her own immortality, despite increasing proof, she goes away to Joya Del Mar Arts Academy with her two cousins, Jo and Mason. Instead of worrying about recitals and dance steps, Ana discovers a secret world of demons, mermaids and angels. Their only connection however, seems to be an increasing need to find her so that the demons can force Ana to bring back their master.

After transforming a bear into a human boy, Ana can no longer hide her abilities and struggles with the idea that she is not human, although she does not know what she is. When a mysterious man in a mask continues to stalk Ana with the intention of getting her to eat a blue flower, Ana gets the sinking suspicion that the man in the mask is the same young man who destroyed her life seven years prior. When Ana discovers a secret lair hidden beneath the waves where the demons are regrouping, Ana realizes she has a terrible choice to make. Sacrifice her life and the life of the mermaids who fuel the underwater power source, or escape and allow the demons free reign to destroy the human world. But if Ana chooses to accept her immortality, then the life of her cousins and boyfriend, Daniel, will forever be compromised.

Game Changers of the Apocalypse

I like watching Post-Apocalyptic Horror tv shows. Not sure about books. What about you?  Check out the book then be sure to enter for the Amazon gift card. Open through 2/7 to worldwide readers. Good luck.

Game Changers of the Apocalypse
by Mark Kirkbride
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Horror

It’s always the end of the world when you break up with someone. This time it really is... Everyone on the planet has mysteriously disappeared, leaving exes Greg and Polly. They've survived the apocalypse, yet shouldn't have. Battling each other and a malevolent entity that teases them with their fate, how long can they remain ahead? Even more terrifying than everyone else on the planet disappearing is what’s about to take their place…

Shrill Dusk Book Blast

From the author of the Blood Destiny series of books, here's the start of her newest urban fantasy series. Called The City of Magic series, the first book is called Shrill Dusk. Enjoy.

 photo unnamed_zpsgw2uyxhh.jpg
Urban Fantasy
City of Magic, Book 1
Release Date: January 4, 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Charley is a cleaner by day and a professional gambler by night. She might be haunted by her tragic past but she's never thought of herself as anything or anyone special. Until, that is, things start to go terribly wrong all across the city of Manchester. Between plagues of rats, firestorms and the gleaming blue eyes of a sexy Scottish werewolf, she might just have landed herself in the middle of a magical apocalypse. She might also be the only person who has the ability to bring order to an utterly chaotic new world.

This is the first book in The City Of Magic series.

 photo unnamed 1_zpsmjthecs2.jpg

Winning Moves For Adults and Kids Giveaway

Time to try to win some more games, this time from Winning Moves. Open to US residents only, you have through 1/28 to enter. Good luck.
Winning Moves For Adults and Kids Giveaway Ends 1/28

Welcome to the Winning Moves For Adults and Kids Giveaway!

1 Winner

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