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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Netflix Christmas Movies 2019

Are you thinking about the menu for Christmas? And what about the binge-watching list? Add some festive releases to your movie-watching schedule for the holidays. From romantics to dramas, the list comes with an interesting variety of movies specially made to give the festive vibes. Now you know what to do: bust out the cozy blankets and stack up on the snacks.

There’s no holiday movie session without one being an animated film! Klaus is the work of Sergio Pablos, the creator of Despicable Me franchise. The movie tells the story of Jesper, the worst student at a postal academy. He is stationed on the frozen island above the Arctic Circle. If this happens during Christmas, chances are that Santa is on the way! Very few people live there. With the help of Klaus and Alva, Jesper manages to bring the holiday cheer to the desolate island and reveal the secrets of Christmas.

Did you know that there’s even an entertaining slot game titled Secrets Of Christmas Slot? By NetEnt, the game happens to be based on the north pole. Enjoy Klaus movie and Secrets Of Christmas Slot on for a full holiday package!

Holiday In The Wild
While some dream about a perfect Hallmark Town dressed its best for Christmas, Kate thinks that the desert is better! Only that she’s also going for the idea following divorce with her husband. As many may anticipate, she will meet the man of her dreams on her trip and then marry again! Kate befriends her pilot Derek who happens to be the perfect person to remind her of the holiday magic. Let’s hope it’s not the kind of magic we’re thinking of!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
Inspired by the rollercoaster events in the life of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the third movie of the Netflix original series takes another holiday stand! You are showed what it’s like to bring a royal baby into a world like Aldovia. And if things are happening in Aldovia, it cannot be holly jolly, for sure! Someone steals a priceless artifact from the royals, causing panic to ensue. But it doesn’t stop here. An ancient curse is also set to realize itself during these times and threaten the peace of Aldovia and their closest ally, Penglia.
Let It Snow
A snowstorm is common during the festive periods! But what if snowstorms are taking the part of actors on screen as well? Let It Snow by Luke Snellin is a drama and romance movie packed with teenage romance, crushes, and reunions. The movie follows a small mid-western town on Christmas eve that’s hit by a snowstorm. The calamity brings together a group of high school students. Soon, they begin witnessing their friendships and love lives colliding. By Christmas morning, nothing remains the same… a must-watch if you enjoy cute, romantic movies!

Are you ready to invite your friends and spend some time binge-watching Christmas movies? Which of these are you going to include on your list?

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