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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Can You Guess What Every State Googles During Christmas?

In case you missed it, it’s almost Christmas, and the team at wanted to know what Americans were Googling the most around Christmastime. From “Santa Tracker” to “Best Christmas Lights Near Me” and even “Where to Buy Coal”, they found the most-Googled queries in every state!

Here are some of their most interesting findings:
  • The top most-searched query on Christmas was “Netflix”, which won in 12 states.
  • The top-searched query in Alabama, Connecticut, and Kentucky was “Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas” -- they may not be the best planners.
  • Massachusetts’ top query was “What is Christmas?”
  • It sounds like some naughty children live in Georgia and Ohio, where residents googled “Where to Buy Coal” most.
Methodology: The team at used Google Trends to review top searches on Christmas 2018 and analyzed the queries state by state to produce a list of each state’s most-Googled Christmas-related term (from 24-26 December 2018).

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