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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

5 Tips to Installing an Inflatable Hot Tub

Being in the midst of nature while enjoying a nice, hot bath is a therapeutic experience that we all deserve to enjoy from time to time. That is why we have many inexpensive inflatable hot tubs available that turn our recreational dreams into a reality. Once you get your inflatable hot tub from your favorite store, the next most significant challenge to tackle entails properly installing it on your property. On a different note, hopefully it isn’t your first time installing a spa in your backyard. Take your time, be patient, and roll with the punches. After all, soon after you arrive to your campsite, you have to set up camp. Unpacking for the season can also come with its set of challenges. Either case, some key observations to make sure that you set up your inflatable hot tub well include:

1) Location matters
The choice of the site to install a hot tub ensures not only the safety of your recreational investment but also allows you to be comfortable while using the spa. Position the hot tub on an even ground to ensure equal water distribution, hence, equal pressure rationing out on the tub’s liner. Avoid uneven grounds as they serve painful experiences while at the same time damaging the spa’s liner. Furthermore, confirm that the location settled on does not have sharp objects which could puncture the lining of the tub.

On a different note, set the seal that the site of the hot tub is close to a powerpoint to avoid using extension cables that bear potential safety risks. Where the ideal positioning is far away from a powerpoint; then it is advisable that you deploy the services of a certified electrician to install a socket closer to the site.

2) Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
Despite instructions being the most useful tool for installing anything, most of us would instead go through a lot of frustration before considering the manufacturer's manual. Different inflatable hot tubs come with varying fitting specifications. To avoid wastage of time as well as resources that arise from damage, go through and implement the installation guide outlined in the user’s handbook.

3) Inflate the hot tub before siting it
Inflating the hot tub before positioning, still narrows down to the points of comfortability and safety of the leisure investment. Inflating the spa before positioning it provides a clear vision of what to expect upon the final installation. Additionally, it streamlines movement as well as room to comfortably attach the connectors and pipes.

4) Do not overfill; do not over-inflate
Over-inflating hot tub puts strains on the seams, which consequently weakens them and causes them to leak or trip over time. On a different note, an over-filling inflatable hot tub eliminates room for water to rise. When someone gets into the hot water, it pours on the sides, thus leading to wastage. Furthermore, an over-filled tub means that the water will not properly bubble when the massage system is turned on.

5) Have the right chemicals and accessories to keep your water sanitized 

Keeping the water clean and safe for hot tub users might sound pretty obvious but can be unfamiliar with most starters. To prolong the life of the water contained in the hot tub, as well as that of the facility, ensure that you stock the right chemicals and accessories to apply as recommended. 

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