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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Unlocator VPN/Smart DNS and Apple iPad Giveaway

Unlocator is a VPN and Smart DNS service, and I'm trying to win an Apple iPad. Unlocator happens to be running a giveaway where the sole prize is an Apple iPad. Information about entering that giveaway is below. One of the entry options for the giveaway is to write a blog post about their product/service. So... this post satisfies that requirement. Now, on to 600+ words...

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is typically the way employees connect to their employer's computer network from home. When connecting to your company's network through a VPN connection, it will appear as if you are connecting to internal systems like you were located within company facilities. This indirect access gives you additional permissions to see internal systems and thus you can from home as if you were in the office.

Most employers allow their employees to access the Internet while in the office. You might not have unfettered access to the Internet, so no watching porn in the office, but you can typically visit at least Amazon and Google. When connecting to the office network through VPN, you have the same restrictions when hitting the public Intenet as if you were in the office.

Whether you're in the office or home connecting thru the VPN, when you surf on the Internet, all your Internet connections will appear as if you were in the office. This indirect connection provides some level of anonymity. And, it is this anonymity when connected to the Internet that Unlocator is offering. Instead of connecting to the Internet through your employer's computer, you're connecting through Unlocator's network. And, they define the "rules" for connecting to the Internet. And there basically are none, meaning that site you might have tried to visit through the office network is now visible through the Unlocator VPN. And, we're not just talking porn sites.

Using a VPN is a great alternative when content you are trying to acccess has geographic restrictions, called geofencing. If you're not within the geofence, you can't see the content. In the United States and want to watch the Olympics online? You are limited to the options that NBC provides you, at least through the year 2032. Don't like what NBC offers? Too bad, unless you are using a VPN. Connecting through a VPN located in another country will make it appear as if you were in the other country. This would then allow you to see the coverage provided by that other country. And, the coverage of the Olympics is not the only place that restricts content. Unlocator maintains a list of channels that you can view without any geographic restrictions. And, you can appear as if coming from one of fifty different virtual locations.

When using a VPN, you typically aren't trying to bypass geofencing requirements. Instead, you want the anonymity they offer. Surf incognito through a VPN and nobody will know your name. This means that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) won't know where you're going either. I've heard where some ISPs will throttle/slow down your Netflix streaming traffic. But, if that were your ISP and you were to stream a Netflix movie through a VPN, your speed would return back to your normal quicker speed since the ISP can't tell it is Netflix traffic.

A VPN isn't the only thing that Unlocator offers. They began life as a Smart DNS service. DNS stands for domain name service. It is how you address a computer on the Internet. Thanks to DNS, you can type and your computer will know to go to a Google computer with an address of You can thank DNS for not having to memorize and instead type into your browser. Normally, you would use the DNS services provides by your ISP. By bypassing this service from your ISP, it is another level of tracking you can avoid from your ISP. What Unlocator offers is a little more involved then that, but since I only have to write 600 words to count for the giveaway bonus, that's all you get, since I'm already at 700.You can read more on how Smart DNS works directly from Unlocator.

What Unlocator offers isn't free. You do have to pay a monthly subscription fee. For just Smart DNS, subscriptions start at just under $5/month. For VPN access, this starts at $10/month and drops down to $79 if you pay annually. If you frequently access the Internet over a public Internet connection, you really should learn to connect through a VPN to ensure nobody else can see your behavior.

And... now for that giveaway. It is open worldwide, though I would suspect the prize could not be shipped to some countries, like North Korea. You have through October 5th, 2019 to enter.

Disclosure: Java John Z's is not responsible for prize fulfillment.
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