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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Book Review: Geeks Who Drink Presents: Duh!: 100 Bar Trivia Questions You Should Know

Growing up for me was before the time of Trivial Pursuit. I was frequently doing trivia with my father. We had lots of books for asking questions. Sports was a common subject, baseball especially. With the questions we asked, there weren't obvious answers. You either knew it or you didn't. The Geeks Who Drink Presents: Duh!: 100 Bar Trivia Questions You Should Know book presents a different look at trivia. The answers are mostly obvious, but it is the story behind the answer that may be unexpected.

Presented by popular bar trivia company Geeks Who Drink, and led by six-time Jeopardy! champion Christopher Short, Geeks Who Drink Presents: Duh! is a collection of 100 bar trivia questions and the unexpected, informative, and hilarious stories behind the answers. The book covers topics across trivia categories from food and sports to literature and science. You’ll find surprising (or, totally obvious) answers to questions like:

- Who was the first U.S. President without a law degree?[A: George Washington, who didn’t go to college at all.]

- What was the name of the actual ranch operated by the inventor of ranch dressing?[A: Hidden Valley, of course.]

- The annual Rose Bowl Game is played in what stadium?[A: The aptly named Rose Bowl Stadium!]

The Duh! book is an interesting twist to a trivia book. The first eight pages offer the one hundred questions. You can mull over the questions all you want. You'll either know these answers or kick yourself when you hear the answer for those you don't. You can then either go to the answer explaination for a specific question or read front to back, or go to the specific section as the book is broken down into one of the eight topical sections:
  • Creating Diversions
  • Jock Scraps
  • Eat Me!
  • Corporate Filth
  • Statecrap
  • A World of Pain
  • Uh-oh, It's A Science Chapter
  • It's Lit
The beauty of the book is not the answers to the questions. It is the story behind the question and/or answer. For instance, with the question Odlaw is the archnemesis of what kid-book character? You then get the history behind the Waldo books. Of course, the books started with the character named Wally in the UK, whose nemesis is also Odlaw.

I like the book and can't wait to see the next one as these geeks who drink have hundreds of questions behind their pub quizzes. You'll surely enjoy it, too.

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