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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Beyond Traction Cleats

Last winter I did a review of a set of ice / traction cleats from FUNANASUN. Since then, I've learned a bit more about the different options that are available if you're thinking of adding some extra traction for those winter outings. If you're thinking of getting a set for yourself, don't just pickup the first thing you happen to run across, but figure out what specific purpose you want them to fulfill.

One time I tried out curling. It is an ice sport and you don't see the players wearing cleats on there. They would be a bit too descructive to the sheet. While professional players have shoes with different soles, the average player just wears gripper around the soles of their sneakers. It is that thought you need to do when getting your own ice / traction cleats.

Ice cleats do come in many different forms. You'll find some are rubber soled, with serious cleats coming out to grip into the ice, while others like the set pictured above that more metal in nature, again, with some serious spikes sticking out. Another popular model offer a diamond grip. These are popular for first responders who might need to trek through snow and ice.

When considering traction cleats, you also need to consider how much of the bottom of the shoe you want covered. There are some cleats that cover the heels of your shoes. These are great if you need to get in and out of your car frequently while driving. You don't want the cleats to get stuck in the brake or gas pedal.

You can find more on this page from Cozy Winters to see what's out there. I'm glad I got them last year and they'll definitely get more usage this winter.

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  1. These look like no ice storm could stop them. My son could certainly use a pair or even me walking my dog during an ice storm. I want to win!