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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Canvas Factory Review

I like to create my own custom artwork, whether from my own photograph or even a craft project. Typically, I'll just use my inkjet printer to print the photo on photo stock paper and place it in a frame. I might have the frame, or let it just sit on a desk or shelving unit. There are other options nowadays, like printing on canvas, acryllic, or even metal. These are not options you can typically do at home without purchasing some expensive equipment. Canvas Factory fills that void so you can get your own photographs printed onto one of those materials.
As a gift for my mother-in-law, I asked my father-in-law for a photograph she was proud of. Being in New England, her favorite was a fall foliage shot she took last fall. I thought the colors were oversaturated, but this is what he thought she would want. I then went through the process of ordering through Canvas Factory.
Your first choice is the material. Canvas is typical, and part of the company name, but isn't the only choice.
Your next choice is style and size. Typically, you'd leave it as a single print. However, you can include several in a collage or even split the single image across multiple panes.
Size selection is a little more varied. Since I was given a trial coupon code for a specific size, my choices were limited, but you can choose from shapes like rectangular vs. square, direction like horizontal vs. vertical, and the exact dimensions, including some custom size that isn't naturally an option.
You then upload a photo and drag it around until you get the exact positioning you want for your print. You can rotate or zoom the photo if you so desire.
Probably the part that you think about least before starting is the wrap style. Since the canvas has depth on the sides, you need to select what you want on the sides. You can have the image continue, have the mirror image of what appears next to the side, or use a color picker to select a specific color on the side. If you plan on framing the canvas, this choice won't matter, but you don't need to frame it.
The last options before adding to your shopping cart is to add a colorized effect or text to your print. For this, I would do this before uploading the photo, but if for some reason you want your color to be brighter or gray tones or sepia or even inverter, you can alter your photo. Feel free to try out the features if you like. Just be sure to return to normal before continuing.
After placing the order, a few days later you get your canvas in the mail. It already includes hanging hardware for vertical or horizontal hanging. So, all you have to do is hang on the wall. Or... give as a gift first, then hang. Mother-in-law was very happy with the canvas, and the heavy red/orange tones.

The ordering process is very easy, even for the less technical. The hardest part for most people will be getting the photo from camera/phone to a place to upload. Canvas Factory can't help with that part. But, once you have your photo ready to upload, use your creativity to create a canvas you'll be proud of. The canvas should last a long time. And... I have a happy mother-in-law...

If it is before 8/20/19, be sure to try to win your own canvas from Canvas Factory with the giveaway here on this blog. Good luck. (Starts at noon on 8/6.)

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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