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Sunday, June 30, 2019

BroBasket Junk Foodie Care Package Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a gift basket from BroBasket. In case the name didn't give it away, their gift baskets target men. Many of these gift baskets can also include alcohol. The one I got for review did not, however. This is their Junk Foodie Care Package that runs $79.95. If you want to add a Bottle of Kettle One Vodka, that price jumps the price to $124.95.
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The pre-designed gift baskets from BroBasket run from a low of $29.95 for their College Care Package BroBox with a bunch of snacks and a Red Bull to their A World of Whiskey offering for $299.95, which includes three full size (750ml) bottles of whiskey from around the world. Can't find one in their catalog to your liking, then you can design your own, starting at $39.95.
Here's what the gift basket looked like when it arrived, and after I took it out of the box. The gift basket is wrapped in a tight plastic wrap to help keep everything from flying all over the place. To keep things in place in the box during transit, the basket is encased in Instapaks, large foam packaging blocks that are form-fitted in place.
There is also a personalized greeting card that comes with the package.
Once you take the outer plastic wrap off of the basket, everything in the basket is held firmly in place by little glue balls that are pressed between any two surfaces that are next to each other. You can either take these off when you get the basket, to spread things out more so the basket looks better, or take them off when you try to get each item out of the baskets. Just remember to throw these out so they don't get stuck to something else, instead. What you can't see in the back of the basket, in front of the jerky is four cans of ginger ale. Normally this particular basket comes with Red Bull, but you can customize to your hearts content. This particular change was a no-charge change. Others can increase or decrease the cost of the basket, or tub in this case.

The contents of the basket itself are what you would expect from the individual products. They're all well known brands, and the only thing that was really new to us was the popcorn. I probably had Popcornopolis at some point in the past, just not as frequently as all the other products found in the basket. I think my son loved the actual contents the most, though the whole family was grabbing their favorites. There is nothing really in the basket that makes it for men only, just the presentation isn't in a wicker basket, which is how you typically find gift baskets that target women.
The price of $79.95 for the basket includes shipping. You do have to add state sales tax, if required, and, if your basket includes alcohol, there is a $2.95 charge for signature required for delivery. You can't bypass that. I think the package arrived from FedEx, who apparently didn't notice the arrows indicating which direction the box should have been left. Nothing was damaged though, thanks to the Instapak packaging.

I liked the basket and will definitely consider getting it for that tough gift recipient. I can see getting it for man or woman, provided the basket includes what they would like, or what I think they would like. Their catalog is large enough to satisfy most needs. And, if you can't find a pre-designed one, just build up your own, or customize one that is already there. The web site makes that really easy.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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