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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Bluetooth Brilliance - 5 Amazing Ways Bluetooth Technology is Improving Our Lives

A little over two decades ago, Bluetooth technology did not even exist, but today, it is prevalent everywhere. It was named after a King who united Denmark and Norway hundreds of years ago and who had a dead tooth that was blue/gray in color. The goal of the technology was to enable people to be able to communicate and collaborate wirelessly. Nowadays, Bluetooth improves people's lives in a variety of ways, the most amazing of which you will find listed below.

1.) Home Security

If you've ever made an unnecessary trip home because your family is visiting and you forgot to give them a key, or you need to lock the door behind someone working on your house, you'll understand the immense value Bluetooth smart home security devices can offer. Instead of worrying about how many copies of keys you have and where to hide them, you can create temporary codes for visitors, paid or otherwise. You'll also save precious time digging through your purse or pockets to find the keys because now you just enter a code or use your smartphone to unlock your home.

2.) Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are perfect for those who want to enjoy or share music wherever they go. Since these speakers don't require a wired connection, you or anyone allow can connect to the speaker and start anything from a group meditation session to a dance party on a whim. They are also designed to be compact and light so they can travel easily without sacrificing sound quality.

3.) Fitness Trackers

Individuals and companies are seeing impressive health benefits from Bluetooth technology that can be worn to track fitness. Individuals who track both their physical activity and their food intake have an accountability source that's always on hand (literally) to encourage them to stay on track. Meanwhile, companies can pair wearable technology with their health and wellness programs to keep employees healthy, happy, and more productive.

4.) Hearing Aids

Individuals with hearing issues tend to delay getting hearing aids because they associate wearing them with being labeled as old or broken in some way. Now, as more people are becoming interested in healthy aging and are staying in the workforce longer, hearing aids are becoming more prevalent. Also, wireless earbuds continue to grow in popularity, making it normal to see people with devices in their ears. As a result, Bluetooth hearing aids no longer stand out. These hearing aids can have even greater functionality than earbuds, pairing seamlessly with watches, televisions, phones, and even some smart home devices so that users never miss a thing.

5.) Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth trackers save precious time and create peace of mind by helping you locate everything from your keys to your loved ones. Some trackers work best for small items like keys and wallets, while others have greater functionality, allowing you to zero in on a pet who ventured out or even keep tabs on your child. Parents appreciate the fact that their kids can just send a signal if they need a ride home or an SOS if it's an emergency.

The original creators of Bluetooth technology must marvel at how their invention is shaping and improving people's lives in ways they might never have imagined. Bluetooth home security devices protect people's homes while Bluetooth trackers help protect possessions and family members. Bluetooth speakers and hearing aids make sound more accessible in everyday life, while Bluetooth fitness trackers encourage people to stay healthy at home and at work. From its humble beginnings in the mouth of a king, Bluetooth has now become an integral part of our daily life.

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