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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Free $50 Gift Card for Chrysler Test Drive

Car sales must be down big time. Probably about five or so years ago, it was really popular for dealers to offer customers gift cards to come in and test drive their cars. It was so popular that in one weekend I raked in like $500. My father happened to be visiting from out of town and drove around with me to all the dealers. He got a big laugh out of it as we had no intention of buying any of the vehicles. Every once in a while I'll see another offer, typically for just a $25 gift card. And... I happened to come across one to test drive a Chrysler Pacifica minivan and its for a $50 gift card.

To get the $50 gift card (Visa, Amazon, or Target) certificate just visit Chrysler's Find a Dealer page and enter your zip code (it could have already prefilled that info with a best guess). Once you've identified the dealer, you must click on the View Dealer Inventory button. When you're on that screen, you'll get a popup window similar to the one above. Fill out the information and get a code. Then print out a form with the code on it to give to the sales rep when you visit. Expect the card in the mail like 4-6 weeks later.

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