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Monday, April 22, 2019

Top Fabric Strap Watches That You Must Have This Summer

The summer season is almost here and most people have already sent their hoodies in the storage. Summer is the most happening time with beach parties, hangouts, travel and a lot of chance to experiment with your attire. It is undoubtedly, a fashionista’s true love. Smart casual and youthful design elements quite dominate this summer fashion. The same has been visible in wristwatches. Watches are no longer considered an old man's accessory and are an essential fashion accessory this summer. However, if you are willing to experiment a bit, then let your bracelet and leather straps stepaside and have fun with some fresh canvas and fabric strap watches.

Summer is all about fun, hip, lively and breathable wear, and fabric straps give you all that. Moreover, they are very low maintenance with a very casual vibe. There are some of the great fabric strap watches in the market that you can sport at your gym or fitness center, at college or even on your travel expeditions and getaways. Here are some of the coolest fabric strap watches that you must consider buying.

Timex Original Campers

Timex is a very economically priced yet very reputeable and reliable wristwatch brand that has been into watchmaking for over a century. The olive Original Campers collection sports a classy military strap in canvas that has a very casual yet empowering look and feels. The watch has a Quartz movement system, with a backlight and an analog dial showing both 12 hour and 24-hour time formats. The Quartz movement and the canvas strap makes it an excellent pick as a daily wear watch.

Bvlgari Watches

With an impressively loaded dial with features such as 12 and 24-hour clocking systems, date, and a canvas strap, these Bvlgari watches are diver watches and are a perfect pick for those planning beach holidays or lots of summer dips, and water sports this season.

Tudor’s Black Bay Chrono Steel

If you are looking for a true blend of fashion, vintage, class, and affordability, you cannot simply miss out on this beautiful piece by Tudor. The biggest claim to fame of this watch is that it has been worn by David Beckham, which pretty much explains the vibe it exudes. The dark blue canvas strap with the vintage steel chronograph dial is the ultimate must0have this season.

Breitling Chronospace Military

If you want to stick to the veteran high-end watch manufacturers, Breitling is one of the best brands to go for. While still more expensive than the other counterparts on the list, Breitling is relatively one of the most low-priced watches that Breitling has launched. The Quartz movement system and the canvas strap explains the pricing, yet it is a Breitling at the end of the day. The watch made waves in the market for its unbeatable time telling precision, and the black chronograph with a black canvas strap oozes some serious aggressive military vibes.

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