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Monday, April 22, 2019

The Voice UK 2019: Molly’s The Winner

The crowd was cheering as Molly Hocking and her mentor, Olly Murs, stood back to back on stage. In came the piano tunes, marking the intro for the epic cover of Stars by Simply Red. Molly started her performance with a soft tone, slowly rising to meet the high-pitched vocals.

For two and a half minutes, Molly and Olly caught the attention of the judges, leaving their gaze fixed on the intense chemistry between the two! Student and master were on their final performance for The Voice UK 2019. And what better way to end such a fantastic performance other than the standing ovation of the judges!

After battling Jimmy Balito, Deana Walmsley and Bethzienna in the final, the singer walked away as the proud winner of The Voice 2019.

Molly was a fan favorite. Her first performance, Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, was a grand entry! She gained a boom in hashtags on Instagram, the likes touching millions on Facebook and loads of referral on Twitter! Later in the night, her performance side by side with her mentor, a cover of Stars.

But the stage had not been over Molly yet! She made it to the final two, with her rival being Deana. Thanks to the backing of her supported watching from home, she earned votes that pushed her straight to the finals!

She was only one performance away from the crown! She stepped up the podium, heart pounding with nervousness and graced the show with I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga. After that, they announced her as the champion of the competition.

Hosts gave the microphone to Molly, to express herself following her win. Molly appeared speechless, looking around, trying to gather her senses to say a few words. “All I can say is thank you, and from the bottom of my heart, I am so, so shocked. I just love you all.”

She looked at Olly and thanked him for his mentorship. “I am so so glad that you stuck with me through this and you are my inspiration now. You are my inspiration.” She added.

The single performance of Molly will be available for download on iTunes. For those who missed it, you can catch it there!

If you’re a fan of music covers and clubs, you must have enjoyed the performance of Molly at The Voice UK. As she walks out as the winner, she looks forward to a bright future as a popular artist. If you want to re-experience the glitz and glam of a show, there’re always some ways to do so… online!

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