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Friday, April 26, 2019

How Has Technology Changed the Way We Gamble?

Humans have loved to gamble for as long as we have been around. From games played by ancient Greeks and Romans to classics such as poker and blackjack, gambling developed since we have always loved risking money to win some. The funny thing was that although games changed and times moved on, how we gambled did not alter much for many years. It basically revolved around dice or cards, with people physically getting together to play. From those early Wild West poker games to modern land-based casinos, the actual nature of how we gambled remained unchanged for quite a while.

This has been greatly disrupted for the better in recent times though with technology making a real impact on how we play. As cutting-edge technology helps us to improve in lots of areas in life, then so it has done for gambling. But just how has tech changed our gambling habits?

Online gambling
The biggest game-changer that technology has delivered to how we gamble has been the invention of online gambling. This uses the internet and digital technology to allow people to place bets or play casino games online. With no need to visit a real-life casino, it has made gambling more accessible and convenient for all. People have taken to online gambling in a big way, and many now use this as their primary way of playing casino games or wagering on a sports game. 

The industry is set to reach almost $100bn in annual revenue by 2024, which shows how widely used it is. Online gambling has even begun to penetrate markets where it was once illegal. North America is a great example of this, as many US states are now beginning to make online gambling legal for players there. New Jersey is one such state, and the many casinos online NJ will surely begin to change how people there gamble in the future. 

Mobile gaming
Alongside gambling online via a desktop PC, mobile gaming has also used new technology to change how we play. This is due to the new tech in the latest smartphones and also the new tech that online casino sites use to deliver a better mobile experience. Of course, the internet is vital here again as this gives the framework for people to game on while out. This is another huge sector on its own, with $70bn in annual revenue being reported in 2018

Live dealer games
Modern tech is also behind the way that online casinos can now offer a more immersive, real experience to players. Top of this is the live dealer games that many online operators will offer to athletes now. This, in essence, allows you to play online but with a real human dealer with whom you can interact. The cutting-edge tech and digital wizardry behind the live dealer games is another example of how advances in technology help to change the ways that we gamble. Many people love playing live dealer games now, and this is something that’s only possible due to modern tech.

VR casinos
One of the most exciting breakthroughs for modern technology in terms of how we gamble is virtual reality. As with the live dealer games, fully VR online casinos take it to the next level for players in terms of an immersive experience. It really does make you feel like you are physically at a real casino, even though you are sitting at home. Already, some VR casinos are operational, and many people are expected to gamble this way in the future. 

Artificial intelligence
AI, as it is known, is pretty big now across many sectors. Gambling is undoubtedly one that has seen its presence felt at online casinos. This new tech is great at remembering what games you like to play, so it can suggest to others that you may enjoy. The end result is that you have a more interactive experience when gambling and also play games that you might otherwise not have.  

Is this the end for land-based casinos?
Of course, the rise of online gambling and the way that this has changed how we gamble poses a risk to traditional casinos. After all, as people begin to move towards gambling online from home, fewer will visit land-based casinos to play. While there has certainly been a reduction in the numbers visiting physical casinos, it seems that many still enjoy playing this way. As technology continues to find new ways for us to have fun and gamble though, it will remain to be seen what happens in the next 20 or 30 years.

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