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Friday, March 8, 2019

Be a typical tourist and visit these 7 places in the Caribbean

If the sea and the beaches entice you, you are definitely going to love yourself a luxurious Caribbean vacation. Nestled between the province of North and South America, this place is often an enticing offer up for grabs. Apart from the history and the film representation that this place has gotten, it is of no surprise that more and more people are finding it amazing visiting this place altogether. The warm weather and the sunny temperature are fantastic for people who are used to living in just cold weather conditions. Make your plans, pack your bag, and leave for the best experience altogether.

1. Saint Lucia
The very first place that accounts for a must-visit tourist spot around in the Caribbean is Saint Lucia. It is predominantly an island nation which is encircled with some beautiful and high rise mountains along all the sides. The volcanic beaches and the luxurious resorts along the beach do contribute to a perfect rendition to the overall experience. Additionally, you can also explore the beauty of the coral reefs underneath the blue sea. It is also home to a vast and humid rainforest that majority of the people like to trek along. If possible, contact a tour company for the best possible bookings and stay experience.

2. Saint Martin
Yet another one of the popular islands around in the Caribbean is Saint Martin. The place is predominantly known because of the Hurricane Irma which left the island in shambles. It is still recovering but visiting this place will help add to your memories even further. It is often referred to as the “friendly island” and is the combination of two distinct countries, French Saint Martin as well as Dutch Sint Maarten. The secluded coves on this island are what entices the tourists the most, and if required, you can swim around or even try some of the water sports too.

3. San Juan
This is the capital city of Puerto Rico and is one of the most beautiful islands around in the entirety of the Caribbean. The place boasts a depth of colorful walls along with a spectacular architecture that people like to witness for themselves. The colonial architecture along with the cobblestone paths add to the overall experience, one that you just can’t miss out on. The San Juan visitors have time and time emphasized their interest in the fantastic nightlife of the place as well. If history entices you, roam around the old forts and museums too.

4. Antigua and Barbuda

This place is a combination of two provinces in the Caribbean. The place has time and time again witnessed a rapid influx of tourists the entire year around, mainly because of the vivid view and the amazing quality of life. The combination of the sandy beaches paired with sunny weather is what makes it one of the most riveting spots to visit. You will also find a plethora of museums and outdoor markets to explore if you are in Antigua, especially the city part of the place altogether.

5. Aruba
Yet another one of the fun-filled spots to visit in the Caribbean is Aruba. It is located just off the coast of Venezuela and provides a plethora of activities for you to indulge in. If desired, make sure to sign up for a whole day tour with a trip planner so it is easier for you to move around the place. You will find a number of spots that do offer amazing opportunities for you to try out scuba diving, horseback riding, and such, which is pretty amazing as well.

6. Barbados
It goes without saying that if you are visiting the Caribbean; you definitely do need to visit Barbados without a speck of doubt. It is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and does make for one of the most popular tourist sites around. Apart from the natural wonders around the entirety of the place, you can even explore around finding some of the remnants of the historical places. Visit Harrison’s cave or the mysterious Garrison tunnels for an eclectic experience altogether.

7. Cayman Islands

Now, listen up, visiting the Cayman Islands is an absolute must without a speck of doubt. It is predominantly a combination of 3 islands in the western part of the Caribbean and does make up for an amazing tourist destination altogether. Apart from the common grounds of exploring out the place altogether, you can actually find amazing sites to go deep fish diving or even go snorkeling if that is something you have had in your bucket list for long. Little Cayman, which is the smallest of the three islands, does have amazing spots that you can visit and explore around altogether. The combination of seclusion and tranquility in this place is definitely something you just can’t get anywhere else.

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful spots that you can visit while on a vacation. It goes without saying that it comes down to all the planning you do that makes a trip successful. If you have been meaning to go, make sure that you make all the bookings ahead of time to avoid any kind of last minute hikes in the ticket prices. Planning a luxurious vacation isn’t easy, so it is important you do everything beforehand for the best experience altogether.

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  1. You have to add St Thomas to the list. It's a popular stop for the cruise ships and because it's a US Territory there is no language barrier.