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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Red Apple Presents the 2019 Fireworks Festival

Each year, the Shoot Site in Pahrump, Nevada, hosts an incredible fireworks demo from Red Apple Fireworks. Every year promises to be more amazing than its predecessors, and 2019 is no exception. This year, Red Apple presents the 2019 Fireworks Festival: The Greatest Fireworks Demo in Pahrump!

All those who wish to attend need to register online as soon as possible. The Pahrump Shoot Site has limited space, and the Red Apple fireworks demo has proven to be extremely popular each year! Within this registration, you can not only inform Red Apple of how many people in your party wish to attend, but also what each person would like to eat! Yes, Red Apple is truly going all-out by providing meals for all those in attendance with choices of delicious local BBQ or fun street tacos! Drinks are free too, ensuring the 2019 Fireworks Festival really will be awesome!

Plus, on top of all of this, Red Apple has partnered up with the local Holiday Inn to give those coming from out of town the opportunity to book their rooms at a 10% discounted rate! They instruct visitors to simply call the hotel at (775) 727-9100 and tell the hotel that Red Apple sent them, or book online using the coupon code IEZ7R. Red Apple is making it easy for everyone to come and watch The Greatest Fireworks Demo in Pahrump in 2019!

Spread out into four acts with a grand finale, this fireworks show is not one to be missed! The festivities begin with Act 1, where attendees are welcome to come into the Red Apple store as soon as the doors open to enjoy huge deals and specials on the innovative fireworks customers far and wide have come to love. The store is also going to be giving out goodies to everyone who comes in, so be sure to check on their locations page regularly to keep an eye on their updated store hours for the 2019 Fireworks Festival! The Red Apple Fireworks store will have special hours the day of and the weekend following the fireworks demo.

Act 2 involves ensuring you have picked up your Boom Pass from the store so you can reserve your spot at the Pahrump Shoot Site prior to the 2019 Fireworks Festival start time. Don’t forget that you have to register before you can receive a Boom Pass and again, spots are limited so the sooner you put your name down, the better! While you’re grabbing that, make sure you get a copy of the Shoot List so you can follow along with the Red Apple fireworks demo and see exactly which new fireworks they are shooting off during the show!

As the sun sets, Red Apple welcomes you to the show in Act 3! It’s time for the 2019 Fireworks Festival to begin and it’s going to be a doozy! Thanks to an enormous lineup of brand-new 2019 fireworks, this year really is the year to show up and watch the Red Apple fireworks demo. Make sure you’ve grabbed the spot you want to get the best view of the show and follow Doug and Mike, the owners of Red Apple Fireworks, as they interact with the audience and describe all the amazing fireworks they’ve created as they light them off.

Worried you got to the Pahrump Shoot Site too late to get the best spot? Red Apple doesn’t want you to feel left out as they introduce the first-ever fireworks show that allows drones to fly overhead and tape the events in real-time! Now you can sit back and relax from wherever you are knowing that you actually have the best view of anyone else there.

If you think the Red Apple 2019 Fireworks Festival is all tacos and new fireworks, you’ve got another thing coming. Act 4 really proves that this will be The Greatest Fireworks Demo in Pahrump thanks to a truly awe-inspiring pyro-musical finale! For those of you who attended the shows in 2018, 2017, and even 2016, prepare to have your minds blown. Those demos have nothing on 2019, and Red Apple knows their #Pyrosquad will get a thrill from this year’s show!

For the Grand Finale of the Red Apple 2019 Fireworks Festival, the Red Apple Team invites you to return to the store to hang out with Mike and Doug and the rest of the group while they hand out prizes from contests and raffles held in the weeks and days leading up to the Festival. There will be fun and activities to be had by all, including the children in attendance! And, of course, all visitors will be able to purchase fireworks from the show at hugely discounted rates.

From the sounds of it, 2019 is going to be an enormous year for Red Apple Fireworks. They can’t wait to see you all at The Greatest Fireworks Demo in Pahrump!

And even if you can’t make it, remember you can buy all our fireworks online on our web store and get your order shipped to your home for just $149!

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