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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies and Hugs Book Blitz

My eleven year old doesn't like to read humor books. He's more into the adverturous types and soms historical fiction. What about yours? Interesting title here.

 photo MillerCover_Draft3_zpskxkbrsik.jpg
Young Adult, humor, non-fiction
Date Published: June 8 2017

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Dr. P. J. Miller's story is unique. Growing up in New York City, who would have thought that he’d complete his veterinary degree at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland? In Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies & Hugs, Dr. Miller has assembled a "greatest hits" of veterinary tales—stories that include colorful clients, wisecracking hospital staff, and pets that aren't always friendly.

Dr. Miller gives a glimpse of how strong and emotional the human-animal bond can be, becoming an instant must-read for any aspiring veterinary professional or animal lover that wants to know what it is really like to be a veterinarian.

November $200 Walmart Giveaway

Fan of shopping at Walmart? Even if you're not, here's a chance to win a $200 gift card to there. Open worldwide, you have through 11/30 to enter. Good luck.
Enter the November $200 Walmart Giveaway. Ends 11/30 Open WW
Prize: $200 Walmart Gift Card 

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! 

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 11/30 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email. Please email with any questions regarding the giveaway.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Fancy Nancy DVD Giveaway

Okay, I've never heard of this Disney character/show, but here's a chance to win their DVD. Open to US residents only, you have through 11/27 to enter. Good luck.


Bring Home the Glitz on Disney DVD November 20th

Includes Six 22-minute Episodes!

Sponsored by Disney and Hosted by It's Free at Last
Grab some glitter, add a dash of “ooh la la,” sprinkle in original songs and… VoilĂ ! Get set to pour on the fun with Fancy Nancy!

With her love of all things fabulous, fancy and French, this little lady can change bland into chic. All it takes is a boundless imagination, help from friends and family, and a sunny approach to life that celebrates the differences that make everyone unique and magnifique!

Ugly Christmas Holiday Giveaway

Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? Are they still as popular as ever? Here's your opportunity to get one from Read on to learn more.

Welcome to the Ugly Christmas Holiday Giveaway!

This giveaway is part of our Holiday Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.
This contest is hosted by the Social Media Gurus Network!

The host that put together this giveaway is: My Silly Little Gang My co-host for this giveaway is: Deliciously Savvy

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The Seas of Distant Stars Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's the latest sci-fi thriller from Francesca G. Varela. Read an excerpt than be sure to enter the giveaway for a signed copy. Giveaway runs through 12/30/18. Good luck.

 photo Sea of distant stars cover final_zpsos9mztkc.jpg
Literary Science-Fiction
Date Published:  August 7th, 2018
Publisher: Owl House Books

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Agapanthus was kidnapped when she was only two years old, but she doesn’t remember it. In fact, she doesn’t remember her home planet at all. All she knows is Deeyae, the land of two suns; the land of great, red waters. Her foster-family cares for her, and at first that’s enough. But, as she grows older, Agapanthus is bothered by the differences between them. As an Exchanger, she’s frail and tall, not short and strong. And, even though she was raised Deeyan, she certainly isn’t treated like one. One day, an Exchanger boy completes the Deeyan rite-of-passage, and Agapanthus is inspired to try the same. But, when she teams up with him, her quest to become Deeyan transforms into her quest to find the truth―of who she is, and of which star she belongs to.

The Dream of the Forest Book Blast and Giveaway

The cover makes me think horror more than sci-fi romance novel. What about you? Check out the book than be sure to enter the giveaway with seven winners, including an Amazon gift card. Open worldwide through 12/7. Good luck.

The Dream of the Forest
by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets
Genre: SciFi Romance Adventure

The year is 2197. More than one hundred years have passed since the natural destruction of the Earth's surface. The surviving inhabitants are now living in Heavenly Cities high above the clouds with no intention of ever descending back to the unstable surface again.

Helen is a lawyer who lives in one of those cities. Her life is almost perfect, but very soon she is going to find out that it was all just an illusion as her dreams scatter like leaves in the wind and the only thing left for her to return to will be her hometown. 
But on her way home, an almost fatal car accident on the heavenly highway turns her life in a drastically new direction. Helen finds herself crashing down onto the earth's destructive surface and landing in a forest world that is completely alien to her with a million and one questions and very few answers. 
The number 1 question being - is it really true what the government told her and the surviving population that no one ever survived down on Earth? Well, what if the truth was the complete opposite? What if there really were survivors?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Knife's Edge Blitz Book Blast

No giveaway with this one, just an interesting mystery/thriller to learn about. The book was just released on 10/31, Halloween. Good day for a thriller? Enjoy.

 photo A Knifes Edge_zpsvycem2k9.jpg
Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Headline Books
Release Date: October 31, 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Six months after a drug cartel infiltrated Charleston, Ronan McCullough continues to fight the drug war that plagues the city. His investigations are halted when the body of a mutual acquaintance, Sarah Gilmore, is found in the trunk of a burning car. In an investigation that takes him deep into the professional and personal life of the victim, McCullough discovers secrets lurking in her past, and a tangled web of personal and professional conflicts, suspicion, and betrayal. Was Sarah killed for those reasons or something larger? As Ronan seeks answers, his life and the lives of those closest to him are used as pawns in a deadly game that has no ending.

RoosterFin Games Giveaway

Here's some great games to try to win. Also, be sure to stop by Facebook Live tonight (Thursday) for a chance to win more. Details at bottom. Giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on 11/13. Good luck.

This Giveaway is Sponsored by RoosterFin Games
and Hosted by Mommy's Playbook
Monkey's Up received the 2017 Game of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine!
Monkey's Up received the 2017 Game of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine! This great game is perfect for kids who are constantly trying to get one over on you! Players will have a blast switching, stealing, and flipping their way to victory! Play with 1-6 players, ages 6+. Learn to Play! Watch RoosterFin on YouTube!

Description: Monkeys UpTM is the game that will have you going bananas! Players compete to get the best score by flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys. Each monkey has a value hidden under its feet that is only revealed when flipped. Victory will come to the player who switches, steals, and flips the best. You will find yourself laughing head over heels until all of your monkeys are up!

Reading Eggs Workbook! Giveaway

I personally would have loved these growing up, my son, not so much so. With everything computerized these days, he'd rather do things on the computer. Want to win one for your kid? Here's the chance to win your choice of a reading or math workbook. Open to US residents only, you have through 11/14 to enter. Good luck.

This Giveaway is Sponsored by Reading Eggs

and Hosted by Mommy's Playbook

Every page in this book is carefully structured to improve your child's reading and writing skills. These powerful activities are based on the five pillars for reading success: phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension #eggsplorers
NEW AT READING EGGS! Announcing the very best student workbooks to complement their very best digital learning programs, Reading Eggs and Mathseeds!

The Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Workbooks give children the best of both worlds. The jam-packed books will help to consolidate all the essential literacy and numeracy skills learned on Reading Eggs and Mathseeds - skills that will stay with kids for life.

Research shows that using a combination of quality digital and print resources produce the greatest gains when it comes to academic success. These workbooks will help students master 240 essential reading skills per grade and 200 essential math skills per grade, building their confidence as they accomplish each new activity.
  Children who use Mathseeds are excited by math, have a deeper understanding of math concepts, and score higher in independent testing #Mathseeds #StudentWorkbooks #Homeschooling

myCharge RazorMega Portable External Battery Giveaway

I practically can't live without my portable charger. If you don't have one, or need another, here's your chance. Open to US residents only, you have through 11/17 to enter. Good luck.
myCharge RazorMega
Hosted by: Queen of Reviews
Sponsor: myCharge
Prize: myCharge RazorMega Portable External Battery RV $69.99
The RazorMega portable external battery will charge some smartphones up to 10 times. The universal charger features two USB ports and is perfect for anyone looking to charge multiple devices. Advanced technology guarantees the fastest and safest charge. The high 2.4A output ensures a fast charge and safe-cell technology ensures the safest level of battery protection in the marketplace. Extend talking, texting, browsing and gaming with this premium high capacity charger.
Dates: 11/3/18-11/17/18
Open to: US Residents 18+
Enter to win using the widget below. Good luck!

Powderfinger & Wyndwrayth Book Blast and Giveaway

You gotta love the horror books. Check out a couple of books from author Keller Yeats then be sure to enter to win an Amazon gift card.

Nick Swann Investigates Book 1
by Keller Yeats
Genre: Horror

"Powderfinger" is a present-day scary horror story set mainly on the decrepit, abandoned but soon to be redeveloped, bank of an old canal between two towns. It centres on an old tar works known as Raven's Gate. Nick Swann is a world weary mid-forties widower and Assistant Probation Warden at St Joseph's Hostel for young male criminals, situated overlooking the canal and Raven's Gate. A woman is brutally killed on the bank opposite the Hostel on a night when Nick is on duty. Nick believes his lads had nothing to do with it, though consequently Nick is suspended for issuing too many late passes at once. Then another woman is killed and Nick becomes drawn into discovering the culprit. He works with DCI Findlay and DS Deacon as the murder toll rises. Together with help from his old friends Alan and Hugo, Nick's research uncovers a long series of similar murders in the same area, stretching back through the centuries. "Powderfinger" as the killer is dubbed, appears to be some kind of ancient mellifluous, malevolent, murderous being that attacks anyone it considers to be disturbing its peace and quiet. Eventually, as the story climaxes, Findlay, Deacon, Nick and Alan set a trap to lure "Powderfinger" to his doom and rid the area of this beast once and for all. Yet, traps can swing both ways.

November $100 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway

Here's your chance to win a $100 Nordstrom gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 11/28 to enter. Good luck.
Prize: $100 Nordstrom Gift Card

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 11/28 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email. Please email with any questions regarding the giveaway.

AltRiders GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Giveaway

Interested in a trip to the hospital? If you win, that just might happen. Do wear a helmet, especially if you're new to riding. Open to US residents only, you have through 12/5 to enter. Good luck.
Sponsored By: AltRiders and GoTrax
Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy
AltRiders is run by Rose and Joe, two electrical engineering graduates with a passion for hoverboards, electric scooters, electric bikes, and anything on two wheels!
Winner Will Receive:
Their choice of color GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard! UL Certified Hover Board w/Self Balancing Mode! A $200 RV!
Product Details:
1) SELF BALANCING MODE - This hoverboard self balances with or without a rider on it, always staying level with the ground making it easier to ride 2) 400 WATTS - Dual Motors boost the ion electric hoverboard up to 7mph 3) LED LIGHTING - Features color LED lights in the wheels that pulse blue and two LED headlights 4) PERFECT FOR ALL RIDERS - This hoverboard isn’t just for kids! It’s for riders of all sizes and able to carry up anyone up to 200 lbs 5) ELECTRICAL SAFETY CERTIFIED - Electrical, battery, and charger systems tested & certified to UL 2272 safety standards.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

PAX East Badges Now On Sale

Badges for PAX East 2019, taking place March 28-31 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, are on sale now. Saturday badges have already sold out.

This is the tenth anniversary of PAX East and is the second year that the show will take place over four days. Single-day badges are currently available for $57 each.

Diamond Veneer Tennis Bracelet Giveaway

I don't see that many giveaways for jewelry. Am I just missing them? Here's one to win a CZ tennis bracelet. Open to US residents only, you have through 11/15 to enter. Good luck.
Enter to Win a 5 CT.(3mm) Intense Round Zirconite Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver (925) Tennis Bracelet from Diamond Veneer
Win a Zirconite Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet!
Sponsored By Diamond Veneer
Hosted By: Mommy's Playbook
One lucky winner will receive the Intense Round Zirconite Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet of their choice! Choose from Gold, Rhodium, or Rose Gold. What's a Zirconite Cubic Zirconia? Zirconite Cubic Zirconia is created when the jeweler coats a cubic zirconia with zirconite, or finely crushed diamonds. This practice gives the cubic zirconia a an true diamond appearance that most jewelers can't see! Learn more below.
treating Cubic zirconia with a veneer of carbon diamond particles, crystallizing around the entire stone resulting in a flawless "G" color on the diamond color scale.
About Diamond Veneer ~ The Best Simulated Diamonds in the World:
The revolutionary process of treating Cubic zirconia with a veneer of carbon diamond particles, crystallizing around the entire stone resulting in a flawless "G" color on the diamond color scale. This vaporization process under extreme heat and pressure conditions significantly increases (five times) the fire, refraction, and durability of the CZ as a real diamond at a fraction of the cost.

The main advantage of this Concept is the fact that DIAMOND VENEER blurred the main differences between real Diamonds and the CZ, to a point of absolute no recognition. The fact that the CZ is no longer white, now even professional jewelers lost their expert eye advantage recognizing DIAMOND VENEER as fakes!

Apollo's Raven Book Blast and Giveaway

Historical fantasy brings us to author Linnea Tanner's latest offering. Check it out than be sure to enter to win an Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through just 11/9 to enter. Good luck.

 photo Apollos Raven_zpsjtr16g03.jpg
Curse of Clansmen and Kings, Book 1
Historical Fantasy
Published: April 2017
Publisher: Apollo Raven Publisher

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

A Celtic warrior princess is torn between her forbidden love for the enemy and duty to her people.

AWARD-WINNING APOLLO’S RAVEN sweeps you into an epic Celtic tale of forbidden love, mythological adventure, and political intrigue in Ancient Rome and Britannia. In 24 AD British kings hand-picked by Rome to rule are fighting each other for power. King Amren’s former queen, a powerful Druid, has cast a curse that Blood Wolf and the Raven will rise and destroy him. The king’s daughter, Catrin, learns to her dismay that she is the Raven and her banished half-brother is Blood Wolf. Trained as a warrior, Catrin must find a way to break the curse, but she is torn between her forbidden love for her father’s enemy, Marcellus, and loyalty to her people. She must summon the magic of the Ancient Druids to alter the dark prophecy that threatens the fates of everyone in her kingdom.

Will Catrin overcome and eradicate the ancient curse. Will she be able to embrace her forbidden love for Marcellus? Will she cease the war between Blood Wolf and King Amren and save her kingdom?

Staying Warm and Cozy Giveaway

Have a certain area of your home that is always too cold in the winter? Here's a portable heater you can try to win. Open to US residents only, you have through 11/28 to enter. Good luck.
staying warm and cozy giveaway

Welcome to the Staying Warm and Cozy Giveaway!

1 winner

Trustech Portable Infrared Heater

$107.99 rv

This giveaway is part of our Holiday Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

Host is Michigan Saving and More

Below is a list of all the bloggers involved in the gift guide giveaways.
This giveaway's Sponsor is:

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Children of the Fog Book Blast and Giveaway

Do you like psychological thrillers? Don't be scared away by the new cover. Read the excerpt than be sure to enter to win the signed copy. You have through 11/10 to enter. Good luck.

 photo Children of the Fog 2018 Cover_zpso27apsfj.jpg
Psychological Thriller; Supernatural Suspense; Horror
Date Published: August 21, 2018 (Second Edition with new cover)

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

* International & National Bestseller (200,000+ copies sold worldwide)

* Top 100 Paid Best Seller on Amazon

* #4 in Amazon Top 100 Paid Best Sellers Overall

* Top 100 Bestseller in Thrillers, Suspense, Horror, Paranormal, Occult, Ghosts

* #1 Horror, #1 Occult, #1 Ghosts

YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO MAKE A DECISION: Let A Kidnapper Take Your Child, Or Watch Your Son Die. Choose!

Sadie O'Connell is a bestselling author and a proud mother. But her life is about to spiral out of control. After her six-year-old son Sam is kidnapped by a serial abductor, she nearly goes insane. It isn't just the fear and grief that is ripping her apart. It's the guilt. Sadie is the only person who knows what the kidnapper looks like. And she can't tell a soul. For if she does, her son will be sent back to her in “little bloody pieces.”

When Sadie's unfaithful husband stumbles across her drawing of the kidnapper, he sets into play a series of horrific events that sends her hurtling over the edge. Sadie's descent into alcoholism leads to strange apparitions and a face-to-face encounter with the monster who abducted her son--a man known only as...The Fog.

***CHILDREN OF THE FOG has a unique tie-in to Tardif`s newest thriller, SUBMERGED.

The Jonah Trilogy Book Blast and Giveaway

Check out this sci-fi trilogy then be sure to enter into the giveaway down below for an Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 12/3 to enter. Good luck.

The Jonah Trilogy Book 1
by Anthony Caplan
Genre: Science Fiction

A father and son stumble into the secret world of the Santos Muertos, a crime cartel bent on global domination. The son must find his father and keep the secret of the ancient Mayan code underlying the creation of matter in the universe from falling into the wrong hands.

A story of sacrifice and love.

Editorial Reviews:

Set in a dystopian near-future, Savior is genre-breaking reading at its best . . . a fascinating combination of high adventure and interpersonal relationships that keep Savior an exciting, unpredictable read right up to its emotionally charged (and satisfying) conclusion.”
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

The story opened strong and it kept that level throughout…This is definitely a story of love and sacrifice.” Highway-YA 

The author did a superb job on creating the characters, going deep into the psycho analysis of their behavior. The plot is very well constructed….The plot is very intense and it is guaranteed that you will be hooked from the first page on this incredible adventure, showing that a love between father and son has no limits. I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers that enjoy a very well written novel and want to be entertained.”
Roberto Mattos, Books and Movies Reviews 

The use of language is intelligent, and unexpected in today’s thriller/dystopian genres, with turns of phrase that startle with their elegance without ripping the reader away from the plot or descriptions . . . It is exemplary in its stellar use of language, its complex plot and characterizations, its ability to derive truths and fallacies and the thin veil separating them.”
Diane Nelson, Sand in My Shoes Reviews

I enjoyed the characters very much and the development of the plot line kept me interested to the end. The Canadian connection made it even more exciting.” 
J.C., Rockwood, Ontario

National Geographic Kids Weird But True! Mega Prize Pack and This & That Giveaway Hop

Are you a fan of the National Geographic Kids Weird But True! line of books? If so, here's your chance to win a National Geographic Kids Weird But True! Mega Prize Pack which consists of a total of THIRTEEN books and a tote bag (ARV $130): Weird But True! books 1-10; Weird But True! Know-It-All Greek Mythology; Weird But True! Cool and Crazy Sticker Doodle Book; Weird But True! Christmas and a handy Weird But True! bag to carry groceries, toys, or this big haul of books!
Here is a brief description of the books included in the giveaway:

* Weird But True! 10 (ages 8-12, $8.99) is the latest release in the main Weird But True! series and books 1-9 has been refreshed and expanded to include 50 MORE facts than the original releases (that’s 350 facts per book if you are counting!)! Did you know that ears are self-cleaning, or that itching is contagious? It's all totally weird ... but true! Each of the ten books of this main series contains 350 surprising and amazing facts about topics like science, space, weather, geography, food, pop culture, and just about everything else under the sun, presented with fascinating photos and illustrations. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway

Here's a great watch to try to win. Personally, I'm not sure if I'd trust my eleven year old with it, but... you have through 12/3 to enter. US only. Good luck.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway!

Hosted By:

My Silly Little Gang

Co-Hosted By:

Deliciously Savvy / Sonya's Happenings...

Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway

1 Lucky Winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy Watch (Bluetooth, 46mm) in Silver! $349.99 ARV!

Magical Tale Of Santa Dust- A Christmas Tradition Giveaway

Beyond Elf on the Shelf, here's some Santa Dust for you to win, along with the book in questin. Open to US residents only, through 12/10. Good luck.


1 Winner !


This giveaway is part of our 2018 HOLIDAY Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

This contest is hosted by the Social Media Gurus Network!
Host that put together this giveaway is Views and More

Monday, November 5, 2018

Kal Medi Series Book Blitz and Giveaway

Check out the latest in crime thrillers then be sure to enter the associated giveaway for an Amazon gift card. Open worldwide, you have through 12/2 to enter. Good luck.

The Beauty Killers
Kal Medi Series Book 3
by Ann Girdharry
Genre: Crime Thriller

Kirsten believed her dreams were coming true.

Until she wound up under lock and key in a dirty cell.
To stay alive, she must obey every twisted command of her captor. And there are two other women with Kirsten - one has been incarcerated so long her hair is falling out in handfuls, the other is going mad. 

When an undercover policewoman disappears, a secret from Detective Spinks’ past links him to the killer. 
Kal and Marty go undercover to track a predator who captures women. 
A clever killer hiding in plain sight - and it seems he's being protected…

McDowell Book Blast and Giveaway

Check out our latest book blitz for some literary fiction, then be sure to enter the associated giveaway. Just four days to enter, through 11/9. Good luck.

 photo McDowell_zpsu1peidnf.jpg
Literary Fiction
Publisher: Story in Literary Fiction (Ingram)

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

A finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition.

McDowell, an arrogant, selfish, uncaring surgeon--except with his three children whom he ineptly tries to council as they come of age--loses his career, wealth, respect, and fame when his grandson goes on a killing spree and then fails in a suicide attempt living in a vegetative, brain-dead state. When the boy dies under suspicious circumstances, McDowell is convicted and jailed for second-degree murder. He escapes to become a fugitive pursued by authorities, an investigative TV reporter eager to interview him before capture, and his daughter who is trying for a retrial. McDowell’s family members struggle to find meaning in their lives but each is thwarted at every turn by their father’s reputation. McDowell keeps on the move to prevent his capture and establish a new life. He is forced to gingerly reenter society at the lowest levels and with each new acquaintance, he must learn a new sense of humanity to survive.