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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pamper Your Pet Giveaway

Do you pamper your pet? Perhaps this giveaway is for you. Open to US residents only, this ends on 10/6. Good luck.

Welcome to the Pamper Your Pet Giveaway!

1 Winner

Hosts that put together this giveaway is and SaraLee’s Deals, Steals, and Giveaways and Michigan Saving and More

Special Thanks to all the Promoting Bloggers!


$75 Gift Card Group Giveaway! Open World Wide!

If you were to win an unexpected gift card, where might you go / what might you do? Enter to win this and you just might have a chance. Open worldwide, you have through 9/19 to enter. Good luck.
Enter to Win a $75 Gift Card to My Gift Stop!
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My Gift Stop is a convenient Online Gift Boutique that has a gift for anyone and everyone! Be it a gift for yourself, for a friend, or an early Christmas present for a family member, see what My Gift Stop has to offer before you look anywhere else! They offer exceptional weekly sales and provide you with a variety of products from the brand names you love most.


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Fairytale Brownies Fall Box Giveaway

Let's step away from the book giveaways for the moment so you can win something you probably really want, brownies. Open to US residents only, you have through just 9/16 to enter. Good luck.
Fairytale Brownies #Brownies #blondie #delish #brownielove #FallinLovewithBrownies
Enter to Win a Fall Box of Your Choice from Fairytale Brownies (APV $49)!
This great giveaway is Sponsored by Fairytale Brownies
and Hosted by Mommy's Playbook

Winner will Chose From One of These

DELICIOUS Fall Boxes from Fairytale Brownies!

Rachael Ray 12-Piece Cookware Set Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a Rachael Ray 12-piece Cucina hard porcelain enamel nonstick cookware set. The giveaway runs through 12/21/18 and is open to US residents who are 21+.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Feeding Frenzy Giveaway!

Here's a giveaway with SIX winners. Open to US residents only, you have through 9/21 to enter. Good luck

Welcome to the Feeding Frenzy Giveaway!

Enter this giveaway for your chance to win a great prize package from Ocean Nutrition and Captain Gill's Look in Sea.
feeding frenzy giveaway image
Sponsored By 

A huge thank you goes out to the sponsors and all the bloggers helping to promote this great giveaway.

It's always fun watching fish at feeding time, it's even more fun watching it happen through the Captain Gill's Look in Sea magnifying lens. Drop in some nutritious food from Ocean Nutrition and watch the Feeding Frenzy happen.

Galactic Mandate Book Blast and Giveaway

We have a scifi space opera as our next featured book. Somehow, I feel it needs a soundtrack. Don't miss enter the $25 gift card giveaway for Amazon. Open worldwide, you have through 10/4 to enter. Good luck.

Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause
by M.R. Richardson
Genre: SciFi, Space Opera

The galaxy is in turmoil. The two main powers, the Acolyte Empire and the Clone Defense Force, vie for supremacy. 

Caught in between are the weaker Galactic Planetary League and independent planets, pawns to be used and discarded in the greater game. The peace of the galaxy rests on a powder keg…and the fuse is about to be lit. 

As the son of the Acolyte Emperor God-Reign, Devante lives a life of power and luxury that few can fathom. 

Since childhood, he has devoted his life to one thing: freeing the clone slaves of the CDF and banning the practice of cloning throughout the galaxy. But he is about to uncover a secret that goes to the heart of the empire he loves and serves, one that will set him on a course of vengeance and destruction that will shake the galaxy to its core. 

Against this backdrop of war, treachery, and intrigue, Galactic Mandate tells an epic saga of god-emperors and assassins, spies and queens, princesses and slaves. 

The lives of all will be irrevocably changed as Devante embraces his destiny—for when empires collide, no one is safe, and there is no place in the galaxy to hide.

Ten After Closing Book Blast and Giveaway

Does your child like to read thriller books? Here's a young adult title they might be interested in. Then, enter the giveaway for some book swag and an Amazon gift card. Two winners. Open worldwide through 10/7. Good luck.

Ten After Closing
by Jessica Bayliss
Genre: YA Thriller

10PM: Closing time at Café Flores. The door should be locked, but it isn't, Scott Bradley and Winsome Sommervil are about to become hostages.

TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING: Scott's girlfriend breaks up with him in the café's basement storeroom because he's late picking her up for the big end-of-the-year party. Now he can't go to the party, but he can't go home, either--not knowing his dad will still be in a drunken rage. Meanwhile, Winny wanted one night to let loose, away from her mother's crushing expectations. Instead, she's stranded at the café after her best friend ditches her in a misguided attempt at matchmaking. 

TEN MINUTES AFTER CLOSING: The first gunshot is fired. Someone's dead. And if Winny, Scott, and the rest of the hostages don't come up with a plan soon, they may not live to see morning.

Told from both Winny and Scott's perspectives, and alternating between the events leading up to and following the hold-up, Ten After Closing is an explosive story of teens wrestling with their own challenges, thrown into circumstances that will test their very limits.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

National Geographic Explorer Academy Blog Tour

Check out the Explorer Academy Blog Tour with National Geographic and be sure to enter two amazing giveaways.One local to here for an Explorer Academy prize pack. The other over on their site for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

You've Been the Explorer Academy!

Welcome to Day #4 of the Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret Blog Tour!

To celebrate the release of Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret by Trudi Trueit on September 4th, blogs across the web are featuring exclusive content from Trudi and the Explorer Academy team, as well as 10 chances to win a copy of Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret and swag!

Art Takes Us in a New Direction
by Eva Absher, VP of visual identity, National Geographic Kids

The Explorer Academy motto—To discover. To innovate. To protect—never seemed more relevant to me than when I prepared to do my part as the head of design for the seven-book fiction series. It was at once a challenge and an incredible opportunity to support the amazing fictionalized world author Trudi Trueit had created.  

Exile of the Seas Book Blast and Giveaway

We have an Amazon gift card up for grabs for you to check out this dark fantasy novel. Open worldwide, you have through 9/3 to enter. Good luck.

Exile of the Seas
Chronicles of Dasnaria #2
by Jeffe Kennedy
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pub Date: 9/4/18

Around the shifting borders of the Twelve Kingdoms, trade and conflict, danger and adventure put every traveler on guard . . . but some have everything to lose.

Once she was known as Jenna, Imperial Princess of Dasnaria, schooled in graceful dance and comely submission. Until the man her parents married her off to almost killed her with his brutality.

Now, all she knows is that the ship she’s boarded is bound away from her vicious homeland. The warrior woman aboard says Jenna’s skill in dancing might translate into a more lethal ability. Danu’s fighter priestesses will take her in, disguise her as one of their own—and allow her to keep her silence.

But it’s only a matter of time until Jenna’s monster of a husband hunts her down. Her best chance to stay hidden is to hire out as bodyguard to a caravan traveling to a far-off land, home to beasts and people so unfamiliar they seem like part of a fairy tale. But her supposed prowess in combat is a fraud. And sooner or later, Jenna’s flight will end in battle—or betrayal . . .

Resist and Serve Book Blast and Giveaway

Fan of dystopian adventures? Yeah, I had to look it up, too.... Check out what you're in for then be sure to enter the giveaway for an Amazon gift card and copy of book. Open worldwide, you have through 10/6 to enter. Good luck.

Resist and Serve
by Sean Caissie
Genre: SciFi, Dystopian Adventure

Rick Olmos's memories are scattered at best. The world he knew appears to be gone and its place, one of oppression, war and resistance. A desperate people wage a guerrilla war against a technologically superior enemy called The Directorate and the aren't exactly winning.

Rick's seen these odds before but more imporantly, he feels honor bound to save the person who saved him, a fierce resistance fighter named Gia. She put everything on the line to free him and he's not about to let her fate decide her future.

But The Directorate has put a plan in motion to eliminate the resistance once and for all. Rick finds himself in a position to help but he may have to forsake his own agenda to preserve humanity's last hope for freedom.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Kids Play & Learn Giveaway Spectacular

Here's a wide variety of prizes you can win, worth over $260 even. One winner gets all the prizes. Open to US residents only, you have through 10/5 to enter. Good luck.
Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy
1 Lucky Winner Will Receive: 
Over $262 worth of prizes!

Beyond Beauport Book Blast and Giveaway

For some reason I keep thinking about Gilligan's Island when I think adventure book. Three winners in this giveaway, each getting a copy of book. Open worldwide, you have through 10/4 to enter. Good luck.

Beyond Beauport
by James Masciarelli
Genre: Adventure

Shannon Clarke raised a family and worked waterfront jobs in America’s oldest seaport.
Her childhood dream to become a sea captain is revived when her long-lost seafaring uncle Patrick visits with a salty tale of their maritime family ancestry of pirates and privateers. He shares recovered family letters and artifacts from the Golden Age of Piracy. They take to the sea in Patrick’s brigantine to follow the siren song of their ancestors in quest of destiny, truth and treasure. The voyage is fraught with raw forces of nature, past traumas and present day sea robbers, as their talents and beliefs of family, identity and purpose are shaken to the core.

SpongeBob DVD and Watermelon Ball Jr Giveaway

Seems odd to be doing a giveaway for a pool toy this time of year but maybe that is a New England thing. Giveaway is US only and ends on 10/4. Good luck.

Welcome to the SpongeBob DVD and Watermelon Ball Jr Giveaway!

1 Winner

Host that put together this giveaway is and SaraLee’s Deals, Steals, and Giveaways

My co-hosts for this giveaway are Michigan Saving and More

Special Thanks to all the Promoting Bloggers!


The Palm Reader Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's the next thriller/suspense novel you want to read along with a giveaway with three winners for printed copies of the book. Open worldwide, you have through 10/5 to enter. Good luck.

The Palm Reader
Jackson Walker #2
by Christopher Bowron
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

“… fantastic characters and a truly spellbinding plot—the best book in its genre I have ever read.” Susan Keefe,
A gripping thriller, which excels in unusual twists and turns, explorations of family heritage and truths, and one man’s ongoing journey as he explores new connections and threats to his life. Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review
Jackson Walker once again faces his demons in this haunting sequel to Devil in the Grass. Now working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, Jack teams with Janie Callaghan to solve the disappearance of a sleazy client specializing in taboo pornography. Meanwhile the evil head of the Church of Satan weaves an intricate web to lure Walker as the sacrificial lamb in an Everglades Black Mass ritual.

Paw Patrol 2 DVDs Giveaway

Paw Patrol fans have have a chance to win DVDs. Open to US residents only through 10/3. Good luck.

Welcome to the Paw Patrol 2 DVDs Giveaway!

1 Winner

Host that put together this giveaway is and SaraLee’s Deals, Steals, and Giveaways

My co-hosts for this giveaway are Michigan Saving and More

Special Thanks to all the Promoting Bloggers!

Jewelry Candles Prize Pack Giveaway

Do you like the scent of fall candles? What do you think about candles that come with pearls? Here's your chance to try one out. Open to US residents through 9/15. Good luck.

Enter to Win a Jewelry Candles Prize Pack!
This great giveaway is Sponsored by Jewelry Candles
and Hosted by Mommy's Playbook
Smoky Mountains Cabin Pearl Candle #JewelryCandles #FallScents #FallFavorites #AutumnCandles

This Pearl Candles®Comes with a REAL Saltwater Akoya Pearl Inside!

Love pearls? Love candles? You'll love Jewelry Candles' Pearl Candles! Each Pearl Candle comes with a real akoya loose pearl in every candle! Pearls range in value from $15 up to $5,000 dollars! The best part? They only use AAAA grade level super pretty pearls in their Pearl Candles! Each comes with a real saltwater perfectly round shape, & excellent luster, Akoya pearl inside!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

NatGeo Birthday Gift Idea Giveaway and Oh! The Places You'll Go! Giveaway Hop

Our last Zombies, Star Wars, and Spiroglyphics Giveaway was for the creative child. This one is for the more inquisitive child, or for the child whose friends are, where they can use the books for great birthday presents, cards included.
We have here six great books from National Geographic Kids to giveaway, and we're part of the Oh! The Places You'll Go! Giveaway Hop that includes over 80 stops, so after entering this giveaway, be sure to check out the others.

Zombies, Star Wars, and Spiroglyphics Giveaway

Is your kid the creative type? This giveaway just might be for you. We have a trio of books from Thunder Bay Press for you to win: Zombie Cross Stitch, Spiroglyphics Cities, and Star Wars Art Studio. The giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada, excluding Quebec and ends on 9/22/18.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Complete Your Perfect Workspace Sweepstakes

Here's a chance to win one of SIX different new computer systems from Intel. These range in price from approximately $1,999 for an all in one system, to a $2,500 notebook, all the way up to an editing workstation worth over $8,000. There are daily prizes of a $600 Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Expansion Box. The giveaway runs through 9/23 and is open to residents of the US and Canada, excluding those who live in Rhode Island, New York, Florida, and Quebec. Good luck.

Baby Love Book Blast and Giveaway

Here's what looks like a great coming of age book along with an Amazon gift card giveaway. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 10/1. Good luck.

Baby Love
by Latiera N. Ford
Genre: YA Coming of Age
Love is a little girl who faces a number of challenges between her school and her home. We all can relate to the pressures of not being accepted by our peers,sibling rivalry, lost relationships and the struggle to find love through it all. While directly pin pointing these important issues, Baby Love serves as an open call for awareness that can hopefully bring us one step closer to making a positive change in the lives of all children.
This book is a must read for young adults ranging from age 13 years and older. Baby Love tells a story of issues that arise for young children that include bullying, issues with family, and it also teaches lessons on self love, acceptance, and kindness to one others.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Silver Dagger 2 year Celebration & Giveaway

Most of those book posts I've been doing lately have been part of the Silver Dagger Book Tours. They're celebrating their second anniversary, even though I've only been posting about them about a month or so. Read on about the founder then be sure to enter to win a $200 Amazon gift card or PayPal. Ends 10/1. Good luck.

Silver Dagger Book Tours is now 2 years old this month!

Believe it or not, Silver Dagger Book Tours was created and is mainly operated by just one person!
I used to be just an internet crawler looking for new books and giveaways and stumbled upon book tours. After indulging in many dozens of tours, I decided I'd like to try my hand at blogging in my spare time (with absolutely no blogging experience at all!) I was a book blogger for several companies (and still am) and stuck with it for over 3 years. In that time, I learned all the ropes and became a pretty efficient blogger, but there was still something missing- I wanted to make my posts stand out a bit! So, I started creating small graphics like “about the book” and the other standard graphics that you see in all my tours nowadays and started jazzing my posts up.
I became pregnant with my second child in the fall of 2015 and me and my hubby decided to try to purchase our first home finally, so I quit my waitressing job to pack up everything for the move and never looked back!

2018 Fall Gift Guide #FALL18

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2018 Fall Gift Guide - Sponsors Information

2018 Fall Gift Guide - Sponsors Information

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