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Monday, December 3, 2018

MrMiSocki Mismatched Sock Subscription Review

I recently had the chance to try out MrMiSocki. They're a mismatched sock subscription service, with a comic book story to boot. If you think about it... if you're going to lose one sock in the dryer anyways, why start with a matching pair... :) Their socks do actually match in style/design. However, what you find covering the toes are different ficticious characters from the comic book story that comes along with the socks.
Yes, I have wide feet. The woman on my left foot looks a little stretched out. Not so much on the right. I do wear a EEEEEE width shoe so that doesn't surprise me. The stretching doesn't distort the character much. The socks I received are predominently pink and blue, and round the top edge, they say Mr Mi Socki.
The socks you get from MrMiSocki are inspired from the comic book you get along with the socks. It is a cute way to differentiate themselves from other online sock providers. The socks are mismatched in the sense that you'll get two characters from the comic, but are pretty close to each other otherwise. When sorting socks in the laundry, you can easily tell what pairs go together if you ever have more than one or two sets from MrMiSocki. What characters you wear together is up to your personal preferences.

I found the socks themselves to be very comfortable. I like the mismatched nature of the socks, but unless your shoes are off, nobody will ever notice. I have some other socks that I received mismatched. These have words on the back of the socks so you can read them from behind if wearing shorts. It would have been nice for the mismatched nature of the socks to be more visible when your shoes are on.

The socks at MrMiSocki run roughly $15-$16 for the pair. They are sold in what are called volumes and parts. Volume 2, Part 2 is what I received. The first volume was $30 (and is still available) with four socks inside.

If you're looking for a fun gift for the creative type, these are a great, inexpensive gift to give.

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  1. Love these I think they would be perfect for my daughter lol :) They would bug the heck out of my mother :)