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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hungerthon 2018

While shopping for the humanitarian, musician, or even tough-to-buy-for family member, look no further than items from WhyHunger's 33rd annual Hungerthon fundraiser. Proceeds raised go directly to solving hunger for the over 40 million Americans struggling with food insecurity by providing access to nutritious food to all.  

By donating to Hungerthon, supporters can receive exclusive gifts such as:
  • Tom Morello "Hunger Is A Crime" Raglan Shirt: ($60) 
    • 2018 Hungerthon Tee: ($50)
    • John Lennon Inspired "Imagine There's No Hunger" Knit Hat: ($40)
    • Tom Morello "Hunger Is A Crime" Hat: ($40)
    • John Lennon Inspired "Imagine There's No Hunger" Coaster Set: ($30)
    • Bruce Springsteen "Land of Hope and Dreams" Pin: ($25)
    In addition to donating cash, you can also visit the various Greater Good sites which just require you to click to donate, and you can click daily. Their first site was to donate food. Now, there are ten different charitable goals supported with link clicks. Be sure to click them all if you have the time.

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