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Monday, October 22, 2018

Sign Up for Gazelle Rewards

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What do you do with your old mobile phones when the next round of upgraded models come out? Many people must have the latest and greatest quickly and rid themselves of their old units quickly. There are other people who are behind the curve, looking to save money by holding onto their old phones longer or just buying last year's model instead of waiting on long lines to be first to get the new trending model.

Read on for a $10 off deal on their site if you're on the buying side, too. Up to $100 off on some MacBooks...

If you don't hand your old phones down to your kids before their value goes to zero, you should check out sites like Gazelle which allow you to sell your phones quickly and easily without having to deal with the hassle of selling to strangers through eBay/Craigslist.

Gazelle has a rewards program which allows you to earn more money for your tradeins. While a particular phone model might sell for say $100, you can get more money based upon past sales or just connecting your friends to the site.
Just visiting their site every day can help you earn more money, though that would be more useful to round up an amount than starting from scratch. You also get points for connecting your social networks.

If you're looking to sell your old model, sign up for their rewards program, today.

If you're on the buying side, you can save $10 off your next purchase from 10/23 - 10/29, and for a some MacBooks at Gazells, you can save up to $100. 

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