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Monday, July 2, 2018

Runbow Racing Video Game Review

Earlier this year, I cashed in my frequently flyer miles and got a Nintendo Switch. I wasn't having any luck while I tryied to win one... Now that school is out for my son, its finally come out of the box. It is a big improvement over our original Wii. While he's been hogging the Switch considerably lately with Fortnite, I've had some fun playing pinball. Recently, I had the chance to check out early access to the latest release of the game Runbow from 13AM Games and Headup Games, coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 3rd.
Runbow is a racing game where the game characters Val or Hue race across the screen to get to a trophy at the end of each level. As the name might imply, the game involves a bit of colors, color shifting really, to be more specific. As you race Val or Hue across the screen, the background cycles through different colors. As the colors cycle, elements on the board might disappear. For instance, if you're jumping across a void on a series of platforms, if you wait long enough when you pause on a colored platform, the platform just might disappear and you'll drop to your death. So you gotta keep moving, but just not too quickly as what was a good spot to land a few seconds ago, just might be the totally wrong place to be now after it disappears.

Runbow itself has been available since 2015, first up for the Wii U. What's coming out tomorrow is support for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game sells for $14.99, though if you visit the Nintendo eShop before its release, you can get the game at 20% off, or just $11.99.
There are several modes of play. The first way I tried was its just race to the trophy solo play. You pick how many rounds there should be and difficulty, along with color and music choices. It defaults to 10 rounds at random difficulty. For starters, I picked easy. For each round, once you die, your time for that round ends. You're then graded on how many of the ten rounds you make it to the trophy. My first time, I scored a three. After more play, I got higher, which earned me more outfits for the character avatars to appear as.
Another mode of play is to Save Poster District from the evil Satura in Adventure, and choose your own path through a massive map of over 140 single player levels. As you finish each screen, the positions around you open up for you to do next.
The game also has a party mode, supporting 9 players total online, 8 local for the Switch, and 4 local for the PS4. Looks like fun but I didn't get a chance to play yet. I tried online and I'm just not sure if it was limited to those with pre-release access but nobody was available.
Overall, I really like the game. It adds a nice twist with the color shifting and disappearing sections to the typical race to the end of the level in your typical racing game. You still have evil creatures that can attack you as you run so it isn't just a quick run and jump quickly type game. And the different difficulty levels increases the number of screens/levels you can go through before things get repetitive. The levels are somewhat different with the higher difficulty levels. The changing avatar costumes allow you to put your own spin on the appearance of the characters so you're not just only running around with a plain looking guy/gal in red for instance. You'll definitely get your money's worth from this one.

Once released, Runbow will feature several DLCs for costumes and additional game modes:
  • Join Hue and Val as they race through over 140 challenges in Adventure to stop the evil Satura once and for all.
  • Take on the Bowhemoth: One uninterrupted gauntlet of our toughest levels inside the belly of an enormous beast!
  • Race to be first to the trophy in Run be the last one alive in Arena, or battle for the single control point in King of the Hill.
  • Play with friends online to race, platform, and fight each other on a 2D plane.
  • Grab your gang and go where no man has gone before in Satura's Space Adventure. This content adds 36 additional Adventure levels to tackle and even more costumes and music packs.
All the DLCs above will not be included in the base digital edition. The exact prices will be announced very soon.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


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