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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Google Launches . . .

This has become a regular headline. The mega-corporation has been and continues to work on improving the world through the use of the Internet. Google is one of the leading technology companies in the world. They are responsible for a lot of the pleasures that we enjoy every day.

The thrust by the company to improve the online experience is one of the reasons it has managed to fare so well in the industry. Although there are naturally some anti-trust issues that arise when a firm becomes as big as Google, this firm has managed to gain a lot of public trust. People can now play casino games through sites such as without getting worried about their online safety. 

More in Giving than in Receiving
No one is going religious or anything like that. It is just an observation just like saying real money slots are an awesome hobby.

Google’s Business strategy seems to be based on giving people free things. They gave us the best search engine for free. The Android OS become an open source product because of Google allowing millions of people to add their input to the knowledge pool. The result has been a better world for everyone.

In developing countries like South Africa and Kenya on the African continent, the company is helping to make the internet available. Communities that have been marginalized for many decades due to social, geographical and political reasons are now able to access the internet. This is made possible by the many innovations from Google. They also make playing at top online casinos easier too. This creates a perfect balance.

The innovations range from balloons that offer high-speed Wi-Fi to communities that do not have access to the internet. Many of the country’s poorest communities can communicate with the rest of the world in real time because of this innovation.

In South Africa, Google launched an App that will reduce data consumption. This will save the locals millions of Rands (the local currency) in data costs.
All Work and No Play
The innovations that Google is bringing to the world make being productive a lot easier.

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