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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Always Read the Rules / Terms & Conditions

I'm a regular reader of the Techdirt Daily Newsbrief, a great newsletter that highlights the intersection of technology and legal issues. They recently posted an article about a kid who decided to read the rules for an art contest that Scholastic ran. Apparently... if you entered the contest, you assigned the copyright to your art to Scholastic, forever, so they could do whatever they wanted with your artwork. You got the rights back after two years but they still maintained perpetual rights to your artwork. Just stresses what I constantly say.... Read the rules....
Read Scholastic Wants To Help Young Creators Showcase Their Works By Stripping Them Of Their IP Rights article.

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  1. I sure shared this one. I did just recently enter a photo contest, but I read all the rules and understood from that particular contest that the photo still remains my work, but if I should win I allow them to use it to make a puzzle for their company and sell that puzzle for profit. If I should be one of the three winners I could win a cash prize of either $700 for grand prize or a lesser cash prize if 2nd or 3rd place winner. I'd also receive a boxed puzzle of my photo. I could however sell my photo elsewhere if I choose to do so. I'm not saying I'll win, but I tried anyways. They won't be keeping anyone else's photo's for their use from this particular company, only the top three. So that was good to know. Yes, I do believe when submitting your creative work you should really read everything the whole way through. Thanks for this article, I think more people needed to know this, so I shared several different ways via your links.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your contest.

  2. I'm sure you should always read the rules. What rules are you going by sucking people into these never ending so called giveaways? Some of these take half a day to get thru. And of course, during that giveaway, you got to enter 4 more. Shame on all y'all so called family people. How's anyone taking care of their children?