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Monday, February 12, 2018

5 Tips to Using Windows VPS

A virtual private server (or VPS in short) refers to a unique hosting solution that utilizes virtualization software to split a single physical server into a series of smaller virtual servers. Each of these smaller servers is equipped with its very own RAM, operating system, CPU and dedicated storage. Sure, shared hosting might offer some short-term solutions of a blossoming business. However, when your business grows bigger, it takes on more pressing requirements that demand more readily available resources.

A VPS provides web owners most of the features they’d get from a dedicated server but at a delightfully affordable cost. Getting a virtual private server might just be the solution that your business needs.

Here are five tips to using Windows VPS:

Turn on Windows firewall
Security is paramount in IT, especially when there’s need to safeguard your data. Windows firewall helps to prevent unauthorized access of your Windows VPS by using some predefined commands set by the administrator to control traffic. Ensure that your Windows Server provider enables this important security feature, then configure the firewall to your desired preferences.

Set an impenetrable password
This goes without saying: your Windows VPS is as secure as the password you use. Some professional hackers have made it their life’s mission to infiltrate private sites and access top secret company data. Therefore, try combining letters, numbers and special characters when setting the password for your Windows VPS. For instance, you could use a password like K$4fH9u6. Just ensure you remember it next time you log into your VPS (or write it down on your journal).

Choose the applications you’d want installed
Your Windows VPS is much like your PC – you can specify what software you wish to be installed. You can even configure your server to look exactly like the Windows desktop you’re accustomed to. Microsoft Office Suite will automatically be installed to give you access to the basic necessities of Excel, Word, Outlook and similar applications. As more software applications transition into this unique hosting environment, the possibilities are endless. You can even install accounting software such as Quicken and MYOB.

Host your email and sites in your Windows VPS
Most websites that are coded either using the .NET framework or ASP could benefit greatly if they were hosted in your VPS as opposed to the shared platform. In the latter, your websites share essential computing resources such as storage space and CPU allocation with other sites. On the other hand, when you host your websites and emails on Windows VPS, they enjoy more dedicated facilities. Get full control over your email and website by installing Mail client on your Virtual Private System.

Host those applications that are critical to your business
If you’re running a business that utilizes some software more than others, it’s probably a wise idea if you hosted these crucial applications on your Windows VPS. This reliable system combines the benefits of redundancy and performance to ensure that your hosted software is always up and running 247. This gives you confidence that all business processes will run smoothly without interruptions.

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