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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Essentials You Need for a Home Music Studio

There are a number of reasons you might be interested in creating a home music studio. For example, you might want to work from home as a producer or composer, and sell your music that way or work with freelance clients. This is just one of many reasons musicians consider setting up a music studio in their home, but they tend to get stuck on one of two spectrums when it comes to planning.

For example, they might get overwhelmed by the cost and effort that can come with trying to do too much right away, or they might try to get away with doing everything as cheaply as is possible, and then they don’t get the quality they want.

Of course, there are plenty of great cheap and free resources out there such as the regularly updated roundup of free serum wavetables offered by Cymatics, but there are some places you’re going to have to spend money and invest in the beginning.

Before looking at the specifics below, you will need a computer, but the idea nowadays is that most laptops and computers are so advanced that you’re not likely to need a new one.

The following are some of the essentials you’ll need as you set up your studio.

DAW/Audio Interface
One of the most important things you’re going to need is a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. This is the software you’re going to use to do pretty much everything, and it turns your computer into the studio you need. You can record, edit, and mix music using a DAW, and you’ll also need an audio interface to connect your computer to everything else you include in your studio.

You can buy these two separately, but if you buy them together it’s going to be cheaper, and you know they’ll be compatible with one another.

If you’re working alone or you’re doing instruments one at a time, you can probably get away with just one or two mics in the beginning, but depending on the type of music you plan to produce, or the digital tools you’re going to use, you may be able to skip this.

You may also even be able to get away with using your computer’s built-in microphone.

Headphones are incredibly important because they’re going to shape how you hear your recordings.

There are various types of headphones which include open, semi-open and closed options, but when you’re recording or setting up your studio, you’ll probably go with an over-the-ear closed option that will keep the sound in the headphone.


Monitors are essentially just the speakers you’re using, but studio speakers are a little different from other kinds. You’ll need to have a stereo cable to attach them to your computer, and you’ll need to choose a quality option that’s going to give you a clear, thorough picture of sound.

Publishing Tools
Finally, you’re more than likely setting up a home studio because you want to make money at some level, so you’ll need to find a publishing platform.

One example of an easy-to-use publishing platform is Bandcamp, but it does take a share of the revenue.

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