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Monday, October 9, 2017

7 Tips for Winning More Giveaways

Someone posted recently on my Facebook feed that they haven't won a giveaway in years. I thought I would share some tips so this doesn't happen to you. The tips that follow are no guarantee that you will win, but if you follow the tips, it will help you to have a better chance at winning something you want.

First off, keep a list of your wins. This allows you to go back and see what you've actually won for the last month or year. That way, you won't forget that you did win something, even if it is small. Personally, I maintain annual lists of wins, broken down by month. (One file per year then in each file, at the beginning of each month, list the month name.) The month break down only matters if you win enough that it warrants the breakup.
Secondly, if you want to win something now, you have two options. One is to find a list of giveaways ending today and enter them. Instead of having to wait three or four months or longer to discover you're not a winner, you can find out within 24 hours, assuming the winner is picked the following day. I like the Expiring Sweepstakes list over at Sweepstakes Advantage. The other alternative for winning something now is instant win sweepstakes, including those you send text messages to. With instant wins, be sure to check the rules if you do win. Some limit yourself to one prize total while others might be one prize per prize level. To help to win instant win giveaways, set reminders to enter daily. Include the URL of the giveaway to enter in the reminder so you don't have to hunt it out.
The third suggestion is to find less popular bloggers and enter their giveaways. Actually, finding any giveaway that has less entries will mean you're more apt to win. This isn't an easy task to find less popular bloggers/giveaways, as if you can find the blog with the giveaway easily, so can others. Over time, you'll develop good sources for these. However, over time, what was a low entry source can grow to be more popular. Use a list like the Low Entry Giveaways list at Tightwad in Utah as a good starting point.

For a fourth suggestion, find a good source of referral giveaways and take advantage of it. A referral giveaway is one where you earn extra entries when someone uses your referral link to enter the giveaway. The referral link only works for you if your referral hasn't entered yet. There are Facebook groups like WOOBOX ONLY Sweepstakes, Contest, Giveaway for this purpose. I've also heard of small groups of sweepers creating their own mailing list for swapping. Do follow the rules of the group when you join and not just post a ton of giveaways with your referral link. Many place limits on how many you can post in a day and with what frequency one can be reposted. The idea here is everyone helps each other to get more entries into the giveaways.

Fifth, don't limit yourself to only entering in one type of giveaway, like blog giveaways, or just general Internet ones. Consider looking for more on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. On Twitter, entry might just be to follow and retweet a tweet for entry in the giveaway. With something like that, you can easily enter into a ton of giveaways quickly. Do watch for Twitter direct messages though to see if you won. They don't have your email to otherwise contact you. Also, adapt as new giveaway avenues are introduced like Text Message giveaways haven't been around for long.

Sixth, don't waste your time entering giveaways for prizes you have no need or interest in, or the prize is so small it isn't worth the effort. Sure, you may want to win anything, but you're better off spending the time entering in for prizes you do want. When I first got into sweeping heavily, I would enter into anything under the sun that was a giveaway. I won a lot of crap that I had no use for. Some, I was able to swap with other sweepers, for their unwanted prizes. Other stuff I may have resold on eBay. The time spent looking for someone to swap with or reselling on eBay was time I wasn't sweeping. An exception I make here is for higher value items I know I can resell where it truly is worth the time to resell. Set a lower limit where you won't enter into a giveaway where the prize is worth less than $10 or $20 for instance.

Seventh, read the rules. Don't waste your time entering giveaways for which you're not eligible to win. Don't spend your time entering giveaways which require you to subscribe to 30, 50, or 100 different author email lists, just to win a relatively inexpensive item. Recently I wanted to enter a giveaway to win $500 worth of Harry Potter related goodies. However, as a requirement to enter, you would be subscribed to all the author-sponsors for the giveaway. I didn't want to have to spend my time unsubscribing from all those mailing lists once the authors started to email entrants. I'm still unsubscribing to author mailing lists for giveaways I entered what seems like ions ago, but whose authors don't email too regularly.

Hopefully, these tips will help get you on your way to winning more and more giveaways. Feel free to share some of your better wins below.

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