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Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Tips to Moving Servers Safely and in a Secure Manner

Moving to a new server may be a tedious thing to undergo, but it is essential to make sure that the business continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Especially when the business or company expands and grows, it may really be inevitable that the server should be moved to accommodate the growth.

1. Have extra storage for unused items – it would be a wise decision that you store any unused items in an extra storage space. Having extra equipment is convenient. This way, you can easily replace parts or equipment that have stopped functioning properly. You want to make sure that the storage unit you will get is a good environment for the equipment you will store there. Look for a place that will not have moisture and especially dust that can damage whatever you wills tore there.

2. Have your backups ready – this is always essential in any migration. You want to make sure that any data will be backed up because if they were not and something happens during migration, you will not be losing valuable information. But some companies do not just backup their data but even their hardware. Some purchase replacement servers and other equipment so that should an emergency arise, they will be ready and prepared for it.

3. Plan accordingly – this is not just something you do on a whim, if your business or company has never done this before, you might feel like you are facing something that is very challenging. Do your research on what you need to do. There are usually checklists that you can refer to that can help with moving servers. This way you can be ensured that it will be done in an efficient manner, and any data migrated will be safe.

4. Be ready for when the system will be down – you need to calculate just how much your business or company might lose in the event that the system will be down. There are ways to lessen the server downtime, but you have to make sure it is worth it because some may cost money that you cannot actually afford to spend. Some companies announce to their clients about the system migration so that there will be fewer complaints and the clients will be made aware of the situation.

5. Get the help of experts – if it is your first time to attempt a server migration and you are not yet that confident that you can do the undertaking, the wisest choice would be to get the services of professionals. A server moving company knows exactly what to do from the pre-migration up to the very last step of the process. Their experience in these types of procedure and you can be sure that all will be done in the timeframe that you need it done and with less hassle than when you would attempt to do it yourself. They employ professionals, from technicians to project managers, who are highly skilled and can answer all your questions about the migration.

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