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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Tips to Finding a Reputable Mac Repair Service

If you are having problems with your MacBook and can’t decide on where you will go to get your precious gadget checked and fixed, then you will surely be able now with the five tips that we will be giving you. These tips will serve as your checklist on whether the repair shop can be trusted or not. Remember that not only will you be spending your money but is also exposing and letting your precious Mac be touched by an outsider’s hands.

But before we proceed with creating your checklist, we would like to remind you that Mac repairs can sometimes be done personally, as long as you have a basic understanding of computers, then it is worth doing it yourselves before actually visiting a repair shop. First, you might want to try updating your operating system and see if things improve. You can easily do this by accessing the Apple Menu and select “About this Mac”. Second, try checking and updating your antivirus software. Sometimes the slow performance of your mac is caused by malware and viruses, and only by updating or switching to a better anti-virus system will you be able to detect these harmful files and effectively remove them from your system. And should these two methods show no improvements, then it is time to bring your checklist and shop for the best mac repair service in town.

1. Referrals

We know how popular Mac computers and laptops are. And surely you are not the only one within your circle of friends and colleagues that own one, right? Thus, try to ask them if they have experienced the same problems and issues as you, and ask them where they got their mac fixed. Referrals are not only great guarantees for the service of the repair shop, but you can also get discounts from these referrals.

2. Reviews

It is very important that the mac repair shop that will be fixing and handling your mac is trustworthy and capable. And you can verify this yourself by checking the reviews about the repair shop from their past clients. You can simply search for reviews about them on the internet or even from their website.

3. Free diagnosis

Most mac repair shops today offer free diagnosis. If they can’t give you detailed information on why your mac is malfunctioning, then they can’t fix it – simple as that. Free diagnosis serves as an upfront show of capability of handling the problem with your computer. By telling you the details of the problem or issue, you will also be able to assess and judge their skills and ability.

4. Price

The price is also important in deciding whether to trust your mac to a particular repair shop. If it’s too cheap, then they might be switching some parts or planting malware that will make you come back to them later. Don't worry about not knowing the right price because as you shop around for mac repair price quotes, you will then be able to correctly judge the fair price for a mac repair service.

5. Warranty

Finally, the last item on your checklist must be the warranty of their service. If they aren’t able to fix it within the agreed time, then they should be giving you a discount or a complimentary item. If they aren’t able to fix it completely, then your money should be given back. Warranties serve as your protection for your money and your mac, so be sure to secure one.

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