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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

3 Tips To Creating A Solid Cyber Security Plan

If you are planning to start a business, you must have a solid cyber security plan ready to be put into motion. Therefore, all the computers, programs, and networks you use for your business operations must be secure and protected from attacks, damages, and unauthorized access. If major corporations such as Adobe, Target, Home Depot, Sony, and JP Morgan can experience a cyber security breach, what makes you think that your business will do fine without a solid cyber security plan? So, how do you go about creating a solid cyber security plan? Well, do allow us to elaborate!

A solid cyber security plan must focus on three main areas—prevention, resolution, and restitution. Everything must be done to reduce the risk of attacks, and if there is a breach in the system, there should be procedures and plans ready to be implemented to combat the threat. The business must also have all the sensitive data and information backed up to be used in case of data loss, in order to ensure that the regular operation of the business isn't affected.

Here are three tips to creating a solid cyber security plan:

Tip 1: Set cyber security policies and ensure all employees undergo cybersecurity training
All the employees of the business must be well versed on the cyber security policies enforced by the business company. The cyber security protocols must be written in an easy-to-understand format. Hence, cyber security training must be conducted regularly to aware the employees of new threats. After all, hackers work round the clock to find loopholes in the cyber security protection system. Therefore, it is essential to aware employees about harmful links in order to prevent them from opening them. Long gone are the days when hackers attacked companies by breaking firewall. Cyber-attacks, these days, are usually socially engineered with hackers spreading harmful malware through links and attachment.

Tip 2: All the employees must be responsible
All the employees hired by a particular company must be responsible for protecting the company. After all, it only takes one employee to lose a company cell phone to compromise confidential data and information about the company. Hence, it is necessary for every employee to adhere to the cyber security rules, regulations and policies. All devices provided by the business company must be protected by passwords.

Tip 3: Use the cloud
You must embrace a managed cloud solution for risk management. You won't have to spend money on new software or hardware if you back up and protect your information online. What are some of the benefits online backup provides? Well, online backup is a broad platform that supports numerous applications, allowing one to monitor his/her backup. The data is compressed, encrypted, duplicated and kept safe in a data center by the IT firm. Therefore, even if you lose your data, accidentally delete your data, or lose your system to theft, you will be able to retrieve your data via online backup. If the cloud computing solutions are too complex for you, you can always consider hiring the services of an IT service provider.
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