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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Traditional Ways of Shopping

Ever been out shopping and realized that you’re on your phone browsing another retailer’s site? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. People are now so empowered by technology that they can shop online and in person at the same time. This change, driven by the surge in new tech, has meant that retailers have to explore new and inventive ways to grab your attention. You’ve probably witnessed most of the normal ways, like big storefront displays and emails packed with discounts, but have you seen any of the below? The retailers who use these methods are starting to think out of the box when it comes to showing off their products.

Pop-up Shops
Whether you’re buying food, shoes or clothes, you’ve probably noticed the rise in popularity of pop-up shops. Used by start-ups and global retailers alike, these quirky, fun mini-shops are a great way to sell to a new audience. This method is seen everywhere, from festivals to giant shopping malls. For example, Westfield Pop, thought up by iconic global mall Westfield, is set up specifically to help retailers attract new shoppers. It’s even got a Pop Around function, which is proving to be very popular with customers. These fun stalls often have great discounts to tempt you in, as well as one-off items, custom products and sometimes even celebrity appearances.

Chatbots Online
Once, if you wanted to buy something, you had to go directly to a shop to look for it and get it. Then you could use catalogs to find your purchase. After that came shopping online, making the entire shopping process much easier, simpler and cheaper than ever before. However, the next step is even more streamlined. It’s using chatbots on popular social media sites. Companies all over the world are experimenting with these automated messaging systems and using them as a way to sell to people. You simply start a conversation with the brand you want to buy from, and you can have a purchase winging its way to you within minutes. Famous makeup brand Sephora, launched its chatbot on Kik, giving out tips and hints to all its followers. You can even order pizza from Pizza Hut, using its chatbot – talk about speedy service!

Targeting Influencers
How many people do you follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and want to copy their style? These people, known as influencers, have become popular, or even famous, due to their unique style and ability to communicate to large follower bases. Retailers now use these influencers to attract new audiences. These people – unsurprisingly – have a huge influence over their followers, and retailers can almost guarantee to start a new trend if they pick it up. So, next time you’re reading your favorite blogger’s posts or Instagrammer’s #OOTD, keep an eye out for any sponsored posts, and see how they’re advertising to you. It’s also a great incentive to start blogging or vlogging yourself: if you love fashion or beauty products and have a talent when it comes to applying make-up or teaching people about style, it’s worth trying to work your way up to become an influencer.

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