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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Top 10 Ways to Throw a Great Birthday Bash

Throwing a birthday party is no simple feat. You want to make sure everybody is having fun, not just the celebrant. Planning it can be tiresome, but it’s every bit rewarding when you see your guests are having a blast. Take your party to the next level by checking out these ten awesome tips.

  1. Decide on a theme
What’s your favorite movie currently? Do you want to host a costume party? There are so many theme ideas you can get online. It doesn’t have to be specifically from a movie or pop culture. It could be a general look and feel, like rustic, shabby chic, vintage, or anything. Your theme is what’s going to define your party, especially in pictures, so make sure to have one!

  1. Decorate your space
Get creative and design your space according to your chosen theme. Do some shopping and get your materials ready. You can also look around your house for things you can recycle. It’s a great opportunity to be crafty. Go online and watch some DIY decorating videos. Pinterest is full of pretty inspiration. And don’t forget to get help and enjoy the planning!

  1. Hire a band
Getting a band makes any party a hit. Bands are an effective way to entertain your audience and put them in the right mood. If you have enough space and budget for it, go ahead and scout ones for your birthday. Go online and search for local artists. Ask your friends nearby for recommendations within your area. If you live in Queensland for instance, you can get info about Brisbane bands by doing a quick Google search. You can also check out your local bars and pubs to see who’s playing.

  1. Give away some loot bags
Guests will appreciate a little something they can take home with them as souvenirs. Why not prepare small pouches of treats for your friends and family? Fill them with candies, sweets, or little trinkets. They will definitely love it!

  1. Get a photographer
Some people think it’s too much to hire a photographer, especially for small events. But getting one is definitely worth it. It’s a great way to preserve all the memories from your birthday. The excitement of the games, the fun and laughter, and the wild moments will be captured for you to reminisce in the future! If you’re not keen on hiring one, you can always ask your friends! If you have a good camera, you can assign someone to take photos for you.

  1. Get a photo booth
Another investment that lends itself to more memories! Photo booths are a nice addition to any party. It also doubles as a souvenir for your guests. Wouldn’t you love to see your friends strike their wackiest? Ask your photo booth supplier to give you a soft copy of all the photos as well! You can turn them into a photo album or a slideshow.

  1. Enlist some help
Party planning can become really stressful if you do it alone. Get your friends to help you with certain things, like decorating, and setting up the tables. It’s a fun bonding activity for all you, and you get to enjoy the party even before it starts!

  1. Play some games
Host a couple of fun and exciting games to liven up the mood. Even if you’re throwing an all-adult birthday party, you’re free to throw in some kiddie games too. You won’t believe how funny it would turn out! Get a couple of card or board games out and have your guests go at it with a round of Werewolf or Cards Against Humanity. Play charades or Pictionary. You're sure to see a competitive side to your friends that you’ve never seen elsewhere.  And yes, reward them with cool prizes!

  1. Don’t forget the food and drinks
Of course, you don’t want to skip on this important part. If you booked a caterer, you don’t have to worry about this. If you’re planning to prepare home-cooked foods, make sure you have enough one-pot dishes for everyone. It’s also great to get some chips and biscuits for your guests while they’re waiting. And don’t forget dessert! If it’s a small home party, you can even ask your friends to bring potluck foods for sharing.

  1. And the booze
It doesn’t hurt to serve a bit of alcohol at a birthday party. It will give your guests a glow, and who knows, will make them more participative in games! Have your friends bring some of their favorites for added variety!

There’s seems like a lot going on in parties, but don’t worry, proper planning always works!

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