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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finding the Full Potential of Customer Optimization Software

It’s no secret that all companies are built to offer a service or product that will please their potential customers. After all, we create businesses for the soul purpose of understanding the customer’s needs and in turn receive profit by offering an excellent service or product that is trusted and desired.

Having a reliable customer optimization software means giving your business a competitive edge and insight on the digital behavior of your customers and potential customers who visit your site. By having the ability to watch every click, every turn and every feature used or seen by the customer, as if you were the customer, means having an amazing inside view of what the customer sees.
How you could utilize customer optimization software for your business grow
Optimization software is always growing and adding new features that will help your business no matter which field that you are in. Below I will show you such a few of the useful features available:
  • Improve Customer Experience – You can help improve your customers experience by a number of methods while using a customer optimization software. From viewing a precise picture of your customer’s digital journey through your website; your team can learn to pinpoint exactly which features or products drew the most interested – what problems and glitches a customer may have found during their visit and even which forms were left uncompleted or items were left unpurchased. All of this can give you a clear picture into what the customer experienced and where there is room for improvement.
  • Extra support for your Call Center Agents and IT team– With your customer optimization software, you will be able to see a customer’s digital journey with just a 3-second delay. Meaning that call center agents can see exactly what the customer is experiencing. This not only improves customer relations as it will offer quick and easy service, but it will also cut the call time of each customer – saving your team time.
  • This will also help your IT team fix any errors or glitches quickly and efficiently, as they can playback any digital sessions and view the error happen just as your customer did.
  • Export DATA the way your team needs it – As mentioned above, having flexible data export will enable your team to better manage customer complaints, website errors and full insight into the online journey of your customer. You can control who sees what, and who has access to certain DATA. All DATA will be safely recorded and stored for use anytime. This means you can access DATA again and again, for weeks, even months after they originally occurred.
  • All your team will need to do is export the needed data along with the associated website session replay.
  • Automated customer journey mapping feature – You will be able to view a visual representation map of common journeys, complete with experience analytics any time you require.  This helps you to understand why certain features may be underperforming and help offer your team insight into any problem areas.
There are so many useful features available with the right software; all of which can be fully utilized to help customer relations and better understand the customer’s experience – giving your business trust and reliability.
For more information about customer optimization software click here.
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