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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sock Fancy Sock Subscription Service Review

Once upon a time I used to wear plain white socks. Every day. With a suit, I had some plain black or blue socks. It was boring but easy to dress myself in the morning. Jeans, whether black or blue, got the white sport socks. In a suit, then the colored socks. At one point in time I actually bought gray socks and was thinking that was special. I might have owned some brown socks, too, to go with a tan suit and brown dress shoes I owned.

This all changed around the time I started the blog. One of my first giveaways and reviews I did here was for some socks I got from an offer from Bzz Agent. Since then, I've gone all out with the socks. It seems to be the "in" thing these days. Being in business casual attire for work these days, it also gives me a chance to express myself a little bit without being in your face so much and against any corporate dress code. My wife thinks I'm weird with some of the socks she sees me in, as I walk around house in socks where she sees them, but she seems to have accepted the change. 

Most recently, I had the chance to try out the sock subscription service from Sock Fancy. They offer one, two, and six pairs of socks subscriptions, sent monthly for $11, $19, or $57, with shipping included. For the $57, that breaks down to just over $9 / pair of socks, which is comparable to buying a decent pair of dress socks at the mall. You do need to price compare to patterned socks though, not solids, as you can probably get a 4-pack for $20 of solid black, less even on sale.
I was sent six pairs of socks from Sock Fancy to try out. When selecting a subscription, the only options are the number of pairs and men's vs. women's. Beyond that, there isn't much else you can do to customize the selection. If this were a part of a multi-month subscription, I'm not sure how many months I would need a new set of six pairs of socks, but imagine sending one or two pairs per month for multiple months instead. Actually, for a college graduation gift, the six/month thing might work out for a few months for someone in need of a new wardrobe.
My favorite set of socks was this patterned pair which looks awfully similar to a video game named Q-bert that I used to play in the 1980s. Every subscription service I've seen also seems to have their own version of a flag sock, too. This one is a bit more muted in color than I've seen than some others. As far as the other styles go, the native American one is a first for me and the plaid pattern matches my son's bathrobe.
The socks themselves fit on my foot well. I wear a size ten shoe and the heal of the sock falls in a natural position. With a smaller foot, they might fit a little long. They claim to fit men's sizes 8-14 and women's sizes 5-10. They're a 70% blended combed cotton construction, soft to the touch, and have survived the dryer well.
The company itself has been going since 2013 and they've designed hundreds of socks during that time. I don't know if they've been offering the subscription service the whole time but as far as online e-commerce companies, they've been going longer than many of the other subscription services I've seen.
If' you're looking for that great Father's Day / Graduation present or just want to add a little style into someone's life, do check out the sock subscription service from Sock Fancy. The recipient won't be disappointed. It will definitely draw some attention in an area most men typically ignore. About my only complaint about the service is I'd like to pick a desired color set versus their pure randomness to designs. I'll certainly be wearing all the socks sent to me but I probably would have liked some blacker tones in more socks.

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  1. I have always loved fun and/or funky socks!

  2. These are so neat. Socks for all occasions. This would be a great gift idea for someone who has everything