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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How Does WordPress Work with MySQL?

WordPress is the most popular blogging Content Management System (CMS) on the planet, and it provides the base to more than one in four websites. There are more than 74 million websites on the internet that rely on WordPress to conduct business and more than 50,000 new WordPress websites are being created daily. WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform anymore, thanks to the development of hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes that enable users to create different types of websites to suit their business. If you own a website based on the WordPress platform and you’re struggling to understand how it works in conjunction with MySQL, have a look at the below information that may help you understand.

WordPress Uses the PHP Language to Retrieve Data from MySQL Databases

WordPress is based on the server-side PHP programming language to interact with the MySQL Database. By using SQL queries within the PHP code, when an action is taken by a user on the frontend of the site such as logging into their accounts, PHP will run several SQL queries to make sure that user is registered and they have entered the correct username and password. If the information is correct, the user will be able to log in and edit their profile. However, if the information isn’t correct, an error will be displayed, and the user won’t be able to log in until it’s correct or until they register an account. MySQL just stores data. It’s just a table filled with data and PHP uses its technology to interact with it by retrieving, entering, and editing data depending on the actions of the user on the frontend of the website.

Think of MySQL Databases as a Simple Excel Spreadsheet

If you have experience working with Microsoft Excel, MySQL may be a lot easier to understand. Excel has the letters at the top of each column and numbers down each row, so you know where you’re entering data. MySQL works in the same way regarding columns and rows, but you just can’t see them unless you log into the backend database table via a tool such as phpMyAdmin. Any data can be inserted into a MySQL database such as username, email, password, age, and much more. Once data is inserted into MySQL when a new WordPress user registers, that information is then stored permanently so PHP can retrieve that data when it needs it. If things go wrong and the data is corrupted or inaccessible, you may need to hire MySQL data repair services.

PHP Connects to the MySQL Database Using a Username & Password

When installing WordPress manually, you’ll need to configure the database details in the config file to match with the details of the MySQL database you needed to create. PHP will connect to the MySQL database and run SQL queries whenever it needs to retrieve, delete or edit data.

Sometimes problems occur with MySQL, and you’ll need to find an expert to fix the problem. However, if you prevent any hackers from accessing your database you shouldn’t run into any problems and MySQL will continue to be an asset to your WordPress website.

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