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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5 Tips to Planning a Great Party for Your Company

Everyone loves a good party. Especially for people who work in an office, it’s a great time to mingle with your co-workers outside the office environment, away from the pressure of deadlines and quota. But if not planned right, it can also be a failure. If you’re being tagged as the planner for your company’s next party, be sure to follow these tips to make a memorable event for your superiors and co-workers.

1. Don’t do it alone – this is a very important thing to remember. You don’t have to shoulder all the responsibility. If you come from a big company, why not ask for a representative from every department to help you? This way you can get a lot of ideas that would make everyone in the company happy. Now, if you’re being asked to plan a party during a time when there are too many deadlines and you know that your co-workers are too busy, you can consider hiring an event planner to help you, provided that you have enough in your budget.

2. Budget. Set a budget for your event. This will help you allocate money for specific items for the party such as food, decorations, and entertainment.

3. Decide on a theme – once you have your team and your budget set, you can now choose a theme. Why choose? It will make the overall planning easier. When there is a set theme, it will be quicker to decide on the decorations and even the food that will be served at your party. You can even ask people to come in costume. Just make sure that you choose a theme that everyone will get to enjoy.

4. Choose a good venue/serve good food – It would be great if you can have the party outside of your office location. This way, the employees will really feel that it would be a special event. To make it more cost-effective, you may opt to have the party at a restaurant or even hotel. What’s great about this place is that they usually come with decorating and catering services. Some even have an event planner to help you with the logistics of your event. If you’re going for a unique venue, you can try museums or art galleries. Just make sure to book the venue in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare for it.

5. Live entertainment – never skip of the entertainment. Otherwise, it would just be a fancy dinner with your co-workers.  Whatever type of party you are planning, it’s always better to have live music, whether it’s a DJ or live band. If you’re planning a more intimate cocktail party, then consider getting a violinist may be the perfect choice for you. Even better is someone who has adapted to the new music nowadays. Asher Laub has been trained classically since he was 2 years old. He has performed for major events organized by Google, National Geographic and more.  For corporate entertainment with a touch of class, he would be a perfect choice.
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