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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dowan Porcelain Cereal Bowl Review

We recently ran a giveaway for a six-pack of porcelain cereal/soup bowls from Dowan. We had nearly 20,000 entries in the giveaway. In addition to the giveaway host, Tammie, reviewing the bowls, I got a set, too. I promise my review will not be in all caps.... :)

The bowls are 20 ounces each. This is a perfect size for using them for cereal, soup, ice cream, and many other purposes. Actually, for ice cream, I'd say they are too big for just a bowl of ice cream. If you're planning on adding toppings, there is definite space, but otherwise the large size encourages larger portion sizes.

We seem to never have enough bowls in our home. I think we got our primary dish set at IKEA so it should easy to buy additional bowls there. I actually like the mismatched approach. At least for bowls.

The bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe. We didn't use them much in the microwave but it is certainly an option. They're easy to clean and not just because they ft in the microwave. Certainly better to microwave in than some unknown piece of plastic.
One thing I didn't have to take advantage of is Dowan's 30-day break and chip warranty. First off, the bowls are packaged amazingly tight. But, if you're concerned about shipping porcelain bowls, Dowan makes sure you don't have to. They'll either send you a replacement or a refund if something chips or breaks, and it doesn't just need to happen during shipping. You have 30 days to use and abuse the bowls and they'll replace them if you chip or break any.

Overall, not too heavy yet large enough for snack time, breakfast time, and any time. I may have to look at some of their other matching sets.
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  1. I love these square bowls. They certainly be used around here! HA HA ;)

  2. I love bowls that can hold quite a bit. These look great.

  3. These square bowls look so cool!

  4. I love these! Thanks for the review!