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Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Color Your Own" Contest | Energize a Front Entry

So, the weather kinda sucks here in Boston today with overcast skies and a constant drizzle. If you're stuck inside, too, here's the perfect contest for you. I say contest and not giveaway as you must do something and not just enter your name/email. But, there are three prizes. First prize is $500 cash and a $200 gift card while two runners-up get $100 gift cards. Basically, you have to download a page, color it in, upload the resulting picture and cross your fingers. I don't know how popular these are. I mean how many adults over 21 in the US are going to know about the contest and do that. You have through 3/30 to submit your colored in drawing. There is a creativity aspect to getting picked as the winner. Again, this isn't just submit any colored drawing to try to win. Good luck to all the artists out there. There will be a new picture each month or so all year.

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