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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Why Should You Display An Indoor Water Fountain?

In the past ten years or so, there have been an increasing number of indoor water fountains displayed in both homes and businesses. There are a lot of these products on the market; you can purchase them in different styles, shapes, and colors. There are small water features that you can keep at your desk. There are water features that display a company's logo. There are water features meant to promote a stress-free environment. There are also bubble walls, water features put up on the wall, and more.

Indoor water fountains look great, and they make a comforting sound that drowns out any unpleasant noises in the environment. Because there are so many kinds of indoor water features, you are sure to find something that you like. Why should water features only go in a garden? There is no reason that you can't have one in your home. In fact, you SHOULD have one in your home for the following reasons:

1. It acts as a humidifier.

If the air is very dry, your living environment may not be ideal. This is particularly true in the winter. For example, your skin might itch. If you want to add moisture naturally, an indoor water feature is the way to go. Not only will doing so help you and your family members, but it is also beneficial for any plants in the space, too.

2. It helps you de-stress.

There is a lot going on today, both in the professional and the personal world. Many people are experiencing anxiety at unprecedented levels; a water feature can help to relieve your stress and assist you in feeling calm again. The sound of the water is pleasing to the ear; putting indoor water features in the space where you think you will be able to utilize it the most, whether it is the living room or the bedroom. There are a few advantages to putting it in the bedroom; for example, the sound can help you to fall asleep, and you will wake up feeling peaceful. If you want, you can even have indoor water fountains in multiple rooms of your house. Why not get as much benefit from them as possible!

3. It provides white noise.

Do you live in a loud neighborhood? Does your office have a constant stream of traffic coming through? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you are probably tired of all the sounds that you hear each day. White noise can help, and indoor water fountains are a great source of white noise. It can block out the sound of human voices, traffic noise and more. You will be able to relax or be more productive when you have white noise in your space. Here are some of the pros of white noise.

4. It looks good.

Do you want to improve your home's decor but aren't sure what to add to the space? Why not go with a water feature. It looks great, and it helps make any room feel more peaceful. The eye is naturally drawn to it, and it isn't something that you see every day. There are so many models out there that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Simply pick a water feature that you think goes with your existing decor.

5. It makes the air quality better.

Obviously, you want your air quality to be the best it possibly can be. An indoor water fountain can help. Running water creates negative ions, which help improve the air quality in the immediate vicinity. While an air purifier can accomplish the same goal, it doesn't look good, and the sound the machine makes is annoying.

There are so many reasons to get an indoor water fountain. You are sure to love it once you purchase it. These products are in a variety of places, including garden centers and online stores. Start researching to determine what style you want to buy!

6. You can Feng Sui.

Some cultures think that the flow of water is an indication of income. If you want to feng sui your home with your water feature, make sure it goes in one of the wealth corners (north, southwest, southeast).


  1. SO many great points as to why these should be in your home. I love the sounds of fountains so I know I would love these. Whenever I shop for a home in the future I would love a small water fountain in my home! So peaceful!