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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ThreadLab Subscription Box Review

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
ThreadLab is the men's clothing subscription box that isn't a subscription box. For the man who doesn't like to shop with a little personal styling help, ThreadLab offers you a subscription model of ordering men's clothing, but you preview everything online before they ship, and you don't actually have to have a recurring subscription to shop with them. I recently had a chance to try out one of their boxes.
For starters, the site walks you through a series of questions. These are both size-related questions and styling ones, too. Questions like what cut of jeans you prefer or what shirt patterns you like (i.e. flannel, check, plaid, solid, or stripe).
Once you enter in your sizes and preferred styles, you can pick which types of clothes you'd like in your first order. You then can confirm your order, without really ordering anything. Instead, what happens is it triggers the creation of a bunch of items for you that match your criteria. You're then emailed and can preview the items that match.

Concerned about if the items selected will fit? You can go through their ThreadLab Perfect Fit surveys to submit specific measurements for items you already own.
You're then presented with the items that match your criteria. You can order the items or tell the system you don't like them and you'll be presented with new items.
Eventually, a bunch of boxes and mail bags arrive at your home. Some items are sent directly from ThreadLab, located in Jersey City, NJ. Other items are drop shipped directly from the designers.
My shipment included five items, four shirts and a pair of socks. They arrived over the course of about two weeks as one item was out of stock and I picked another.
The graphic t-shirt came directly from the vendor, Suburban Riot. It is a 100% cotton t-shirt.
I forget which of the rest came directly from vendors vs. ThreadLab. The polo shirt was from LinkSoul in the color of Nectar. I probably wouldn't have gotten the color on my own but I figured I'd give it a try. It actually looks pretty good on me. The thing I like most about the shirt is it requires no ironing. Typically, when I see shirts with extras like that they aren't 100% cotton, which this one is. 

To fill out the order... The shirts from CoalaTree and PX Clothing were a natural for my wardrobe, though I had to return the CoalaTree shirt as it just wasn't a good fit. The socks came from Socks101.

With all the vendors of the wares I got from the ThreadLab order, I don't think I've ever heard of any of the designers before. They do offer some well known brands, like for jeans, they just weren't in my set of clothes. For all the brands, you're getting to try out their lines at a discount, while still getting quality clothes, without having to think much about the actual shopping aspect. All done from the convenience of your computer, with 365 days to return with free shipping.

I like what TheadLab has to offer and I like the preview aspect of the ordering. It did go back and forth several times to find items that I really liked and would wear. I skipped getting jeans as I hadn't done the Perfect Fit survey and I didn't quite trust their selection as I'm not an easy fit with jeans. I just don't like the fit of most jeans and feel I really do have to try them on before buying. But shirts and socks I'm more than fine with getting online. Shorts, too, probably.

If you have a reluctant shopper in the family and/or someone stuck in a style rut, do have them give ThreadLab a try. It is well worth the effort and they might just like a new designer in the end. I'll definitely be looking at LinkSoul again in the future.

Give ThreadLab a try and get $20 off your first order. No code required, just follow the link. You can then request your Order Previews in a Subscription format. You simply tell them how frequently you'd like them to generate an Order Preview (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annually), select your budget ($59, $99, $149 or $299) and schedule it all. You're never billed until after you preview and approve the order.

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  1. my husband has been checking this out and wondering. thank you so much for oyur inpuit

  2. I think that there are not many men out there who like to shop. This sounds like a great idea with little risk. Thank you so much for sharing