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Monday, February 20, 2017

Circles Game Review

So, a little while back I posted the online demo of a game called Circles. Since posting that, the game has been released and I thought I would post a full review of the game.

As described by the author:
Circles is an abstract puzzle game that takes your mind off things. No words, no distractions: an invitation to experiment. Relax, let your mind wander and discover the puzzling possibilities of circles.
By simply moving the cursor, you'll uncover the underlying rules of each circle. According to the movements you make, they grow, shrink or move around the screen. Experiment and find your way to the end point to complete each level.
Unlike many of the games I've been playing lately, this isn't available on my mobile phone. Instead, the game is available on SteamHumble, and I'd run across Steam before but not the others, think of them as app stores for apps/games on your desktop or laptop computer.

What drew me to try out the game is the pure simplicity of it. The game doesn't include a single word. You're just presented with a circle or bunch of circles and have to experiment to figure out how to solve each level. If you fail at the level, you just restart that level and try again. There are no life limits. No scoring. No time limits. Not much of anything but circles and challenges at each level. All controlled by mouse movements with some interesting music in the background.

The game starts simply. Move your mouse to an initial source circle and then move that circle to a second target one, staying within a box of circles. The second level requires you to move around a bunch of circles to an opening on the far side. The third level has the circles growing and shrinking as you move the source circle towards the target circle. Those simple actions describe pretty much what happens throughout the game. You need to move a source circle to a target circle. Sometimes you have to move around other circles to get to the destination. Sometimes the circles grow or shrink based upon your movements. It is up to you to put those bits and pieces together for the specific level to reach the destination. 

It doesn't sound too complicated and it doesn't sound like you would enjoy doing this 90+ different times but it isn't as simple as it sounds. It is also important to point out that the puzzles are meant to be solved with a mouse. I started playing with the touchpad on my laptop. This worked fine for many of the early levels. For some of the levels though it became difficult if not impossible given the movement limitations of the touchpad. I happen to have a touchscreen laptop, too. This worked fine playing the game and actually made some of the levels easier that were difficult with the touchpad. It is easier to track things directly on a screen with your finger than trying to move a mouse or touchpad around.

Overall, I like the game and have been playing it regularly when I have some free time on my laptop. Unfortunately, I have more free time on my mobile and play more games there, and this isn't available on a mobile, nor would it really be appropriate there given the limited screen real estate.

Download game from SteamHumble, or

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  1. I have never heard of this game. I will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing