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Saturday, February 11, 2017

7 Tips for Improving Your Smartphone Pictures to Get More Followers

If you're looking to increase your Instagram following, here are seven tips to improving your smartphone pictures which should help you on your way. For me, I'm shooting for 10K followers this year (currently at about 6750).

1. Don't rely on the Instagram photo editing options. Use a different app. There are several apps that you can use for editing. I like Photoshop Express.

When you use the app start by adjusting the brightness. If you want your photo to pop, play with the contrast, then use highlights and shadows to improve the lighting. This will give you a beautifully edited photo. Save this version of your image and use it with the Instagram filters or you can use it as is.

2. Try various angles and get creative. If you love your shoes, get your phone as close to the ground and take a horizontal shot. Get a photo from your shoe's perspective. If you're walking in grass, put the phone on the grass. Then you can see the grass surrounding your shoes.

3. Most Android or iPhone have a focus feature that lets you blur the background. Be patient. It takes a few seconds for the phone to adjust to the location's lighting. Tap your screen before taking to photo. The phone will focus on the area you tap.

4. Manually turn your flash off or on. I don't usually use my flash since natural light is better. However, there are times when the phone can't decipher which light is best. Use photo editing software, like Photoshop Express to adjust your photo's contrast and brightness. But do go overboard or your image will look over-edited.

5. Instagram has a new feature that lets you post rectangular photos. When you choose your photo, the app does not prompt you to choose the original photo version. It will create a square photo. Use your finger to zoom out, so you can post the full photo. This can help alongside this service to get more Instagram likes and followers.

6. Follow the rule of thirds. The action or moment you want to capture, should not lie in the center of the image. Where the lines intersect on the image, is where your eyes will focus when looking at the photo. Aim for those intersection points. That will create a new center for your photo.

7. If you use filters, use the scale and turn it up or down. Instagram filters have a default level. However, you can adjust how much the filter will affect your photo. This takes time.

You don't want to use the same filter, at the same level each time you post a picture. Remember, each photo is different, so you should treat each one in a different way. Scroll through the options, narrow down your filter choices and compare to see which one looks better.

In the end, you need to take risks when it comes to your images, but try to stay simple. Test out new angles even if they might not turn out great. There is beauty in the unexpected.

On Instagram, people will stop scrolling if they see a photo they didn't expect or one that evokes an emotion. Many times these images are a new perspective on an everyday mundane activity. However, these are the shots that draw more likes and help get you more followers.

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