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Saturday, January 14, 2017

New England Auto Show Press Day #ToyotaBoston

I was invited to this year's New England International Auto Show thanks to #ToyotaBoston. I don't recall going to any auto show in the past but going as press is definitely an experience. Going for a specific manufacturer makes it an even more focused experience, but we were able to explore the whole show floor. If you're interested in attending, you have the whole weekend to go. We did have a ticket giveaway, but that just ended.

I didn't hit much traffic getting into Boston so arrived early to get my credentials. With the early arrival, everyone was allowed to roam on the show floor before the planned activities began.
Roaming the show floor early, you can see everyone still doing setup. In the particular case of this vehicle, the company did a great paint job of a Boston scene on the vehicle. You could still smell the fresh paint and it was still taped up with paper protecting windows and bumpers.
While we did get a directed tour of the show floor from Scotty at SheBuysCars, who put the whole affair together, this was the time I got to explore the non-Toyota vehicles the most. Here, I'm in the latest Mazda Miata, a totally impractically family car. My wife loved this vehicle when we first got married. I didn't realize Mazda still made it. Its a great little sports car.
Another vehicle I liked was the 2018 LC500h from Lexus. I definitely like the sports cars but what I liked most about it is that it was a hybrid. What Toyota is doing best with their Prius line is working its way into other vehicles in their family. You can even get a hybrid SUV from Toyota with their RAV 4 and Highlander.
The day started with some talks from Toyota. Their biggest specific vehicle push was their Prius line. Having had a EV (electric vehicle) loaner from Ford last year, it was great to compare the two lines.
Their second-generation plug-in Prius, the Prius Prime was the highlight for them. One big addition to the newest model year is an impressive 11.6" display in the vehicle. I do have to say the vehicle has lots of space inside but, it does only sit four people. The back seating is for just two, not bench seating.
Most impressive of the day was the lunch spread over at Sauciety at the Westin. It started with a great clam chowder. I liked the lobster rolls best and the food kept coming out.
Some companies did unveiling at the show of their latest vehicles. I missed the big reveal at the Bentley booth. Of course, another vehicle most people can't afford. It was the North American debut of the Bentley W12 S Flying Spur, the first four-door Bentley to achieve a top speed in excess of 200 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds!
I did find their name in the headlight of their SUV an interesting feature.
If you do make it to the show, be sure to enter in all the giveaways all around. Hyundai was doing a giveaway with the NFL and there were other gift cards to sign up for. Entry into the show had a giveaway for a $2,500 gas card to CITGO. Just grab a card with a number on it before you enter. At Toyota, if you tweeted with a specific hashtag, you got a random prize out of a machine (key chain, headphones, hat).
Some booths also had games to play in different simulators. The Ford booth had the biggest one. Toyota had you take a picture in front of a green screen. Of course, if you just want to sell your vehicle, you can check out top places that buy cars for cash.

Do give it a go and check out the RV show too that is there this weekend.

Here's a closing picture of the SheBuysCars crew that made it to the show.

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  1. Isn't the auto-show fun! For me, one long fantasy; you got food too - fantastic!