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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bar Keepers Friend Giveaway

The giveaway here isn't for much, just a free product from Bar Keepers Friend. I just wanted to vouch for how great the product is. I killed a good pan in our home by burning something I was cooking. I should have used a non-stick pan when I didn't. My wife checked online how to salvage the pan as we couldn't get the burn off otherwise and discovered Bar Keepers Friend. It cleaned the pan easily and we're able to use it again. It was a $200+ All-Clad pan that we got at a great discount from an outlet mall, like $80 ish if I remember correctly. She's happily using it again (and keeping it away from me). Here's your chance to try out the product if you win. Open to US and Canada residents. I wish I had before pictures to show how bad the pan was.

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  1. I love this stuff too, it really is incredible what you can do with it.